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  1. For Sale, Don Musso Torpedo Jr in rare Green/Yellow colorway. Asking: $275 PayPal In good condition, Metal shows some oxidation from storage as shown in pictures. -Comes with original “Sure Strike” packaging.
  2. Seconds on the Musso if JLH decides to pass on it
  3. I will take the Blue/Silver/White Torpedo Jr., thank you Bobtack
  4. I will take this Torpedo Jr. Thank You, BobTack
  5. That works for me Sevenstripes, thank you. Sending pm now
  6. For Sale, Musso Torpedo Jr. Green/ Yellow $300 shipped, PayPal. Very rare colorway. Comes with original “Sure Strike” packaging.
  7. Would you consider $80 shipped, thanks
  8. Bobtack I will take this please, thank you
  9. All yours, sending pm now
  10. Bdemiri23, Would you consider meeting me in the middle for $125 ? I will cover shipping costs. Thanks
  11. Hows it going guys, Heres a nice mixed assortment of some lures and extra gear that I have put together as a lot. The lot includes everything in the pictures provided including SS Darters, Bucktails, Pliers, Etc. Asking $80 for the Lot Thank you for looking.
  12. What’s up guys. I have 3 new Super Strike lures in the hard to find Bunker pattern for sale. Asking $150 for the Halloween Bunker Set. $75 for Bunker Darter w/ black back. All lures are in new condition. I also have the original packaging for the Halloween set. Thank you for looking
  13. How’s it going guys, Im looking to buy Super Strikes Darters, Bottles, and Bullet. in the “Bunker” pattern. Looking for the rescent show special 3oz Bunker popper, show special Bunker Darter, as well as any other Bunker pattern SS lures. paypal ready, thank you !
  14. I will take these for asking East Ender, if you decide to pass on Matt’s offer, thanks
  15. Looking for like “new” condition Don Musso Lures for collecting. Would like to find a few Darters, Bottle Plugs, Lipless Swimmers, Needlefish, Metal Lip Swimmers, Etc... Also looking specifically for a 3oz lipless swimmer in both solid white and solid Yellow Paypal ready, Thank You !