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  1. I can do 70 but will mail you the cash and need plug shipped lmk Don
  2. Offer $60 cash lmk Don
  3. I’ll take these if I can mail you cash or m/o my PayPal is down I would take these and the t-bone you had listed for $160 if it’s still available lmk thanks Don
  4. I will take them for asking if I can mail cash my PayPal is down right now lmk Don
  5. I’ll grab these Marc please send address I’ll mail cash thanks Don
  6. @R.R. Bridge Fisher I’d be happy to set them up in my Bridgeport and mill the faces flat and drill new pins I have had to do it on some older molds that I bought. They were hinged molds that didn’t seal up and gave a lot of flash
  7. I will take the 2 blue mak if I can mail cash lmk thanks Don
  8. I’ll take the etch for asking if I can mail you cash or Venmo my PayPal is messed up right now lmk Don
  9. I will take these if I can mail you cash, my PayPal is down and out right now lmk thanks Don
  10. I will take the darter
  11. If jckcrr passes I’ll take it for the $130 shipped
  12. I’d take the eel skin for $25
  13. I am interested in the needle maybe others what price value to you put on these I know I have some Musso’s and some pichneys If they intrrast you at all
  14. I kind of thought it be hard to come up with one I am looking to build one of your “kits” I would still like to come up with a original, one can still dream I guess lol,
  15. Definitely worth it a guy on eBay was selling them so cheap I didn’t even try to build my own. It makes the paint very even if you plan on doing any number of jig it is a must have in my mind