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  1. 704 with the kit hangs up here and there on the roller during cast .. thats why i went back to 706
  2. rock starrr
  3. i have a team daiwa 153hstl bass reel..i did carbontex drag washer and ss washer upgrade when it was new,,,, fished salt and fresh water for i dont know how many years now.has to be 15 or more.. its still going daily...
  4. mike and chris make the best pencils on the west coast.that i know of..
  5. the 2 0z gibbs pencil has magic action for bigger fish...its not a cotton cordell. not saying the codell is bad.. .sure lots of fish get caught on the cordell its a slayer and lots of fish on the gibbs but that gibbs profile and action is money for the next level of fish..step above the schoolies..wheni go to cast i cast for the big fish..i expect the big fish.. i go for that one fish.. every time i go,, i dont give a **** about anything smaller then 20 lbs..thats me doing kenny want to talk about pencils??
  6. when i was younger i used to fish light ****.. with the modded abu 6501 on a 9 foot casting rod.. after getting spooled 6 times by 40 + lb bass i was over it..nothing like watching 200 yards of line getting stripped off my reel and having nothing left to do but thumb the spool at the end of it to pop off my hook and save my line,, 6 times in a row.. never again.. i have had other failures after i beefed up.. the old gibbs 2 oz pencils were prone to popping the belly swivel on big fish,, fixd that by cutting,, re wiring them with a bigger belly swivel..its been a long many years since i have even fished a 2 oz gibbs pencil..
  7. my every day rod is custom 132-2L with modded penn 706/z reel.. the rod by itself is light,, the reel is not but it hollds almost 300 yards of 65 lb braid.. i use 60-100 lb mono leader.. i throw 2 1/2 to 3 oz pencils on it every day.. countlest casts to the second or third hump if i can reach it.. puts my plug in rythom through every sweet spot area,, every cast.. the gear ratio is so slow i have to step back and reel at the same time to get the rythom right depending on tide pushing or pulling.. its what i do,, its what i has worked for me for a long time,, yeah im almost 50 the **** hurts... i have to shake the dead arm tingles out of my hand all the covered though.. i have nothing to worry about when and if i connect with that big one..
  8. looks kind of like a like a white croaker...
  9. i was going to order this rod for my bg4500 for lighter shtuff..KFS1230S90CT .that big website has it for 69 dollars with free shipping.. i have 6 or 7 of the kunnan bait casting rods from 7'9 to 9' i have 3 KIM7902XHC i use for trolling salmon,, halibut,, 60 dollar rods ever...
  10. they dont really bend much or smash when you drop the lead off the bench.. probably wont work for what you need..
  11. got a couple pencil dnks friday morning.. had a epic little top water session going on for about 20 min... right as the sun hit the water.. then i had to leave.. saturday i got 3 of 5 salmon on the mooch and sunday 2 of 3 on the mooch.. all about 18 to 20 lbs..
  12. Enjoying the fruit of my friends labor..
  13. ss tig rod... its stainless steel and does not rust or corrode...its much stronger then the brass eyes same size wise... yeah you have to modify stuff and form it but i think its well worth it.. i have a bunch of 10 oz lead ball that i poured 4/5 years ago and not one has bent squashed or corroded.
  14. .
  15. Would love to fry some of that thing in my new fryer...