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  1. Payment sent. Thanks a bunch. Closing thread.
  2. Sorry for the delay. I’ll take it if it’s still available.
  3. As the title states. Anybody have a black VR50 they're parting with?
  4. As stated above, I spend a lot of time targeting muskies. Standing is pretty much a must. You just cannot get a proper figure 8, oval, or whatever you prefer from a seated position (I missed a dozen or so opportunities last season due to failed figure 8 attempts in my 19' Outback). Most of the baits I consistently throw are 6 + ounce jerkbaits (some are 10-12oz). Throwing them is tough, but working them properly is almost impossible while sitting down. A few of my friends target cobia from their yaks, so I can obviously see that being another reason to need to stand.
  5. I wouldn't have spent north of $5500 on a kayak if I didn't know exactly what i was getting. Yes, priority #1 was being able to stand easily (as well as getting up and down consistently). I primarily musky fish, so being able to see the fish, make figure 8s, and throw giant baits are all made easier by standing. BUT when i decide to sit my ass down, that drive will allow me to work stretches of shorelines that my revo or outback could not. With that said, there's plenty of other fishing that the 360 capability will help me with (current, bridge piers, tidal currents, list could go on and on). With a boat comes a trailer, more gear, paperwork, etc etc. With a kayak I can simply slide it into a truck bed, or throw it on top of my car (yes, the PA can be car topped fairly easily) and go. I'm extremely happy with the purchase and even more excited to get it out and break it in.
  6. I thought about it, but I felt confined in the cockpit as it was, so really didn't want to add another item. I even thought about removing the H rails in the front to add some more cockpit space (my fish finder was mounted on the track, so the rails were not being used). At the end of the day, I still believed sitting in such a low position would make for a pain in the ass getting up and down (for me). I went the PA route mainly for the standing ability. The 360 drive was a plus that I'll definitely use with other types of fishing. Although I've always wanted to, I've never fished out front in a yak. I do most of my fishing in lakes and rivers around Philly with some back bay fishing in late spring/summer, so the PA is perfect for all of that. If I do ever decide to start surf launching, I imagine the PA is going to be a pain for that and i may have to look at another revo or outback as an additional, but that's a different problem for a different time.
  7. Last spring I purchased the new Outback in hopes that it was exactly what I needed. It was comfortable, fast, and light enough to lift up and car top easily. Unfortunately, even in the highest position, the seat sat too low for me to comfortably get up and down to stand up. Since a majority of my fishing involves standing, this was an issue. I'm not the smallest guy in the world, so I'm sure this isn't an issue for everyone. Did a ton of reading up and looking into other kayaks, but in the long run, I decided to stay with hobie. Picked up my PA12 360 a few days ago. After watching countless videos of the maneuverability of this thing, I was sold. On top of that, I'll have no issue standing in this thing. I haven't taken it out yet, but I'll try to update this one I get it out.
  8. Finally moving on from LL Bean after 10 or so years. They denied an exchange on a $300 pair that I only used a handful of times and leaking in the seam (still had receipt, box, everything). I knew they changed their policy, but I thought they still honored defects. What waders are you's using? Just trying to see what else is out there now.
  9. Pending sale to Tom. Thanks everybody.
  10. I believe they're "tyrant tackle." Ends have a "T" shape, so there's no putting holes in the fish. They work good.
  11. Jaw spreaders, good pliers, and hook cutters are going to be your most important tools. These fish are extremely fragile in both warm and cold water, so a quick, harmless release is key. Limit their time out of the water and don't hang them from a boga or other sort of jaw gripper. Heavy line/leader and tight drag for a quick landing. I don't fish the D, but the recipe is the same .. Always make sure to not burn any spots. These fish are pressured enough and not everybody is going to treat them with the care they deserve ..
  12. Thanks for the response. I'm located in Philly.
  13. Couldn't edit or delete the previous post, so I locked it to start an updated post with more pictures and new price 2019 Hobie Outback Camo edition that was used less than a handful of times in fresh water. It's in absolutely perfect condition and fully rigged and ready to go. I still have the original manuals and all in original packaging. Tags still on the seat. Still have original boxes for the battery and fish finder. Selling because it's too much boat to just sit around. The accessories - Lowrance Hook2 5x Tripleshot (side imaging system) (fully wired and ready to go) Yak Attack Nocqua Power battery kit (battery mount is installed) Rhino Rack Side Kayak loader (for car top trasport .. makes loading 100x easier) Hobie Cart w/ Heavy Duty wheels I've significantly dropped the price to move this. Prices are firm, as they are dirt cheap for what you're getting. $2400 for the everything listed or $1900 for just the kayak. If you don't want a certain accessory, let me know, and we can work potentially work something out.
  14. It's pretty open. Let me know what your availability is and we can definitely work it out. Thanks.
  15. final bump before I post elsewhere. I'll go $2500 for everything. that's dirt cheap ..