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  1. they have ruber,silicon and any size, when the wawe jump in basket it go thrue.
  2. you can use power pro ,super8slik,20# or30#,it is abouth 1/2 size off mono 16#.
  3. what about using ruber dip net as basket,12",18",24", ?
  4. i can not go more then $75.
  5. if you take $75 shiped,i will take that.
  6. i use swivel all time, braid,swivel,mono leader 2' to 8'.
  7. i was casting on the water from shore,the 900 grain work good and look to me the 10'-T-14 make that cast good,when i roll cast the T-14 lift the fly out from water easy,if i use only shooting head 725 grain it do not work that good,when i roll cast i have trouble to lift the fly off water.same thing on the field.
  8. what is reason to shoot line back,more then shooting head ? i think you increase load on rod cast longer distance. i am casting emcast 2.75 lb,i use 900 grain shooting head,it cast very easy and the rod is not overloaded,i got 120' cast. i think it would be more easier to increase the weight shooting head,when your rod can handle that insted shooting line way back. i think if i like to cast 140' i need shooting head 1200 grain . if the rod can handle 1200 grain ,what are other problem's casting 1200 grain. snag
  9. i redy have to much staff,i would go $30 no more. you can ship with USPO 70# for $9
  10. you do not need exactly longest cast distance,but you need refrence where is your cast. i estimate 60' is poor 90' is good 120' is exelent
  11. TH rod setup i prefer reel 25" center from but. when i cast it is not in my way,my top hand is below reel. when i operate reel it work good. i practise on grass roll cast,one time back and shoot with ful head out. my best results and easiest cast is,pull but and push top hand=94', when i try shooting line back more,i did not gain any distance. when i try with heavy force 2 times back and shoot,i only gain 6' distance,it is not worted to use full force. if you need more distance,you need more powerfull rod. every rod has limit,same like bow if it shoot 300 fps you can not get more,you have to change lims or buy 350 fps bow,same think with rod. what is the maximum distance cast with TH rod ?
  12. if you take $25 shiped,i will take that. snag
  13. treded bolt 2 washers ,2 nut. true center off spool.
  14. size off the fish tell you proper mesh size,get 6' or 8' diameter,when it spred it is double the nomber, shalow water small diameter work,deeper water biger diameter is beter,in deeper water the fish shoot out from small diameter. you can trow easy any diameter,just have to learn how to cast.