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  1. Selling this new real. Bought this in the spring new and never got a chance to use it. Asking $180 including shipping.
  2. Is this rod any good? Anyone else have this?
  3. LOL very true. Well they got rid of some of it to make the outlets and bass pro shops. Wish they could get rid of more of it
  4. I'll def be using the vip roulette system down there!
  5. So two new casinos are coming to Atlantic City. Hard Rock and Ocean Resort. Im excited for this! Both casinos are expected to look modern and "hip". I think thats just what AC needed. They need to copy what Borgata has done. Also with sports gambling coming soon, I really expect AC to rise again!. They just need to demolish parts of the ghetto and it should be good lol
  6. Bump
  7. Yes! lol
  8. I will offer 130. can pay right away
  9. I'm asking this question for a friend because I don't know. Can a Subaru Crosstreck handle driving on the beaches in NJ? I know they are notorious for there all wheel drive system and have a crazy high ground clearance. I was thinking yes if it had all terrain tires. I think they are known as Baja desert vehicles so why not the NJ beaches.
  10. its still under warranty so they will give me a free loaner car.
  11. im thinking of what to do with the 10k I saved
  12. I bought the lemon. so far so good