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  1. Double post...you’re right...shouldn’t have been so broad and expressive of my belief, fixed it for ya.
  2. Holidays for me are simply about spending quality time with friends and family that I may not always get to see throughout the year. Religion has nothing to do with it for me and I’m very far from a religious person, and yes, anyone keeping you from fishing because of their own beliefs probably have their own problems to deal with that extend beyond you choosing to fish on your day off.
  3. Sheesh, I can’t thank you enough there man! That’s amazing and I’ll gladly take ya up on that if the conditions permit. I’ll be loaded with flies so I’ll leave some with ya even if I don’t borrow the rod.
  4. Ah yep...that makes complete sense. I was tying those flies for the mangroves but figure they could do double-duty. And I was thinking that exact thing if the surf isn’t cooperating. I’m the kind of guy who will spend four days on the water without bump “learning” before I’ll grab a more conventional rod—nothing against them at all, I just don’t own one and enjoy the challenges of fly fishing as much as the success.
  5. Hey that’s not too bad at all, especially given those conditions. I’ve been very quickly implementing some weedless resources into my flies just in case, that’s probably the confirmation I needed to hear to really get cracking on weedless stuff. Thank you for the report as well.
  6. Well I don’t have the problem of my vision going just yet, but I will say that I tie under an OTT light and I thoroughly enjoy it. I’m pretty sure they make one with a magnifying glass on it, and you can usually search out a coupon to get an OTT at a good cost from places like Michaels, JoAnn Fabric, etc.
  7. I’ve never used them but it seems like a cool enough hook, and I do trust Partridge. Personally, I’d crimp that barb but I only fish barbless hooks.
  8. I do like that idea at the bottom there.
  9. Ah, I know coral cove...that’s a cool place, actually caught my first snook there, and I was hoping to check out Blowing Rocks as well...I was pretty intrigued with the geology of it too. I should probably retract my statement about blues and jacks...my biggest jack was probably 6-7 pounds and I just have such a soft spot for bluefish so I was probably too hasty. I hear when you get into a jack in like the 12 pound and up range, it can be a true beast, probably especially on a fly. Totally agree with you on the shark. I’d love a shot at one of those on the fly, like I said, I’ll have some very obnoxious flies just in case. I do hear they can be a very easily spooked fish as well which seems fun. While I love the idea of a charter, I’m not sure my bank account does, but I am down to get a meeting going if that’s what everyone does want?
  10. Ah man...bait getting washed up on the beaches, that’s one of the best sights around! And I’ve read about blues in that area and was definitely planning on scouting it out, I love how mad those fish are, sorta like a jack but with a tiny bit more tenacity I’ve found. But like I said, I’m definitely down to meet up if anyone likes in the general Jupiter area. Thank you for the teply too
  11. Ah, that looks like a great area...surf on one side and something else on the back, seems perfect. Thanks again to ya, and like I said, just say the word if you wanna link up, I’m hoping that fly fishing and eating are my main two priorities while I’m there.
  12. It’s definirey a newer trend...seems to be everyone’s favorite thing right now, and it surely does have applications. There are a number of different acrylics available, most are UV cured and some are blue light cured (allegedly the safer option), requiring their respective light source to cure. There are also a ton of different condaistencies available, from flexible sort of like silicone to super hard, just depends on what you wanna tie I guess. Most are sort of like an alternate to epoxy, but do not yellow over time, but it is a bit more expensive to constantly buy the goop, but you do save time as they cure when exposed to their associated light and aren’t time curing like epoxy. I didnt watxh those videos admittedly, but if they’re just flying the feathers in instead of tying and then applying the acrylic, I don’t know if I’d do that as I want my materials to be bonded with thread and then cured for additional protection/a certain look.
  13. You’re the man, I can’t thank you enough for all of the help there...I didn’t think that there were any laws allowing me not to, but like I said, no one wants to be the a**hole who cheeses off the wrong homeowner and now that person is gonna call the cops on anyone with a stick of graphite and it’s ruined for everyone else. I’ve never really fished the Lox but am definitely intending to this time around, seems like an awesome place even without the the fish. Thanks again
  14. That’s about what I was thinking as well. I remember once a couple years ago, jacks were crushing bait from about forty minutes before first light into about twenty minutes of the sunrise, then everything just died, so that’s helpful to know that that type of thing occurs in the winter and wasn’t just a summer fluke for me. Anyone happen to know the laws pertaining to Intracoastal waterways? Is it one of those, if I’m wading, I’m not trespassing things? Navigation laws can just be so finnicky from state to state so I want to be sure I won’t be accidentally breaking the law. Thank you for the response as well!
  15. Wow, thank you so much for such an informative response. First things first, that’s great to hear that the beaches have some action in the winter...realistically, jacks are bar none my favorite of Florida’s usual suspects, catch a seven or eight pounder and that thing will show you who’s boss with ease. Since I don’t fish for table fare, I’d be fine catching nothing but those haha. I do believe I’ve fished the south jetty at the inlet before and haven’t caught anything there specifically, but have caught plenty of fish between that jetty and the large pier a couple miles away. I’d love to fish that area again, just wasn’t sure that it held fish? My plan was to try to figure out where tohit some areas in the intracoastal waterways, check that out as well as an area that rhymes with “globe bound” (didn’t wanna spot burn?), and then hit the beaches if I strike out everywhere else. I’m definitely game to meet up if you like. I’ll be there starting the first of January into about the 7th. I will say, I won’t have much access to driving so I won’t be able to go too much further than the immediate Jupiter area but I’m always down to have an extra guy on the water, if the fishing’s bad, it usually at least saves me from recounting my own fishing stories and getting to hear someone else’s! I’ll have a buddy with me, but he’s just like me, fly fisherman with a focus on preserving the environment and just having a good time; we have absolutely zero issues walking two or three miles just to get skunked haha. And I’ll tell ya, I’d love to catch a shark on the fly and will bring some obnoxious patterns and steel leaders just in case. Thanks again for the advice and let me know if that timeframe works at all for you and we might be able to work something out.