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  1. I’m terribly sorry as well and hope that you’re doing as best as possible.
  2. Haha no problem on my end, I just like to be aware of any of those laws that you may not know about until it’s too late, so wanted to further inquire. I appreciate it.
  3. I really couldn’t imagine wearing anything but chest waders in the saltwater areas I fish. If it’s freshwater, the only time I’d consider waist high would be small, tiny brooks, but even then, I can’t imagine a situation where I wouldn’t either wet wade or it would be cold out and I’d like the additional coverage.
  4. Do you mean carrying a gun? Sorry for my ignorance.
  5. Maybe check the BST here, I’ve seen a few good complete setups lately. I’ll happily show ya the ropes if we’re close by, feel free to shoot a PM.
  6. Wow, I cannot thank each of you enough for your thoughtful responses. I’ll definitely be working some exercises into the mix and am glad to hear that I’m not the only one who’s in this boat..maybe the youngest though, haha?? @chuckbucktail said it best, “I’m young but not that young.” I’ll likely get to a doctor but kind of want to wait for all of the craziness to die down a little first. Thanks again to all and I’ll gladly take any other advice that anyone may have.
  7. Hey everyone, while I don’t expect to have a huge influx of doctors here, I do expect a bunch of fly fisherman that have been around for awhile. So here’s the story, I’ve skateboarded for 20 years, which, lets face it, has a percentage of success that makes fly fishing’s look like the Empire State Building—falls that your average person has maybe 3 in their life is a common thing, but I do love it regardless. I’ve also fly fished for just under 20 years. In the last couple years, I’ve noticed that my casting arm (right) now clicks whenever I move it up and down or in a circle. I can feel the clicks in my arm, I can hear them, and I can feel them whenever I place my other hand on my shoulder and move it. I’ve been fishing every day for the last 2.5 weeks and am a little sore from casting a 9 weight and reeling in bass. It’s not terribly painful, but the increase in clicks that I’m noticing is just a little concerning. Any chance anyone’s experienced anything like this? I’m 28 years old...is this the onset of my youth fading? I’ve had surgeries before and would certainly like to prevent that for as long as possible, but my largest fear is that continually casting all day will really make things worse. Any help is appreciated and thank you all.
  8. Thank you very much for this. I think that you might be referencing the exact spot that I saw this going on, however, it was on Sunday after 6am, so I guess it was legal. Nonetheless, this is good to know and I have no issue alerting authorities whenever I see this rule being broken. Herring are very important, not even sure why Maine doesn’t cancel its fishery like, I believe, Massachusetts has.
  9. Wait, I’m sorry to be ignorant to the law here, but what exactly is allowed with harvesting herring in Maine? By no means do I do this nor do I keep any fish I catch, but I would like to know so that I can keep an eye out for illegal activity.
  10. Pm sent.
  11. Would you take $110?
  12. Man, you’re really missing the point of how an ecosystem operates, it’s wild to me that you’re even a fisherman with this degree of ignorance. It might behoove you to spend your time on the internet researching how species interact in environments and how these types of natural systems work instead of schooling people on how to be men.Those pinfish and other baits are just as integral an element as the tarpon, they just happen to be a lower rung on the food chain that’s life is profoundly integral as well. I by no means advocate for anything negative happening to them either, but let’s be clear, tarpon can’t exist without the baits that you listed, once again proving how significant having a cohesive, healthy, well-rounded ecosystem is. Not only that, all fish species have value, literally every single one. Even if it’s not a fishing hobby value—I surely don’t scoff at any fish on the end of my line and hold each of them to the same amount of reverence. I also don’t specifically search these photos out, but I do come across them more than I’d like to, so when I do, it takes about seven seconds to send a text message so I do it, just as I would notify the authorities if I saw something going on on the water.
  13. I’m not really interested in a whole internet debacle, so this will be my last word on the subject. Here is the definition of the word “ecosystem:” “a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.” So we all know, or should know that improper handling of a fish, which is common, often due to ignorance, sometimes an ego, occasionally a combo of the two, can increase mortality rates. It’s also true that just because an injured fish swims off after you release it bars it from dying hours later. So here’s my thought, stick with me, it’s pretty wild stuff, a biological community that has a certain element of the community removed unnecessarily is worse for the ecosystem. And the inverse of this, ya know, not just whacking certain species would in fact better the ecosystem, yes.
  14. Oh my, I’m terribly ashamed of bettering ecosystems in lieu of letting someone’s ego get stroked for about 20 minutes. Pffffttttt! Also, I wasn’t aware that your personal (quite silly) standard for “men” must remain true everywhere and at anytime. Also, let’s not remove basic science from this equation, a tarpon over 4 feet is a large and very old fish that doesn’t encounter gravity in its daily life, which adds additional pressure onto its entire body, organs, bones and all, after being caught, which is additional stress. Not to mention, it’s generally not a singular minute for a photo shoot, it’s usually a bunch of bs attached to it, all for what, to post on social media and be forgotten about by your “followers” two hours later? Really cool stuff. I’m personally glad that that law exists and I hold my self to a standard of maintaining as much respect for the fish as possible and it’s very rare that I even remove a fish from the water for any reason, and definitely not for a picture. News flash, in today’s world of technology, fish can actually be photographed while still in the water! What a crazy thought!