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  1. Any interest in trading $dollar bills$ for it??
  2. In my hot lips I use the 34184 or 34185 good hook good price 5/0 would def be fine for flounder maybe even drop down to 4/0 in the 3/4oz for stripers you may want to jump up to 6/0 or 7/0 especially in the 1.5oz the molds that I modified I made so I can use a couple sizes up or down in each size and I bought a box of a few different size hooks I may pour a 1oz with a 4/0,5/0&6/0 you will use the hooks once you get started your done for you will be buying more molds good luck
  3. I used some nice old pine I had it was clear with tight grain
  4. I will try and get you some better pics tonite could also add a nice kicker (big rock,black label,ppw ect) if that can make the deal happen
  5. 2oz darter?
  6. 2oz Musso darter?
  7. Done deal with @MorningWood thank you for digging it out Tight Lines and Happy Holidays Don
  8. I will take the resin darter
  9. I will take the small darters
  10. Sounds good pm your info and I will send it out thank you Don
  11. Hey @MorningWood I’d be happy with a one for one trade your lobster darter for my Gary2 let me know if this would work for you, you have always been very generous and fair in your offerings and I don’t want to be greedy or come of that way thanks and LMK Don
  12. Right on I have a metal lathe and was going to knurl a piece of metal are deep and course as I can. My only question is when I put my foil on I use a little tool to sort of burnish and work the foil to the shape of the lure wouldn’t that smooth out the texture
  13. I think if you got the larger sizes up to 1oz you would be fine to put larger hooks in
  14. Sounds good thanks