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  1. We were done at 830 this morning .
  2. My phone sucks.. anyway finally made a few laps on the sand today.. it's been a while.. can't remember how many I missed but landed 2 one baby 24 incher and one guessing about 12 13 lbs.. all action on winch pencils..
  3. I guess it's Tuesday.. work gets in the way of fishing but I did kill more salmon Saturday.. the ocean was not very friendly. Wx radio called for 5 feet at 9 seconds it was more like 6/7 at 6 seconds. Super steep and tripple stacked. boat had issues,,, lost some gear.. made it home safe with fish..
  4. Killed more salmon today..
  5. Saturday and Sunday was salmon slaying days.. we hooked probably 20 only landed 7.. seals ate 6 from our lines.. .. been stuck at work above one of my life long favorite fishing spots last few days.. it's brutal on my soul to be so close yet so far..
  6. Nothing for me 4 trip skunk the last 2 weeks.. salmon slowed down and I got my first salmon skunk.after limits every trip since it opened... tried for bluefin twice last week.. seen them both times briefly.. put over a hundred miles on my boat in 2 trips.. had yesterday off so I plugged my beach areas till about 2 pm. Not a single sight of a bass for me.. seen a couple perch landed.
  7. Killed a couple limits of salmon again Easter eggs. left dock at 7 got back at 930.. caught well over a dozen.. actually lost count of how many.. just shook off a bunch next to the boat..had 3 or 4 doubles.. non stop action.. nothing big all 4 about 27 to 29 inchers..
  8. Sunset is close to my home. About 10 min from my door or 3 from work..
  9. killed limits of salmon yesterday for the opener... nothing big.. lots of boats... so many that i did not want to go back today.. i will wait for week days..
  10. since the PO already did the fuel tank and transom you should be pretty good.. he put in a poly tank so you should be ok and its much lighter then the ss one we had built... this is my dads boat but i fix it... our original tank was shot... our cover over the tank is soft.. i need to eventually take the console back off remove the cover, strip the wood off the bottom, re ply it then glass back over the bottom. i should have done it when i did the tank but i was trying to get it on the water and was running out of thing i always do is completely drain my fuel tank on my boat after i am done fishing for the season.. i had quite a few boats com into the shop where they let it sit for 6 months with half a tank in it.. after they tried to start it and plug up their fuel injection or carbs with water they bring them in.. i think due to being open to atmosphere via vent the ethanol fuel might be sucking moisture out of the air or condensation.. not a little water either.. lots of water some had 2 gallons of water in them.. even boats that were parked indoors.. i have also heard that filling them all the way up keeps that from happening but i know my way has worked for a while now.. i usually replace my fuel lines every season or two depending on how long i let it sit.. when i was fishing commercial i usually fished well into the winter so it didnt really sit much.. just things to think about...
  11. the old merc 115 tower of power is a heavy for the boat at about 300 + lbs.. it puts the scupper holes right above water line.. gets water in it back there with 2 people... it has been on it for 15 + years.. just have to give it a little throttle to drain it out.. the round check deck plate in the back,, make sure that it is sealed up.. we had the o ring crack and after a few days of straight fishing,, the hull filled up... a auto bilge pump under the rear of the deck would have shown us it was filling with water.. we noticed when it would not get up on plane.. the boat was full and heavy.. i opened the cover and water started gushing out.. the hand pump was in there but it floated out of reach once it was full.. had to use a coffee cup to drain it.. it took a long time...that was probably the only issue that i can remember.. it would have been simple to find sooner if we would have pulled the plug after each trip... you know how that goes... when the bait tank is full and running there is usually a decent puddle back there.. it is a good little boat... it has been out 20-40 miles many many times even before gps was available..caught in some very unfriendly seas and has handled it all.. we would like to re power it but all the 4 strokes 90 and up are to heavy.. i think the new yamaha 70 weighs about 260 lbs so that would be a decent weight.. i just don't like the yamaha motors.. maybe the brand new ones might be better now but i don't know... i worked on boats at a boat yard for a while and seen many problems with them. .oil pump seals,,, the shaft wearing a grove,, pretty common water in oil.. we have gone through a few of them on our work boat.. we just put another yami 115 on it a year ago... it has been fine so hoping... i would not re power it with anything that weighs over 300 lbs... the power is nice to have over the old 70 and 90 2 stokes that were on it in the past but its to heavy...the 115 just keeps on going... when it dies it might get a new one..
  12. i grew up in a 170.. i think its a 1977.. i re wired it put new stainless tank and all fuel hoses about 6 years ago.. it has been in our family since new my dad got it from my has been through 3 or 4 trailers and on the third motor.. it gets kept indoors so it is still in decent shape for its age..
  13. My dad aka tnhead said he chatted with someone, maybe 2 from here down at our beach parking lot today.. just wondering who it might be ??white chevy truck Sol sticker. Dont let that old guy fool you,, he knows all kinds about striped bass..