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  1. Years ago in the days of flip phones my buddy had one of his friends who was down in I think IBSP "if I remember correctly" filmed what he said were tarpon on a bunker pod. Obviously the video was blurry and I'm sure you couldn't make much out in it but fun to think they might've been.
  2. $80$ shipped?
  3. When I fish the rocks/beach I typically use 3' with a clip, if I feel. chaffing I will swap leaders right away. If I'm fishing for anywhere else or for anything else I will. always tie direct and I like to typically have about 2'-3' of leader once it gets to 18" I will twist a fresh one on. You need that little it of length to absorb the shock of the fish hitting your lure and the force of you setting the hook.
  4. Is the bluefish still avalible for pickup??
  5. Trying to find a single tube bag for taller plugs just looking to see what’s out there, Thanks
  6. While the offers r rolling I’ll offer 100 for the GRS, thank u for ur consideration.
  7. And I’ll take the little neck please
  8. Pm sent
  9. I’ll take the et bottle if u don’t wana ship it
  10. Put a mister twister on and some gulp scent if u need it and call it a day .
  11. For years I've been saying I'm going to build a pen and everything but hopefully this year will be the year I finally have time to!
  12. Bring a bike if you could cannot tell you how many times I've walked from the lower lot to the South Side through Camp Hero and at the end of the night wish I had a bike haha would've save so so much time!
  13. I've done a considerable amount of spearfishing over the years and typically when you find one you find more. Might take some moving around and changing spots, and when you get one you can usually pick off a few others in the school they aren't the spookiest fish that's for sure.
  14. Good report heading up that was in next few weeks going to be doing the same kind of thing!
  15. That thing looks awesome!