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  1. MSC, Travers Tool and KBS Tools are some machine shop suppliers with about any drill bit you could imagine. The USA bits cost more but way better quality. I would use a stub bit to drill first then a jobber length then a extended to finish and work from both sides. The stub bit is short and won’t flex I don’t think the brad point is needed just my opinion. You can also check fastenal a bit and bolt supplier they have tools also and in most towns with a actual store you can go to. Drill hog on eBay has nice bits with lifetime warranty good luck Don
  2. I agree about the boot foot waders and much prefer the stocking foot if I take the time to lace boots up tight and attach the gravel guards i have very little sand get in definitely not enuff to go back to boot foot waders
  3. A lot of good info here thanks guys
  4. I would like 175 of them please thanks for putting these out there Don
  5. I’m in
  6. Nice work man
  7. I will keep a eye out thanks for the heads up. On that note when do the Christmas auctions start?
  8. I’ll take the darter
  9. I dug around some and found some good info. I am in the process of making a few of my own based of their style and like to know the story behind the lures thanks guys
  10. Will you accept $25 for the beach master skin plug?
  11. Does any one know if there was a connection between Gary2 and Sharpeye. Their hand carves are pretty much identical except for the eyes. The lip is a little smaller on the Sharpeye but is the same shape. Just curious what the connection between the two is. Thanks guys Don
  12. Love the paint work on all these
  13. Yea you don’t need a lot to make lure it’s nice but not necessary. How these swim
  14. Turned out sweet
  15. Nice like the little Conrad