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  1. offer $1350 cash and can arrange pickup this or next week
  2. Offer $75/ppy/shipped to MA
  3. Great; to update the final price here , it will be $125 cash pickup
  4. If u ever head to MA or near by ; I would get these from you as a winter kill time project to rebuild them.
  5. Ok, I will PM you
  6. Offer $130 pickup
  7. the rod butt length to real seat (should be To the foot of reel) is based on your height and arm length. Normal 6’ people should be ok with 25”-27” butt to reel foot. 5’6” person should be ok with 23-25” to reel foot. in ur case, 24” to reel seat and another 2” to reel foot; that is about 26” here. If Rod is a good deal u can always trim few inches off the butt to fit you.
  8. Hard to find a blank can do 6+ for Baiting and work a tail / plug; wont be enjoying with tail/plug on the 1209; blackhole 11’ heavy will work ok if u cut 8-12” off butt to make it 10’ rod, for one piece blank - Lami 1321mh 11’ and United composite delmar or wahoo 10’ or CTS baycaster 10’ ; these are few that I can think off with characters may meet ur purposes.
  9. NP, Pls PM me your info for the avid if granite is all set
  10. I take the St. avid 8’ for asking PP $125 shipped to MA;
  11. 9-11 guides plus the tip would work for a 12’ rod; u will have to see your height and the reel you are using; that may move a layout a little; the most important guides are your first 5 to optimize casting distance and u can have additional 4-6 running guides.
  12. no problem, if you do head this way and they are still available PM me thanks !
  13. If you are heading to MA or RI area in coming weeks; i would be interested those 10’ And 11’ ; i can do $150 cash
  14. these 2 rods are somewhat similar even their rating is diff on their label, if you bend the tip, the faster action rod will bend less (faster action = more sensitive) century SS1265 lami GSB1201M if you want more faster action rod in this rating/class, consider to check out these Blackhole SK 9'6" Rainshadow1207 CTS S8 (2-4oz) St. Croix VSS100MF2 Avid Surf
  15. most of folks who have used many rods then they will know how sensitive is that rod once they get a hand on a rod , and feel the tip section; if you are not experienced then your better option is provide the rod model and ask here for feedback; pls indicate what you are planning to use the rod for; Answer is yes, u can tell the rod sensitive at the store but you wont know if you like it or not until you fish with it.