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  1. lots of boats heading out while i was outback this morning where there has been no boat activity. Someone knows something.
  2. Easy enough. Do you guys float them in the wash or cast em out with weight?
  3. Planning a trip in the area and gonna try surf fishing the beach. I usually jump on the Pamela2 which I will most likely do, but want to hit the surf also. I’m assuming I will be using small metals. Lure fishing only with a 3pc st.croix travel rod and a light real. What am I targeting in the area around thanksgiving? Any help greatly appreciated! Not looking for spot burns. Pm if you would rather. Thanks ahead of time.
  4. Crossed down to OC this morning without the proper paperwork and I assume that’s why the fish wouldn’t cooperate. Was fishable in a few spots out front others spots not so much. Out back was very fishable.
  5. What I have learned over time here is when there aren't much reports of catching, its hot somewhere! When there is a lot of arguing and complaints, its slow. Gotta read between the lines. Chasing reports has always been a loss for me anyway.
  6. sold out already. knew i should have registered as soon as you put up this link!
  7. Unbelievable
  8. Outback has produced only small blues and dink stripers last few weeks predawn and early morning for me. Decided to head out front moco this afternoon to change it up, only to find the same small blues. Clean water, mullet or peanuts in the wash. Birds working small area 300-400 yards out. Whale putting on a show.
  9. Anybody got a conditions report? Looks a windy. Limited in time today and leaning towards no. thanks.
  10. So I have heard of fluke being aggressive. But today was a first for me. Found several pockets of peanuts getting destroyed by fluke. I would cast into the frenzy and fluke would aggressively attack the gulp before it hit bottom. Even saw one jump completely out of the water! Found pockets of this for a very long stretch this morning.
  11. Interesting afternoon out front. Fluke with no tail, he didn’t seem to mind.
  12. I’m not a board member, but I’m pretty confident that out of state fish don’t count!
  13. Everyone has their preference on where and when is best for them. I personally love snotty conditions. Saturday AM setup: east winds,big surf from storm, early morning high tide, full moon in days..... Just too many good variables for me personally. But I am stuck at work.
  14. Saturday morning looks interesting. Wish I had an opportunity.
  15. Had to share this… took the long walk in NOMOCO today. Planned on targeting fluke and other possibles and went light. 2nd cast, cownose on, spools me before I know it. Done. Laughed at myself for 5 minutes, and then had to walk the long walk back to the truck. No way was I walking back out, moved to another spot and ended the day walking with another cownose up and down the beach for 20 minutes. Good times.