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  1. New small Lefty swimmer. $75 shipped PP F&F.
  2. New medium Lefty swimmer. Red head. Recently bought this thinking it was a small. Letting go for the same price I picked it up for. $80 shipped PP F&F.
  3. As it says in the description, the prices are FIRM.
  4. I have two new small Lefty swimmers. Orange over yellow and bronze over yellow. $85 shipped each or $160 shipped for both. PP F&F. Price is firm. Thanks.
  5. Sorry, just seeing this. It’s yours. PM coming.
  6. Just looking to sell. You’re in the weight range on the size chart. Might be slightly baggy with the height, but I’m not sure.
  7. I’m 6’ around the same weight and it fits me well. I can throw some layers on be snug, but still have my mobility. I originally bought the XXL, but that was huge and baggy.
  8. Kokatat Hydrus 2.5 Supernova Dry Suit. Size is an XL I only used it once this past fall. I ended up buying a boat, so my kayaking days are few and far between. There’s no issues whatsoever and it’s absolutely perfect. $375 shipped.
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