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  1. you can spell that corectly for me,it will take me all day.
  2. i have abu cardinal 104 from walmart $35 and shimano 6'6" medium,medium for $ 9 it work perfect last 15 years. i read hipe abouth hav far you can cast stradic $200,i beet stradic with my abu in distance and i use 20# braid never feil once.none off the reel has more value then $100,you buy VS and you have to send that back for service,the spool is $100,that is all scam,all garbige like mine but i did not have to weist $800.
  3. it is same think you buy new pickup truck for 56K and 6 month later they sell them for 46K,some people say you get what you pay for. you just gave 10K tip to sombody who scam you. you have to know what is qualyti and what is value.
  4. what is proper setup for TH rod i got salt water shooting line 0,035in Int skagit shooting head spey 725 gr/47gm,23 ft and i ordered 12' T-14 12' TH fly rod is it proper setup or i have to modify the line ? thanks snag
  5. one more think take the car for ride on hiway for 10 miles,test ,air condition and all power option,if everything pas ,then you can offer to buy that.
  6. you have to look what they go at auction for,that is real price,that is your gide. do not look at year or milige,you need good transmision and good ingene,rest you can fix cheep. you need transportation or towing truck,if you need transportation get dodge or crysler mini van,25 mpg,you can get good one for $ not waist your money. when you buy used you have to have in pocket money ti fix ingene or transmision.
  7. go to auction,they have auction,repo and demiged trucks in your area,look in craglist,do not tell anybody how much you like to spend,they will set you up if they know how much you like to spend. #1 ask what is the prise #2 ofer 30% less what he told you cash,if he say no walk,he will call you. you can do that with any dealer. do not be afraid it is your money,you are the boos.
  8. hi Esa reel seat does not have aluminum winding checks so it is quite easy to remove but require about an hour of filing and careful prying. Epoxy comes away using sharp knive. can i moove the reel seat lover ? or i have to destroy the reel seat ? i weight the rod it was 256 gram i picked rio coldwater series rio coldwater powerflex shooting saltwater fly line blue tint, $24 rio scagit iflight spey fly line 725 gr clear camo/pale orange,$33 are this line any good ? it is good deal ? JettyLings was talking he aded 10' T-14 line do i need that ? i checked rio T-14 with loop,30' is $24. rio T-14 ,500' for $39. what i should buy ? can i make the loopes by myself ? if i practise,can i cast on concreete or only on grass and water ? thanks snag
  9. i never build rod,but i would like to build one like yours. what is defrence between your build and the Pac Bay Quickline 1409-4 ? i know you have list there,but i am lost in fly rod terms i need help. can you give me the parts list,price and where to order from. i need tred,glue all parts to compleete job. how you strip that rod i need safe proces not to demige blank. can you describe how you start build,what you used,what you did first #1 and how,how you did second #2 and how till the last. i was searching for line on,but i am lost,good price but have no idea what will work ,i like to have good quality and best price. thanks snag
  10. best sausage buy non trim pork but and mix with deer meat 2 to 1.
  11. JettyLings can you give me your email thanks snag
  12. i was casting with smaller reel and biger reel on 11' rod,no adventige in distance with biger reel. biger is maybe stronger body. 3000 will work fine main think if you snag braid,wip the rod few times and if it is not loose wrap rag on line,put rod horizontaly and walk back to brake line.never cup the reel with hand and walk back,that brake the reel.
  13. make more post's and send me PM. i send you PM,it say you can not receve PM. thanks snag
  14. if you ship that to me,i will pay shiping with pay pall. thanks snag