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  1. i was there last week and it didn't look closed. Full of sand but no construction around...
  2. when i got tested it felt as if the wand was going to come out of my eye ball..
  3. South side beaches in Harwich are MUNGED up real bad...disappointing to say the least. Haven't had much luck this season so far...
  4. I'm not getting worked up. I'm simply saying that as a former commercial fisherman, when i would make 1000 bucks in a week, i wasn't walking around thinking, well i really only made 750 this week. No. I put my money in the bank and when it came time to pay my quarterly taxes, i paid them. There are plenty of people in plenty of occupations that do the same thing. just like there are plenty of people who don't claim all their income by dealing in cash sales. it happens. is it legal, no but it happens. landscapers, cleaning people, all sorts of construction and small repair jobs.
  5. i'm aware. i fished commercially for 8 years. i paid quarterly taxes. but the point of bring home 750 a week catching bass was questioned. no he isn't paying taxes on that money at that time. he's either paying april 15 or four times throughout the year.
  6. taxes? you think buyers take out taxes on the catch?
  7. I read somewhere that they have suspended sales until June 1 at the earliest. From their website: ORV Corridor Closure Due to COVID-19 Due to impacts from COVID-19, the sale of 2020 ORV permits is delayed until early June, 2020. The corridor is closed through early June, and may be closed longer depending on further impacts from COVID-19. I will give them credit for at least stopping the sales knowing that you can't use it at this time...
  8. This has been going on for weeks and was talked about in the "interesting poll" thread.
  9. right where the dumbass Bouchard Captain ran aground about 15 years ago...
  10. dang Rob thats quite the situation there!
  11. the chatham gym stated on their facebook page the health director showed up, demanded they close of the police would be back with a citation. the members are already talking about organizing a fundraiser to cover the costs...
  12. Mark I agree about shellfish. There needs to be tracking in place to ensure that shellfish are being harvested in clean areas. However, in regards to finfish, there is no such reasoning. I stand by my statement on the dealers
  13. With the beautiful weather outlook for the weekend, it's gonna be like July around here i bet...
  14. Agreed. But if you have been out an about at all lately you've noticed things appear almost business as usual. It's crazy the amount of summer folks that are here, but not really surprising. A gym in Chatham opened up their doors this morning. Probably be on the news tonight...