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  1. i kissed local sports radio goodbye a while ago. there are so many more options. look into the podcast realm. very knowledgable people who aren't the same old retreads. great content and entertainment from multiple places and you can listen at your leisure instead of a specific time. Open your eyes to a new format gentlemen, and you'll be pleasantly surprised
  2. a friend of a friend apparently had a limit day and sold em. commercial quota still isn't filled.
  3. this picture illustrates the ring nicely. look at the color change as well..the point is, you'll know it's legal pretty easily. if there is a question, throw it back.
  4. look for the big ring, usually about halfway up the shell and raised. the scallops goes through a big growth spurt from year one to year two. they only live up to 28 months at the most. the key for the ring means they are after a year old and have most likely spawned. taking scallops without a ring only means the spawning stock will be smaller for the following year.
  5. once they negotiate a buy out of his contract he'll be with Barstool. Already has an open invite from Portnoy...
  6. i particularly love when the dog crap is placed in the little blue (or pink around these parts) and leave them, not on the ground, but tied to tree branches! No, i am not kidding...
  7. interesting. I never thought about the unintended consequences of the aquaculturists growing kelp. I could see where that would make hand hauling scallops drags a nightmare. My back hurts thinking about that! There is a company on the Vineyard that started growing it a while back and I think they sold some this past spring. I think what bothers me more is what you said about the bug scallops. I remember when the state dropped the minimum size of quahogs to help get grant quahogs to market faster. Used to be 2 inch long shell, but then they changed to 1 inch hinge. Other states did this as well and I think mass was just trying to keep up. But all this did was take out a huge portion of the spawning population of quahogs, before they had a chance to spawn multiple times, which in turn made for less product as the years went by.
  8. the areas of greatest concern for white sharks and seals at this point are not bay, but the open Atlantic Ocean beaches. Sand flows like water out there so "seeding" an areas with rocky substrate would be futile as it would wash aways pretty quickly or be covered deep with sand. I am not sure what the right answer is for this problem, other than posting more signs like b-ware stated. the difficult thing is the drastic change in a way of life that has gone on since people have been enjoying cape cod. it's not a simple problem that requires a simple solution. hopefully they have people much smarter than me thinking about it.
  9. this is the big difference between Cali and here. California is much more densely populated (obviously) than the outer cape. the allocated resources are obviously more in california as well. the big hurdle for those utilizing the beaches here will be the lack of allocated resources for rescue if an when an attack occurs. having the kind of stand by rescue on hand takes a lot of money for staffing and training. I just don't know how committed the local communities will be to take on that kind of effort. Just for perspective, the town of Wellfleet might only have 2 firefighters in their station. The small towns out there just don't have the resources to take on this challenge. I will be watching with curiosity if the NPS considers some sort of rescue system since it is technically their property for most of that stretch of beach.
  10. Skomal's 5 year population study is due out this winter, so we will see what things look like then.
  11. this forum was put together to give the people living in the lions den a chance to speak. I don't think they will have much say into policy. However, if you don't let them speak, you risk the chance of people becoming cowboys and begin taking matters into their own hands. I don't have the right answer. Seems to be good points on both sides.
  12. Long Island had a bumper crop last year which may have helped keep prices down as well. Haven't heard what's going on down there.
  13. 2 hours worth of shark talk...if you're feeling bored
  14. did you happen to see the open forum they held in Wellfleet a few weeks ago? The locals down there are taking this very seriously and realize the implications it could have for their lives and economy. ill try to find the video and post it