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  1. Eye know,,, pix or it never happened.. Some eye candy,, carnage
  2. Got into a little foggy morning bust today.. it as fun to watch... had a dozen or more no stickems. released a couple dinkers.. 24/5 inches..
  3. Not only did I catch today but I caught alll week . 2 decent topwater bass over 30 inches, a couple smaller, a Hali and limits of salmon 2 days.. .
  4. Put the 402 gears, handle, a solid cam and a bail less kit in it also... hehe..
  5. I have a couple rainshadow su1087 blanks I been saving for about 6 years.. 1 piece 12-25 lb line 1-4 oz.. if we were closer I might think about giving one or both up.. would not want to risk them in shipping.
  6. Brossi.. I would love to stomp the areas with you during steelhead first favorite fish. All the rest just fill the void and shuffle durinf season..
  7. Love this.. good job dad..
  8. I am sure he is trying for that pix...
  9. Here you go brian straight from Montana.. Dale said thanks..
  10. Good work... Glad you got some tuna especially the bft.. yummy..
  11. So any way it was a great hat fling.. guy, you are the man. You made one hell of a sacrifice to do that shtuff..thank you..
  12. Alright alright... here is the scoop.. dale... Yes he is my Xtra kid..he is a slayer of all fish..commercial crabbed and commercial salmon fished. Even ran his own skiff for commercial halis and wsb... I have taught him every thing I know about plugging the surf and steelhead fishing . I think he was 5 years old when I first fished with him, his dad and his uncle who was one of my best friends. I went to elementry school with his mom and uncle.. his dad passed when he was 10... uncle said keep a eye on that kid... I made it a point to include him in everything.. I already had 3 boys,, what's one more...we all fished everywhere together... Sean gave him that fixter. He hooked a few fish on it sat evening when we got back to sc and Sun morning.. Hope you seen his first fixter hanging from the handle of the old custom modded Mitchell we built.. .. Mike gave him his first pencil that one years ago...yeah as kids I let them kull a few but also taught them the importance of realeasing them... he caught hundreds of of bass on that pencil out fished me . we got a bunch of winch pencils 3/4 years ago. Wore them out also.. he moved to Montana 8 months ago and gave all his beach gear to his 10 year old nephew. He was here for the weekend and he borrowed it back to fish and is back in Montana now.. I brought him to the fling. He got a bunch of winch plugs for his uncle and nephew to use and a couple plugs to try out in Montana for tiger muskies.. so now you all know about that rookie..
  13. Got a couple new winch pencils in close to 3 oz.. today. the big white crackle got a chunky 30 incher .. tried to get a pic but my camera wouldn't work on my phone in time to get the fish back in the water..
  14. I got a decent bass this morning and missed a couple 4 others..
  15. Is that D port.