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  1. 5'9" Van Staal spinning rod 50# Class Never used
  2. Specs please
  3. For glasses sorry, looking at the Hamlins
  4. Again tool
  5. Price drop 165.00
  6. Worst season EVER!!( On SOCO beaches anyway), When was the last time you could count on one hand how many bluefish you caught in a year, unbelievable, Also the same goes for adult bunker, and their is Your 1st problem, I know the Narragansett bay and the providence were loaded, But why didn't they come-down the shore like they have in the past? I have Been on multiple Tuna trips This year SO of Block, and Had to Battle threw big blues on Every trip, NO BAIT NO FISH!!
  7. Dinky you ask for this.
  8. Heard is was 2for1 there
  9. Well said, my thoughts exactly But I can't type that fast!!
  10. Is it game over? Or were we never in the game? Just went from PJL to Quanny. Looks like middle of Feb. Around here, Water temps are still around lower 50s Though??? My opinion is they went from cape cod coast, to the south side of Block, Stopped in Montauk for a snack, and they are off Monmouth county NJ right now. But here the big problem, not much action on the beach, it mostly the boat guys catching. Think been the problem all year around here, Does anyone want to trade surf gear for a boat!! Thoughts P.S. SO CO Phil please keep reply under 10,000 words
  11. Price drop 90.00 each
  12. Price drop 175.00