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  1. i have light rod rated 1/8 to 1/2 oz i cast with out problem 1 oz lures HJ#14,.P10,SP minow's.
  2. the mono is flexible and it lay tight on spool,the braid has no strach it lay the line on spool and when you cast the presure grab loop from spool and pas thrue the top spool lip and create the knot.,if the line is lay as cone thebotom loops are biger then top loops,the casting presure grab them and make knut.i think best lay for braid is strait no can do that manualy but it take long time to do that,shorten time you would have to mark with string 50 yards mark,if is not inuf line you would have to peel to 50 yard mark and ad 25 yards manualy til it is just right. the manufacturer is just selesman not any defrent than dealer,they tell you anything to get money off you. i prefer tolls what operate properly,not overpriced,not hype shaini tool's made in USA.crafsman was good but i was pised made in Japan at least if it broke they exchange that.
  3. where was your wind knots 10',50' or 100' ? to make that line lay strait with out washers. you have to take all line out and wine manualy to uper 1/2 spool ,50 yards 75 yards,100 yards,it depend on size braid and size off reel,you have to play with that to get that right. non off the reel is made for braid but it is sold for braid,for braid the spool should have 1/4" biger top lip on spool. if you put braid on it should be sitinh 1/4" inside from lip.if you put more you will have problem.
  4. they will teach you .how to loose 401K plenty experience here. there is no magic in fishing,you have to put time in how you gain experience,fishing is changing by month,by years.
  5. wrap the crack with tred and epoxy,if you can get in put on crack epoxy inside,should be strong,
  6. i was on SOL yesterday 3 time,mi computer went black screen 3 times and i had to restart computer 4 or 5 times,it would not start,today is working fine. thanks snag
  7. i do not care how much the rod cost $9 to $5000 ,if you use the rod properly the blank last you 20 years,the fish do not ware blank,the blank brake if is defective. my junk rod did not brake 20 years and i use that all time.i have 100's rods any price but i like to use moust time this junk 6'6" spining shimano,medium,medium,i can handle 50 lb fish with that.even St.Croix is pice a **** against this rod even when that cost $150.
  8. how the fish turn on i fished same time Lake erie Cleveland from shore,arond 6 pm i realize the minows started feeding on the bugs,6:15pm i hit 28" eye 15 min later 20" smalie and everithing stop at 7 pm. the fish turn on feeding same time N.J. and Ohio.
  9. rust is no problem,just color,use marker to change color. you can put skins in cheep vodka and you can have them in frige or freezer,you preserve minows same way.
  10. paint the floor it do not rust,put in only front seats after that cut house carpet and pading for back,in front seats just cut remoovable carpet. rest off the seats is holing junk what you do not need,this way you can hole 4x8' sheets,when you go fishing all fit in nice i got that same way with every van or mini van,the extra seats are 500 lb weight.
  11. i cast some time 11/2 oz lures from 140' to 200',my drag is never loose more on tight side not to brake line. i was thinking you get cut with 4 oz or biger weight,never hapen to me with 2 oz or les.just like to know what to watch for.
  12. i like to know how braid on spiner cut you? i fish 40 years with braid,never was cut one time.i use maximum 2 oz is the heavy weight ?
  13. i picked up piece a **** rod 20 years a go made in korea,shimano 6'6" medium,medium,on sale $9,the rod has scraped warnish everywhere,i fish that 20 years catching fish up to 20 lb in the river in heavy curent,it never fail,i use 30# power pro,i had few snags i had to put line on the rag and walk back to brake the line.the rod is rated 1/4 to 3/4 oz,i cast 1 oz to 2 oz lures with no problem.this should be standard for every industry. what is your rod rating ?if it is 2 oz and you cast 8 oz you could demige that,the fish can not demige blank,for that is reel and proper drag, if you catch 200 lb shark you just point the rod to the fish she can not demige the rod. if you did not abuse the rod,step on that,snag try to overlod the rod then the rod is defective no quastion . if you tolking money and builder it can be explaned protecting money. send him mesage the rod is defective and he has to replace that,if not you will put rewie off the rod and proces on the web,for good advertisment. rod for $400 shold have life time uncondition warantie.
  14. you can use Spro Ball Bearing Power Swivels Welded Rings Coastlock Snap
  15. you know luk Robertie,he was not a skater but he was jugler with puck,you develop that from tenis boll.i was playing with Peter Scastny.captan of Quebec nordix for 8 years and he was holdig,moust score in NHL as rookie.