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  1. You’re the man. I appreciate it and hope all is well.
  2. Maybe this is a silly question, but I’m very curious what these minnows are, if you don’t mind telling me? I’ll be in the area again next Friday if you feel like hitting the beach again, let me know.
  3. Good luck, and keep with the ties, take your time with them, and keep on practicing. You’ll probably have plenty that you hate before you get them consistent, but the more you tie the better they’ll get. It was a frustrating process for me but worth every minute in the end.
  4. That’ll work just fine. Really, I just use my fingers and kind of prefer that method. One thing to be careful of are those hairs that sort of shift position and overlap other hairs and tamp them down, be sure to either remove them or reorient them so that all hairs are evenly distributed around the shank and are facing straight out. You’ll see it if you look straight into each tie before pulling the hairs back. Kind of a weird thing to explain so I hope this makes sense.
  5. Epoxy is surely good stuff. I did receive this stuff, and for the cost I paid, it’s not horrible but it’s more similar to the thin U.V. resins so it flows pretty quickly. It also does have a pretty bad odor. That said, throw it in the fridge or freezer and it seems to flow a lot less. I’ve attached a pic of a candy I did with it today if anyone’s curious to how it looks. I’d say if you use and prefer the “thin” resins, this is a cheaper alternative.
  6. For whatever reason the auction site gave me a five dollar coupon so I bought two ounces of resin for two bucks. I’ll report back with any news if y’all are interested. If it does work, seems like an easy way to save about thirty bucks on that quantity compared to the fly tying brands.
  7. So I was just browsing the auction site and after coming across a cheap U.V. light, I came across bulk polyester, U.V. cured resins and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these alternatives. Seems like an easy enough way to save some cash as they’re considerably cheaper.
  8. It doesn’t look bad at all for a first attempt. As far as I’d say, I like to make my candies have a continual shape that extends right beyond the hook shank. Think of a baitfish, do you ever see them with a bulge at the head? I don’t and would encourage you to try and mimic the profile that you see in baitfish, whether they’re sand eels, silversides, immature herring, or anything else. I further enhance the realistic profile by trimming a taper into my fibers once the epoxy has set; usually I begin to trim this taper at about 2/3rds the length of the fly. Good of work and keep on it, it’s a fun way to waste your time.
  9. Deleted original post because it was illogical.
  10. Aquel’s is very nice, in my opinion. Never had any problems, and unlike Gink, its consistency doesn’t change from the temperature.
  11. No sweat, thanks a bunch for replying though!
  12. Any chance you remember the name of that app? Seems like a fun enough one to have on hand.
  13. By no means an indication of any substantial amounts of blues around per se, but I’m pretty sure I did watch a school terrorize a pod of bunker and push them out to sea two mornings in a row maybe ten days ago...both times out of casting range on the fly, unfortunately.
  14. I think I saw this elsewhere and thought it was pretty rad. Also great to see Jerry Hsu behind the photos, pretty random but a very pleasant surprise.