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  1. cleveland thursday 2 man limit 16" to 26",we handled 30 eyes.dipsy spoones,harnes,bords,3 oz inline,on everything fro 30' to 66' back,i changed 6 spoones but lot off changes in dept,no bite 10 minutes changin dept best antyfreeze and red head wonder bread.
  2. cleveland wednesday,2 man limit 18" to 28" we started 11 am at 40',16' boat and 6' rolers would take long time go to the crib, and were done 4 pm,we handled 40 eyes,we covered 1 square mile and it was fun fishing,yesterday we covered 9 square miles and nothig worked.today we had time to check for perch,we got only jumbo sheep and catfish.there is no patern to any fishing every day is defrent.water was clear full sun and we werepicking fish 15' down to 30' down,no bite 5 minutes moove 5' up or down and you pick fish.more fish came on mooving the dept than changing the lure,i changed only 10 lures,antyfreeze work best.
  3. tuesday crib fishing was hard we got 8 eyes from 16" to 26" there was no patern to anything,lures,dept and speed.
  4. two man limit 8am cleveland crib,what worked saturday did not work today,we got them with spoones and harnes,from 35' to 85' back,dipsy #1 #3 and 3 oz inline on bord,i chenged 30 lures and i do not know how many times i reset dept.last 5 days antyfreeze was hot,today did not pick one fish,red head wonderbred pick 5 and citrus freek pick 18,we handled 30 eyes and got 4 perch on minows.
  5. cleveland 6-3-23 troling for eyes. i troll last 5 days every day got limit 12 eyes from10" to 30". i used dipsy divers and inline bords with 3 oz inline weight,i fished 55' water and target fish from 15' to 45' down using stick bait and small spoones.picture cleveland going out 4am and some eyes.
  6. i think you tolking the black fly's,they bite heavy before storm. you can use skin so soft from avon lady it work good. some people use dawn liquid soap full strenght rub on and some deluted down liquid soap.
  7. you can use any fly rod like spining rod,just mount your reel seat 12" from but or extend your but it will work much beter and easy. what you duing with fly rod is like using spining rod with one hand to cast 70 yards 1 oz lure. i come to this solution by axident. i buy spining rod to modify for fly rod,i was waiting for parts.before the parts come i use that as is for one week,first it look weerd,fly reel above second hand grip,after 4 day casting i bicome to the taist and simple easy use i like that and i never modify that.
  8. get heavy carbord box and cut 2 sides to V shape,put rod there and you can vrap,if the rod is to long use 2 carbord boxes,wider box more stable. you can open telephone book and slide on top rod,this way the rod will not spin by itself,it is like with brake on.
  9. snag777

    Boat rods

    i would grab that stratus. my rod is rated 1/8 to 1/2 oz i can cast good up to 1 1/2 oz but best performance is 1 oz load perfect and cast perfect. the rating on rod is just refrence.
  10. snag777

    Boat rods

    i woud go with 1/2 to 1 1/2
  11. snag777

    Boat rods

    you can pick same rod with defrent rating,what can cast 2 or 3 oz, it would be medium or medium heavy. go on st.croix web and look at the rating you wil find what you need,you do not have to buy that ,that is your example what you need. i use 1 oz casting up to 50' dept,3 oz get there faster but the 1 oz give more time the fish to bite it fluter more.
  12. i would buy mold for inline sinker. you can use that as ,inline sinker for troling,use that as spoon,sinker or jig.you can powder paint that any color ad hooks and it is jig or spoon.
  13. snag777

    Boat rods

    quality rods,st.croix premier,fenwick HMX good warantie $100 to $150 ocuma is much cheeper. for casting up to 1 oz i like medium light,you can jig with that 3 oz,if i catch 10# fish that is 160 oz and the rod have no problem with that.
  14. for carp fishing you need only 6'6" rod medium,light rod,#20 braid and 1 oz sinker.i can cast that 200' or 70 yards.you can pul out with this rod #30 fish. #1 find fish on the lake.big lake the fish migrate by season,the water temperature dictate that. #2 fishing,slip sinker or bober. #3 bait,nightcrawlers,corn,potatos or make dowe from only eggs flower and scent,anise vanila,sugar,garlick,no water it will keep on the hook while casting. #4 get 2 forks for each rod and 1 curtain clip for every rod. #5 put on 1 oz slip sinker,1 bead ,swivel and 2' or 3' mono and hook. #6 use any reel,cast out,put on fork,make line tight,put curtain clip on line and pull the clip to the ground when you sit next to the rods. if you like to walk away,open the bail pull line 90 degree to the reel and put some weight on line,i use rock.when carp hit the line is puled out.if you do not open bail you will lose the rod. #7 get slinkshot and shoot bait out.. #8 fish on the botom,fish with bober or floating jigs.
  15. i have iphone SE unlocked for any service,you can have that for $100 shiped,i am updating that,everything work good no crak in screen.
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