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  1. They’re not as bad as they seem, but require patience and a lot of time, but they’re worth it if you know how to hollow tie and have access to decent tail. Here are a few ties for this season should you want the inspiration.
  2. Beast Fleyes have always gotten interest from larger fish, does it always convert into a strike? Absolutely not, but do they follow it in enough for me to see them before they turn off, definitely. I’m not sure a better and more lively imitation exists to match these massive baitfish, and matching menhaden is a hard thing to do, they’re very large baits with a tall profile, and I know no other fly that imitates these baits as accurately while being easy to cast. Think like a bunker, they’re often grouped together and travel in the upper water column. They’re often either packed densely together and/or moving in a unit, milling about on the surface, or sometimes circling around. When I’m imitating these baits, I commonly use an under the arm two hand retrieve of various speeds. First, it makes the beasts kick just right (the rear third of almost all fish is where the motion comes from, notice how stable the front two thirds are of a bunker while it’s swimming), and second, to me at least, pogies aren’t erratic swimmers but instead, when they’re moving, it’s done consistently without any random stops, pauses, or drops. I think most fish that eat a bunker fly do it when the fly is outside of the school by a couple feet or deep below it, essentially, make your fly look like the outlier or the bait that’s most vulnerable. Knowing your bait and its behaviors is probably 60% of the battle. While the northeast certainly has some bunker these days, it’s not as common as it should be to find fish on them, which is a bummer but also does decrease your success.
  3. Interesting. Thank you for getting back to me. That’s one that I could definitely advocate more people harvesting and selling.
  4. Use something moderately stiff. I go with about 3-4 feet of 40lb mono. I’m sure 50lb is just fine, fish aren’t really leader shy especially when fishing something the size of an adult bunker.
  5. When you say green crabs, do you mean the invasive ones from somewhere in Europe? Maybe Italy?
  6. Game-Changah! And I bet it’ll cast.
  7. You can also just e600 strips of lead side by side and then stacked if you need more weight onto the bottom of the fly, that is, if you have wire and not powder.
  8. Good fish. What’s a striped bass egg look like?
  9. Ever mess with turkey biots? Back when I was more trout focused I loved the bodies they created. I’d tie trout flies with super thin thread so I’d tie it in, coat the thread underbody with Sally Hansen’s, then rib it back up with my thread (probably not necessary but durability is always a focus of mine). The results were solid and they could take a beating. Just a thought if you haven’t tried ‘em yet.
  10. Awesome. Thank you, and I wonder if you were in the exact system that I’ve been trying to catch these suckers in.
  11. That’s cool and those fish are always something that’s intrigued me. One question, were they headed into any type of river system? I’ve been trying to learn their life cycle and am curious if their movement lines up with what my reading would say.
  12. I’ll second this. To me, this makes all the difference in a decent surf candy and a good one. Use your bodkin to really penetrate and saturate the materials all the way to the hook shank before curing.
  13. I watched it and thought it was great but it was also mostly things that I knew already. To the average person, I expect it to be considerably more shocking, which is good, but like others here, I’ve spent an excessive amount of time studying the bs that goes on as well as the consistent and steady depletion of fish all over the world. Anyone who thinks that our current seafood industry operates sustainability has a pretty narrow view of things. I’ve given up eating fish years ago and still live a healthy and hunger-free life. The current supply chain of seafood and pretty much every link in the process is simply not something that I can support nor could for years. Long before this documentary, I’ve urged everyone to take this approach, or at least limit your consumption of fish.
  14. Thank you. It was more about learning the way to tie the feather game changer than any specific purpose, but I was thinking that it’s a fly that would likely catch anything from freshwater bass and trout to striped bass. I fish a certain salt estuary and think it’ll be effective there.