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  1. most towns have a temperature restriction for dry digging on the flats. when it comes to digging from the water the rules vary, but as long as the shellfish go right back into the water they handle the cold pretty well.
  2. Rob, i hear the razor market is insane and there have been some huge sets recently. interesting we never really found much of them in Bourne, but it seems they like the expansive flats of CCB and Nauset Marsh...
  3. This thread is great
  4. agreed. i voted against it when the rec bill was on the ballot. however now that the people have spoken, why not just accept it and reap the benefits of tax revenue.
  5. thanks. i've heard nothing but good things about Reedy's. I think this will be a project for the winter doldrums that are fast approaching...
  6. once the cold sets in like it did a few weeks back the shellfish burrow deep. winter is generally a lot tougher to dig then the winter months. go back to that same spot in the spring and im sure you'll do very well..
  7. great post. i don't want to live in a society that turns its back on the most vulnerable and in need of help. I work out there, seeing these people many times as multiple ODs. It is frustrating, but imagine how they feel. many express the feeling of being trapped and unable to get off. I don't know what the answer is, but I know what the answer isn't. The answer isn't letting people die. And anyone who says that needs to take a long look and imagine if it was them on the other side...
  8. thanks guys. appreciate the tips and advice. sounds like a good winter project after the craziness of the holidays is past. i'll keep you updated on what happens...
  9. I've drifted away from fishing over the past year or so due to increased responsibilities and a damn leg fracture. With that I have found the desire to find a different hobby as the fishing itch hasn't really come back. I listen to a lot of podcasts about the outdoors and one thing they talk about a lot is shooting bow. I am asking for recommendations for a start from scratch. I have zero experience shooting anything. The idea of shooting a bow is very appealing to me, and maybe one day to go bow hunting. Thanks in advance.
  10. this is the definition of FOOTBALL WEATHER! I feel bad for the kids, cause it's not them making the decision, it's us adults. My team played last night as well...and WON! Go Canalmen!
  11. i kissed local sports radio goodbye a while ago. there are so many more options. look into the podcast realm. very knowledgable people who aren't the same old retreads. great content and entertainment from multiple places and you can listen at your leisure instead of a specific time. Open your eyes to a new format gentlemen, and you'll be pleasantly surprised
  12. a friend of a friend apparently had a limit day and sold em. commercial quota still isn't filled.
  13. this picture illustrates the ring nicely. look at the color change as well..the point is, you'll know it's legal pretty easily. if there is a question, throw it back.
  14. look for the big ring, usually about halfway up the shell and raised. the scallops goes through a big growth spurt from year one to year two. they only live up to 28 months at the most. the key for the ring means they are after a year old and have most likely spawned. taking scallops without a ring only means the spawning stock will be smaller for the following year.
  15. once they negotiate a buy out of his contract he'll be with Barstool. Already has an open invite from Portnoy...