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  1. $280 would be the lowest I can go Jckcrr
  2. Just had to leave for work, I can get you some good pics later on today. The lip is mint,
  3. Thanks Steve, Pm coming now
  4. Steve, the needle appears to be new but has a few markings on it. Thanks
  5. For Sale: Don Musso Wood, Super Strikes 1. Yellow/White 6 1/2” Needlefish- $90 2. Solid Yellow, Small Darter, Signed- $120 3. Rainbow, 6” Metal Lip Swimmer, Torpedo Jr. - $190 Take all 3 plugs for $325 Paypal preferred, Thanks !
  6. For Sale: Don Musso 6” Metal Lip Swimmers, Torpedo Jr’s 1. Blue/Silver/White $100 2. Black/Silver/White $100 paypal preferred, Thanks !
  7. WTS Don Musso 6” Torpedo Jr. Metal Lip Swimmer, New Rare “Rainbow” colorway $275
  8. Will take some measurements today, I know that they are 3oz
  9. Can you please take a pic of the line tie in the back and the bottom of the plug ? It looks to be a Musso in my opinion I don’t think Pichney, line tie and grommets should tell a better story.. here is a Large Musso troller for comparison.
  10. For Sale: Don Musso 6” Metal Lip Swimmers 1. Black/Silver/White $155 2. Blue/Silver/White $145 PayPal Preferred, Thank You !
  11. Musso’s 3oz Wadd Needlefish and Jointed Darters !
  12. WTS, Don Musso 6” Metal Lip Swimmers, Torpedo Jr’s Green/ White -SOLD- Dark Blue/ White $145 Light Blue/ White $145 Silver/ White $140 Paypal preferred, Thanks !