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  1. The fisherman
  2. overflowing crock of fermented metabolic waste squeezed straight out from a yak's anus. God forgive me. But you know what I mean.
  3. Did you have to pay the full price of the drive? It's ridiculous .. $800 or $900. Thanks
  4. Gamakatsu also gets my vote. But there are other important factors that affect the penetrability of a hook, like edge angle. I would reserve self-sharpening to hooks that got snagged or dinged. I can't see how anyone with a file is ever going to compete with the sharpness of most new hooks fresh out of the package. They'd only be making things worse, IMO. For what it's worth, I've forged and quenched many a blade of high-carbon steel. No stranger to sharpening.
  5. Thank you all. Quite a split of opinions on this.
  6. Kayak Newbie here. Am considering the Hobie Compass because I like the size and weight, but am bumbed about its drive having no reverse. I expect to do a lot of saltwater fishing with it. Could anyone share their thoughts on the importance of this missing capability? Many thanks!
  7. congratulations on an awesome catch!
  8. How about on a pencil popper? I seem to have lost more fish that way (single hook on the tail),
  9. I fished Castle Island some 15-20 or so times this season, mostly at daybreak. Caught a few schoolies on the outflow, and one schoolie on the inflow. Very discouraging. There's only one youtube video of a guy catching a questionably legal fish on the inside a few years ago. Bottom line is the place is a bit too shallow for anything appreciable to be feeding there. I wish someone could prove me wrong. It's a beautiful place to go before the crowds, and it's convenient. But it's all throwbacks.
  10. It's happened to me, but only once. Lost about three studs in Montauk last year - same type of korkers. Bought a package of carbide replacements. Strangely it hasn't happened again after a lot of use, maybe because I'm aware of it now and tend to be more careful with the footing.
  11. new moons and full moons yield more goons. weekdays before sunrise are best bets. many access points have tricky footing, with wet, slick, unstable rocks. look into easy access spots. the place requires heavier equipment, braid and leaders so be sure to read up on that to avoid break-offs
  12. Thanks for the replies. A 30 pounder couldn't fit in my oven without curving the tail and head upwards a bit in large pan. Am thinking of using the outdoor grill. I share same concern about uneven cook. If I pull this off will let you know.
  13. Has anyone tried grilling or roasting a 20-30lb whole striper to feed a lot of people? Sort of a large-scale version what's shown in the pic. Am concerned about uneven cook times, especially for the fattest part. But would also like to avoid the dark meat which will be left intact - is this easy to cut out afterwards? Thanks for any feedback on your exp. before I risk ruining an entire bass!
  14. I'm sure it's a good blog, even if it disrespects our limited time.