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  1. and people say recremercials killed the striper fishery. what they've done to the bluefin fishery is as bad or worse. to kill a fish that magnificent and get pennies for them...just awful.
  2. ok i won't argue. but i have family who has been through the system and i work in EMS and see the revolving door that many people can't get out of. I'm glad you were able to get help, that gives me hope. I just wish people didn't have to sit in the ERs for days and sometimes WEEKS waiting for a bed at a facility. More can and should be done to fund for more facilities, staff and training.
  3. agreed. if you really want to help, try getting this state to start prioritizing mental health when it comes to funding. this state woefully underfunds the one issue that touches almost everyone who lives in this state.
  4. West Harwich run has had about 160k fish so far...seems a bit low from past years. who knows..
  5. I spent the first few months of my life living in that attic. Sad day. I drive by on Friday and saw it was down. That’s a part of cape cod and canal lore that will never be replaced.
  6. maybe Mantis Shrimp. They live in the shallows. Used to catch them when shellfishing...bass love them too
  7. They are usually factor dependent. Maybe tide, moon, day or night. I don't know but from what i've observed it is rare to see them push all day long. Back in the day you'd see them staging outside the canal herring run. The school would stretch a long ways down the rocks and out quite a ways into the canal. It was a sight to see. But they would just sit there waiting for the right time to make the push. Just highlights that they don't always move up the run or river.
  8. nice work
  9. the MMA ship will most likely be bigger, therefore needing a bigger dock space. I would assume a massive dredging project will have to take place to widen the area where the new (bigger) ship will be berthed. The only real damage will be to the productive shellfish flats just to the south of the school, however i would assume a massive amount of silt will be floating with the tide at all times. Good news for the school. They have always been on the cutting edge of the shipping industry. They were one of the firsts to have a state of the art virtual ship navigator if I remember correctly.
  10. happy birthday Rob. hope it is filled with bullrakes full of count neck quahogs
  11. to me they look more like the snow crab. if you're ever being adventurous, drop some bait off your stern near the east entrance to the canal. there are some GIANT spider crabs that crawl around that ledge...
  12. if they were dragging maybe hung up on something big and a shift in weight on the boat coulda rolled it right over? lucky guys for sure
  13. It was pouring on the lower cape until about 5am. That should keep the totals down around here. I scraped about 2 inches of slush off the driveway so any new snow that falls should be no problem with the snow blower. It's blowin' a gale for sure. sustained 30mph from the North, gusting into the 50s quite frequently