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  1. i like 2 motors one biger one 9 hp ,smaler using for troling cheep on gass and when biger motor has problem the 9 hp get me home.the 9 hp can push the boat 10 mph.
  2. it would go 15 to 20 mph with your boat
  3. city,state and goverment employes need your money to raise there salary and benefits. they **** you while you standing they are not waiting till you bend over.
  4. power pro is 300% overprized and work like ****. i use power pro 20#,30# and when i cast 5/8 oz and 1 oz lure and put forse to cast long distance,the line bicome ruf and when casting the line grab one loop from spool and rip that out the spool and lure brake or i havebig knot what you can not separate doring day not even in night. i do everything perfect,i flip bail with hand look at spool,sweep the rod to left til i feel resistance from lure on rod then reel in on tention even after all that doing that 40 years i get 2 loopes riped at one night and lose one lure a month.power pro is piece a **** 300% overpriced.for that garbige it should be $10 top.
  5. for testing,put that in river any day you do not need good weather.have that tie to dock and run that for 30 minutes back and fort changing forward and reverse,you can put load on that,how much the rope can handle.if you like that how is runing go up stream1/2 mile and back do that 10 times if everything is fine now you redy for ocean. learn how to work on ingens,every bout service will rip you off,this is new age do not trust anybody. i had marina rebuild my ingen,for $2500 they put wrong spak plugs in and it burn tru pisten and seaze the motor. second time marina did tunup on 135 hp for $500 and he stoled my new baterie and put old there. third time tunup on 75 hp advertise for $90 it took me 1 hour drive there,1 week later he call me boat is redy and make sure you bring $375 to pay for tunup.
  6. that is left hand or right hand ?
  7. i am not casting for competition,i am casting for fishing.i use HJ#14 ,5/8 oz lure moust to catch fish.if i can not catch fish i start using 1 oz SP minow to search for them longer distance with spining rod.last night 450 cast's up to 160',no fish.. if i can build casting rod and get 100 yards with 1 oz ,that is 300' i think it will help with search for fish. i like when people post yards or feet casting 1 oz or 2 oz sinker with casting rod,that give me idea how far i can cast.i do not need to cast distance like competitor ,i will be to cast close to their distance.but if i have to cast 6 hours 300 cast's i need somting light that do not wear me out. i casted 9 hours 450 casts with st.croix 7' medium light and i was worn out,not even bump,only 3 fish come out.
  8. it is chalenging,keep you sharp in thinking and keep your body in shape. you can do nice and easy siting in chair watching TV,after while you flip from chair dead.
  9. you obsolutly right. i came here,first i had to learn speek english,not perfect ,but you can get what i am saying. i do not give a **** who you are,speek englishin in busines,if you home or speeking to your frends choose english or your langwiche. if you do not like to do that .go home to your butiful fuct up contry.
  10. last night off the rocks i got 2 eyes 18",28",lost one on clown and helsinki
  11. you can search but you will not find anser. longest cast with 1 oz, 2 oz sinker using any rod spining reel,and casting reel. not mesured by tape but simple by reel revolution. it is simple but never writen in any tred.
  12. i change all trebles to inline hooks on all plugs,i can unhook fish at night with out lights from net in 30 seconds. if the plug has 3 hooks i use 3 hooks only for suspending lure to be horizontal. if not for horizontal presentation i use only 2 inline hook's.
  13. trow the fish in garden for fertelizer and wash the bag.
  14. you can make perfect action with lure cast and hold the handle on reel and make the turns with rod ,.reel with rod. very simple and work perfect.