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  1. put the flies on dual snap in 7" plasic bag and put that in one galon bag,you can put defrent style in 7" bag and put all in one goalon bag ,this way all flies are in one bag.
  2. when is nice i setup 6 tip up and jig with 2 rods,if you hit or mis eye it will be can be redy with vibe like cicada,the eye will hit that and spit that in 1/100 second,before you proces with brain set the hook she redy spit that out and you are to late. i use sled what kids slide on the snow. if you can get yourself milwuke cordles hamer drill M18 fuel you can moove and drill vhole drill hole les then 1 minutes with 8" auger. make adapter for your drill with 1/2" deep socket,8" treded rod and 1/2" drive. drill thrue auger and socket and put treded rod there lock with nut,cut one end of 1/2" drive it will fit cordles chuck and grine 3 side of the drive to flat,the chuck will hold beter, lithium batery has power and keep all day in cold,rest off the bateries are no good,cold efect them and they have limited power.. you can use that cordles for your home not only for fishing.
  3. you can start with,2 bucket,auger,spud bar,2 regular rods what you use in sumer,mickey mouse boots,cleats and survivel suit and folding chair to sit on and use as tuckle box,sled. buy minows,walk on ice drill 2 holes,put bucket next to holes and put on top off bucked rod the tip is over hole,you can use vibe or jig with head or full minow,jig close to the botom,you can get perch,eye,crapie,pike.
  4. cut 2x4 wood same lenght as opening,put the 2x4 in and screw them inside to drywall 1/2 wood stick will have suport for screws. mesure opening and cut 1/4" short and screw in with drywall screw's,you can put tape over seam and finish with nud.
  5. if you have soft soil just put the garlick in,it will grow fine,you can dig up the potatos and cook them or reseed for next year,if they are soft they are frozen,no good for planting.
  6. yes
  7. you have to write down how long boat size ingene style boat- purpose fishing-skying new or used year ? and price from here you can zero in i like 20'6" alumacraft with 150 HP and 9.9 HP troling motor with cisco triple rod holders on track for fishing. locate the boat and go for ride,find what is fair walue now and work with that. do not trust anybody even if you buy from priest. write list of inspection,and do that by yourself,life is you learn,if you do not wanet to learn you have to pay big buck and you do not know what is going on.
  8. 10'6" noodle rod is good for stelie,he can not trow the hook. i can horse the fish with noodle i have 30# power pro and 20# leader,it depend on size off line,you can fish with 6# test but you have to do what the fish tell you. i use 6'6" spining ,medium,medium same reel and line and noodle give me 10' longer cast,but i have to cast that noodle with 2 hands,the 6'6" i cast with wrist,big defrent fishing 8 hours.
  9. 1/8" or 2mm drill bit for metall. i think you should drill from one side to mitel.
  10. i wore size 10, if you take $20 shiped i will take them,if they to big i have to sell them.
  11. any lead is good,put that on high heat. old lead weights is good new could be zink aloy will not melt.
  12. if that is 2 piece rod,i would look for best price,if you use lot off weight it is harder work with longer rod,it depend on your condition if you are strong you can handle 11',if you are not strong you will handle 10' beter.
  13. you have to know what weight are you going to use. i like tsunami 11' two piece good price,light easy for casting hevier lures,spining rod check out black hole suzuky,god prize and light.
  14. up to 1 oz i will go with spining rod 6'6" medium,medium,st.croix cheepest model, you can have longer rod ,you will only work harder not casting further maybe 10' longer cast,spining rod. i tested that.there is no good info on this from manufacturers and builders,i asked 20 defrent companys and builders everybody say i need longer rod,i casted with 7',8',9',10',11' rod same reel . best easiest and acured was 6'6" spining rod,medium,medium shimano rod $9,it beet $200 rods. sombody say you get whot you pay for,it is not true,you have to know what you buy or you get riped off.
  15. when i watch my bucher scrape the skin,he had tools like 1/2 barell 55 galon drum,and scraper was 4" metal cone,5" high,he trow the skin on drum and holding the cone in hand and scraping. the outside skin he had boiling water,he trew cup on the skin and scrape that hot area,this way he did all outsize skin,inside skin no water scraping to size what he liked. i think you should make the first scraping close to finall product ,after marinading it get soft,harder to scrape.