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  1. different project. This one is south of MV. Cape Wind was slated for Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound. That got torpedoed
  2. just shy of 290k in Harwich yesterday. With the new moon upon us id expect another big push coming...
  3. the full moon pushed over 80k through the counter the past few days. 212k total as of yesterday afternoon
  4. over 130k in harwich so far. The moon should push a lot more thru over the next few days. Night seems to be the favorite time this year. I've been down a bunch of times during the day, but the first time i went at dusk was the first time i saw them in thick. smelled them as soon as i got out of the truck. hundreds of cormorants have set up shop in the area and the ospreys are feasting as well...amazing sight to see them dive bomb
  5. don't be afraid to sit on your butt as you manuver your way down to the waters edge.
  6. i always enjoyed his writing. when i was a kid i delivered the bourne enterprise. when the bulk delivery would come to the house, first thing i would do was to read his reports. funny, i used to get fired up about these guys posting locations in the newspaper as well. but that was waaaaaaay back in the day before the interwebs...they all did it, and probably still do. I mean, what's the point of posting a fishing report without a location attached? it seems so archaic to get upset about fishing reports in a newspaper nowadays, since they are posted up to the minute on social media...
  7. Is Dave Peros still writing?
  8. i know "a guy" who shot an albino deer that escaped from that farm many years ago
  9. the counter is counting in west harwich. over 2000 in just a few days since it was put in. i was pretty surprised to be honest. found the flume with fish throughout at the highest point in the the tide yesterday. Huge moon probably contributing to the push...i would predict it will slow down after for a few days before the next round starts up. my observations in the past is that they are a bit early this year, but thats only about 10 years worth...YMMV
  10. I wonder how many people under the age of 40 would know what Tiny Jims refers to...?
  11. *
  12. checked my temp after dinner last night, 100.3 so low grade like i thought. woke up this morning felt back to normal.
  13. Got my second shot yesterday around 1130am. Felt fine all day. Around 830pm arm got super sore, worse than the first, equalivent to a tetanus booster. Woke up this am feeling very washed out and that has continued through the day. Vet low grade fever if I was to guess, never checked it.
  14. UPDATE: They got their vaccine, no questions asked, no hesitation, no nothing. I'm shocked really. I guess if you guys are desperate you could always look at going to the great state of Conn.
  15. i'm more concerned with the long term unknowns of COVID. That was what ultimately made the decision for me to get the vaccine.