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  1. as a kid, i had a friend who's family ran and owned that property. it was pretty cool going there in the spring when that pool would be absolutely loaded with herring. we had the run of the place that time of year since fishing the canal was not the 'destination' it is now. we had fun running through the different cabins and all over that property. sad to see it fall into such disrepair.
  2. i did this a year and a half ago when youtube TV first became available. got locked in at 35/month. great deal if you ask me. saved 120/month by getting rid of cable. even after the 35 thats still a good savings...
  3. nice
  4. thought he was taking a bath... missed the dump part. for the better i guess. I really enjoy all these shows. I thought they did a great job on the canal episode. ill be looking for this one on youtube when it shows up.
  5. whats the name of this show? times? dates? thanks
  6. Norway really figured out how to best manage that fishery. It's amazing to see what comes from those waters...kudos to them
  7. you can find lots of those old shows on youtube...when i was down with my broken leg last year i watched almost all the old 'on the water' shows. it was great. no commercials. also cool to see the old tactics and even how far the production has come over the years...kudos to the staff for always improving on the show
  8. well i guess you don't need to worry about anyone mugging your spots! all your seed piles will be safe
  9. the cold just makes everything tougher. can't believe he's still in the business...are there many guys out there these days?
  10. Rob i once lost a wheel bearing coming over the bridge back to Buzzards Bay. I made it all the way home going about 5mph around the off ramp, through the rotary and up the bypass with that thing wobbling like crazy. It was a miracle but the wheel stayed on. just busted piece when i pulled it off...hope you got this on the way home rather than the way to,,at least then you could have paid for it with your catch
  11. most towns have a temperature restriction for dry digging on the flats. when it comes to digging from the water the rules vary, but as long as the shellfish go right back into the water they handle the cold pretty well.
  12. Rob, i hear the razor market is insane and there have been some huge sets recently. interesting we never really found much of them in Bourne, but it seems they like the expansive flats of CCB and Nauset Marsh...
  13. This thread is great
  14. agreed. i voted against it when the rec bill was on the ballot. however now that the people have spoken, why not just accept it and reap the benefits of tax revenue.
  15. thanks. i've heard nothing but good things about Reedy's. I think this will be a project for the winter doldrums that are fast approaching...