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  1. this forum was put together to give the people living in the lions den a chance to speak. I don't think they will have much say into policy. However, if you don't let them speak, you risk the chance of people becoming cowboys and begin taking matters into their own hands. I don't have the right answer. Seems to be good points on both sides.
  2. Long Island had a bumper crop last year which may have helped keep prices down as well. Haven't heard what's going on down there.
  3. 2 hours worth of shark talk...if you're feeling bored
  4. did you happen to see the open forum they held in Wellfleet a few weeks ago? The locals down there are taking this very seriously and realize the implications it could have for their lives and economy. ill try to find the video and post it
  5. Seems there are a few people out there looking for solutions other than a cull... From the MV Times i'd be interested to see how well this could hold up on the outer beaches with the heavy surf and tides, along with the ever shifting sands...
  6. sorry i don't want to turn this thread into a wastewater debate. my fault from the start. i do know the current ongoings with wastewater in town, but i also know there are a lot of upset people due to the costs at this point. not sure if this could have been avoided over the years if implemented earlier.
  7. most cape cod eateries will serve bass in season
  8. i can't imagine the market is very good with all the opening and must be tough to swallow a poor price on such a magnificent fish.
  9. who said anything about liberals? and thanks for the insult on top of it. just a question for you since you seem to be much better educated on the subject than I am...if sewers are such a life saver for human civilization, why are they only putting them in select areas? cause that is a fact. and sorry i took the thread off topic.
  10. that's unfortunate. Haven't heard from any of my lower cape friends if they have been out yet. sad state of affairs with the bay scallop
  11. this is typical with all the environmental groups. they have high level ways of creating the changes they want. they tried for years to put pressure on regulators to change fishing regulations. when they got nowhere, they sued NOAA/NMFS. By taking them to court, they changed the game and now play on their terms. By suing, they force the other side to spend countless dollars to defend themselves. they also put them on the defensive and are then held to standards in court. it completely changes the game. They did the same thing with wastewater. They scared the towns down here with lawsuits to the point that we are spending hundreds of millions of dollars for sewer systems that may or may not be necessary. The threat from these groups is real.
  12. good luck. just remember you'll need a permit from each town since shellfish are regulated by the town, not by the state. Love me some bay scallops wrapped in bacon...
  13. you're right. people absolutely should not be trained in how to save a life. it's a waste of time. we lost. c'mon bob that's a useless comment. this training will give people the skills and knowledge if they are ever presented with these types of traumatic injuries. I commend both organizations for thinking outside the box with this program and hope that many people attend.
  14. don't assume that the poaching will stop if commercial fishing is ended. in fact, i would assume it would increase. poaching is happening as soon as the fish show until they leave. they go in the back door of restaurants or to people's houses. what happens when a commodity is taken away, a black market is formed...