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  1. i paid $34 for a decent portion of yellowfin at a nice restaurant last night.
  2. Not that I support this, but why wouldn't ACOE just close the gates instead of paying for a detail? haven't fished the canal in two years...are things really that bad?
  3. the strap you're talking about just sounds like something i used when looking to take a quick break and not drift. i used just a short rope off a cleat to hold the t-handle. lot of guys do this. the second part of your post refers to deep water digging. this is popular in Rhode Island where they sometimes dig in 30 feet of water. they use a hauler to pull the rake up from the depths. a rope is attached to the bullrake itself and then wrapped around the hauler to assist in pulling up the full rake. i never worked water that deep so never found the need
  4. get longer teeth if you're trying to go deeper. there's no need to "bury" the rake even in the winter. bullraking, contrary to the name, is more of a finesse game then brute force. i've seen some old timers pulling rakes over the years who put young, strong guys to shame on numbers with compared effort. i don't understand your second part. are you asking why the rake isn't fastened to the boat?
  5. people laugh but this is what we are up against. these types of people have A LOT of influence. And it won't be long before they finally beat down the door to the point where the beaches will be permanently closed. sharks, seals, birds, ... whatever it takes for them to keep humans away. because after all, we are the problem on this planet, at least that is their contention
  6. i never understood the pole on the shoulder. tried it but just seemed like an awful position to put yourself in from an ergonomic standpoint. get a t-handle and be done with it. much easier on the body IMO
  7. i can't for the life of me understand why someone would try to sell a tuna for pennies....must be the whole bragging rights thing. makes no sense from an economic or conservation standpoint
  8. what's the problem with asking the question? if they can't answer, ask for the seafood manager. If they can't answer, ask for the store manager. If they can't answer, let them know you'll be calling the state. but i can't see it ever getting that far. like multiple people have stated, the state LAW requires the tags be kept on hand with the batch. It's required so they can back track to the area harvested if anyone gets sick.
  9. could be...i know he's gotten pretty hairy over the years
  10. used to use the periwrinkles for bait and catch them when i was a kid.
  11. they still allow it? thought they would have outlawed it by now since there really isn't anyone left
  12. heard AWSC tagged two GWS up on the shoal the other day
  13. just saw an article two days ago about red tide sweeping down from Maine. Apparently the whole coast of Maine to just north of the cape is closed?
  14. just follow BobG and Angler1 they knows all the good spots
  15. i wouldn't assume that the shops are closed. in fact i can't imagine they would be closed...