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  1. Hahaha; orleans is little too far; thanks and good luck
  2. Offering $60 cash pickup southshore area; since i plan to clean and rebuild with k-guides, will take hrs labor; sorry can not offer the asking ;
  3. you can use Cork tape to wrap it with (1/2" - 1) space between and shrink wrap it over; like picture attached; this will make it look even and also reduce amount of weight; but, I assume you are doing this for experimenting since extend an 8' to 10' rod it is just not worth it; u better off buying an 10' rod for you purpose; for sure you can find a used rod/blank somewhere, and spend some labor to clean and rebuild it.
  4. can you let me know where (town) in CT , if I am willing to drive down to meet you off 95, I need to know which exist of 95 ; and I can offer $250 cash pickup for both rods.
  5. Agreed here, more on your height, casting style , jig or plug and how u want to flight the fish with the rod; and also find the sweet seat spot to load the rod for distance is more important.... some my rods 9- 10’ i move the seat to 18” from butt for a purpose. So i wont be worry balance here like Drew said; also adding 2oz weight is alot to a setup (rod and reel and line) and u will hate it later; note: i am trying to remove rod weight , any weight removed helps with 10hrs of nonstop fish hahaha
  6. U better off find out why not balancing and fix/adjust it; is it seat position? Or reel size? It is painful to remove the extra weight glue with epoxy if one piece; - Rod length , rating? And your reel make/model? Butt to mod reel seat measurement? redo/design the handle shrink wrap with additional cork can add 1-2oz weight Or maybe you end up clean and rebuild to fit ur reel or buying new reel ;
  7. ; if u meet me around exit93 (95) ; i offer $130 cash for the Avid; Will drive down to meet from MA this Sat morning.
  8. Keep in mind, cast out 40yds , 70yds and 90yd+ ; the weight of jig (2-5oz) , your rod(s) and reel will matter more with current speed change ; spend your the time to learn or go with someone u can learn from is your best option; telling you to use 5oz is meaningless if your rod can not handle 5oz; u will just donate it to canal
  9. Would u take $33 shipped/ppl to MA?
  10. would u show some pic of type of fuji guides ; maybe i can do $80 cash pickup this weekend; thx you
  11. Just want to give u heads up; shipping over 9’ within US is very expensive ( $150-$200); u may want to check the shipping cost first; it will be more than $20 for sure; good luck
  12. VW Passat can fit up to 11’6” rod with backseat open; only reason i buy it
  13. If it is 1 piece i would come get in a heart beat; let me think about it and get back to you evening; thanks; 9’ rod right?
  14. Is it 50/50 split 2 pieces?
  15. $90 cash pickup?