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  1. I am interested in the needle maybe others what price value to you put on these I know I have some Musso’s and some pichneys If they intrrast you at all
  2. I kind of thought it be hard to come up with one I am looking to build one of your “kits” I would still like to come up with a original, one can still dream I guess lol,
  3. Definitely worth it a guy on eBay was selling them so cheap I didn’t even try to build my own. It makes the paint very even if you plan on doing any number of jig it is a must have in my mind
  4. That is awesome, very kind of you, your a good man Charlie Brown
  5. I am looking to buy a “copycat” lure either one of Stan Gibbs originals or one of Capesams either one be fine with me used or new so what’s out there please post pic and price thanks as always Don
  6. I will take this, is the yellow paint campo marking?
  7. If PaulS passes I’d take them at $40 or a single plug just don’t want to step on his toes thanks Don
  8. If it’s just a couple of them might not be worth it but if you have a decent amount definitely worth posting I for one can always use lips and know others could as well
  9. If you warm the plug in the microwave for a few seconds no thinning needed kind of amazing how the 15-30 sec in the microwave allows the epoxy to soak in the wood pretty quickly too. I thought I read thinning epoxy was a no-no but your results may be different just don’t think it’s needed
  10. The ones I have are labled as a medium #9 2-1/2oz, small diver #9 1-1-2oz and small #9. 1-1/2oz not sure if there is a difference in the diver and small or just the way it got labeled
  11. He called them a #9
  12. I don’t have any new Musso’s to trade but I do have some crisp dollar bill$ if you want to trade that
  13. Yes @Steel Pulse I totally agree a jig is in order here I know some say they are not needed and free hand it all but I definitely think the little bit of time it takes to make one is well worth it for the result you get. @capesams I was thinking some thing like that. What I’ve came up with so piece of plywood with a pin sticking up. A v-block with a hole in the bottom front to go on pin so vblock can pivot side to side put turned and drilled body in vblock then using a end mill in the Bridgeport cut the face swing the vblock side to side on stops after that same deal with a drum sander to finish up. Kind of hard to explain but I will post pics as I go I have a few other thing kicking so it might be a bit I’m just trying to lay the ground work for now
  14. Hey SOL, I want to try and make some bottle plugs, I have read Mr Porgies how to already good method, but I was hoping to make some sort of jig to cut the lip on to make them very consistent I have heard that Gibbs used a horizontal mill cutter? I would think they would have to do them on a machine. Just wondering if you guys have came up with anything? Maybe @Steel Pulse has some thing he is the king of jigs and fixtures or @capesams thanks for the help guys Don
  15. Dam missed the eel skin jigs, seconds if it falls through please thanks Don