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  1. in 1996 i was a junior in high school. a friend of mine got confronted late at night by a drunk who thought he was tough. the guy pulled a knife and my friend knocked him out cold. we saw him a few weeks later, jaw wired shut... now i haven't fished the canal in years, mostly cause i've lost my passion for fishing and waking up at 0 dark thirty and being unable to find a spot to park isn't fun. so i guess i am not up on the latest problems down there. but in reality, these things have been going on for many years. christ, just do a search on this forum and ill bet you'll find a bunch of 'sky is falling' threads about poor behavior.
  2. the Ware Police Dept. posted a message on their facebook page imploring people to contact their state senators and reps to vote against this bill. very refreshing stance coming from law enforcement since they will be the ones on the business end of enforcement.
  3. HP is the new Chatham since there is nowhere left to build over there. People have been buying up homes for cheaper than Chatham prices and turning them with amazing profit. downtown HP is mobbed most nights, and living in town i don't see less people around then the past few years. However the highway going off cape seems less busy. I don't really go off cape much this time of year but i have gone three times in the past two weeks with no problems at all.
  4. actually the Florida app that I have is pretty informative. Everything you need, not just purchasing licenses. All regs for all species, tides, sunrise/sunset times, sea conditions...its pretty diverse. Thanks for the reply. I did just end up printing one out.
  5. I was recently in Florida and went fishing for a few days. Being an out of stater and having no clue I went to a local marina and asked if I could purchase a 3 day permit. The guy was nice but told me he couldn't sell me a license since their system was destroyed in the hurricane last fall and they haven't gotten back online yet. He told me to just download the Florida Fishing App and you could purchase directly through there. This got me wondering today if Massachusetts has something similar? I searched in the App store but couldn't find anything. It would probably be too much to ask of this state to make things that easy. Makes keeping your license on hand much easier and if asked to present you just open the app and show it.
  6. Capn Kid still sails out of Saquatucket
  7. going to cleveland ledge in a 17' boat can be hazardous to your health if you don't pick your day. a heavy SW wind against an outgoing tide fair share of boats have flipped in those conditions. i can't imagine going offshore in something that size... RIP to those lost and prayers for their families...
  8. i second the notion only give up info if asked for it. it was the longest 6 minutes of my life last fall when i registered the boat i purchased. first time registering a boat in almost 20 years and i still had PTSD. its truly awful that these folks have this much power over us!
  9. i was there with pics to prove it, although i was only 3 1/2 years old
  10. i am not familiar with this area nor am i familiar with this incident. however i have been involved in many 911 calls on the response side. so many times we get calls by "passerbys" or "concerned citizens", "reporting party has left" "anonymous" I find it amazing that people think they are helping when they pick up the phone and call, but don't actually stick around to direct rescuers in the right direction. we chase a lot of calls that have no outcome but when do you make that call? very frustrating. please if you call 911 because you are concerned about someone or some thing, give as much details as possible and if at all possible stay on scene to direct rescuers. in the case of water or ice rescue, last known seen point can be the difference between life and death. otherwise so much time is wasted, precious time to any possible victim.
  11. get well soon Rob. The quahogs are safe as long as your not out there...so get back out there and put a hurting on them!
  12. PFAS is the boggieman in the fire service right now. officials have linked many forms of cancer back to PFAS, and what do you know, all of our gear contains PFAS. So now the drum beat is on to rid PFAS from the fire service. I don't think it's a bad thing, but it always amuses me that society always seems to find an enemy to go after. Maybe it's the way the elites keep us in line - who knows. the barnstable county fire academy was shut down a few years ago because of PFAS from firefighting foam. they had been using it during training evolutions and water testing in Hyannis was finding high levels of PFAS. Now that i have typed all this my feeds will be loaded up once again with firefighting foam class action lawsuits linked to PFAS, sort of like the Camp Lejune commercials...
  13. lived on cape my whole life. plenty of years with little to no snow. although this winter does seem odd. i keep telling my kid that June is probably gonna suck
  14. if you posted this picture with no context how many people who have any idea what style of fishing you're doing there? man that is a bygone way of fishing the canal. i think id double take if i saw someone fishing lead at slack tide!
  15. im gonna be honest...i never knew Brad made jigs too..that is a keeper for sure
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