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  1. the longer rod will cast further with same rating. longer cast is important in competition,but if you have to cast 6 hours it is very hard to do. that 90 gram plug would give good information, if we had machine and she record how much force is used with each rod,that would be best information.
  2. you should use fish grippers in 1' water,take hook out and release,do not drag on sand or demige gils.
  3. if you take $25 shiped i will take them.
  4. i fish Lake Erie for eyes. from boat i catch fish,put her on metal stringer cut the throat and throw her in water to bleed 10 min to 20 minutes. i use ice 7 UP or coke botles for ice,fish is blead i put her on botled ice. when i come home i filet the fish same day,when i am fileting i put the filets in cold water.when i am done ffileting i wash the filets,fill zip lock bag 1/2 way with water and throw in filets,squize air out and put in freezer,the fish are fresh even after 5 years,never had problem this way. i do not like wacum,the bag brake and the fish has freez burn taiste,no good you have to throw them out. when i fry fish i take frozen fish one day out and put in frige next day for super they are good to fry. i never dry fish,i put them in candalir for 10 minutes after that sprincle salt and spice and mix them. i put the fish in flour that dry the fish,then in egg and then in japaneese penko and put in 350 degree oill 2 minutes a side to golden brown. serve with mash potatos and tartar soce. if you need to tie the frozen fish quicker,fill 5 galon bucket 1/2 way with hot water from sink,put the frozen bag filet in,2 or 3 hours everithing melted the water in bag is cold the filets are perfect,pul them out rinse and cook. i like the 7 up botles for ice,they are tuf do not brake and you can use how many you need,the water melt but stay in botle no mes in cooler.after i am done i wash botles and cooler and put them to freezer,redy for next trip. if you go fishing 20 times a month you would have to spend $200 for ice.
  5. yes i lived with them for 20 years,one day harvest hunting 400 to 800 birds only mail,200 people hunting as group.
  6. the wild pheasant prefer to hide and run,he will only fly if he is flushed or he has to cross small creek.before evning they fly on trees to roost.
  7. it depend how thick is the material.if that is 1/2" i would take 2x4 and cut wedge from that,put glue on that and pound that in hole,when it harden cut that flush..
  8. hot smoke,you cooking the fish and smoke.the fish is cooked and flaky when you cut that.on the grill. cold smoke,you marinade the fish and smoke in smoker controling the temperature,you can cut the fish like lunch meat it will not fall a part. smoke salmon in supermarket is cold smoke.
  9. good lure for searching for fish,any time,salt and fresh water. simular lure red eye shad.
  10. smoking trout is good,you can smoke them in smoke house,cold smoke,hot smoke or you can smoke them on grill,hot smoke.
  11. #1 you call dealer and ask how much is lease a month and total nomber. #2 you call dealer and ask how much is total paymant for new truck,when you have to pay the truck in 3 years you get that nomber and divide by 120 month and now you know the leese price a month and new price a month.
  12. find out what is best for you. example: you lease truck for 3 years,write how much is down payment,montly payment and insurance.then devide the nomber by 36 you know how much it cost you to have that in your driway. every month when you buy new put the price down,insurance every month you come up to nomber,if you expect life off truck 10 years,then devide the nomber by 120 month and you come to nomber how much it cost to be in your driway a month. you can buy truck with 50K miles,the number will be best. now you compare the nombers and do what is best for you,it is in front off you you do not have to ask anybody,just do some simple maths.
  13. when you remoove fish in august she is not coming to spawn next year. you remoove the fish in august and guy remoove the fish 2 weeks before spawn is same think. only to protect fish,to know how much is comercial harvest,cut the quota to 0 and put good managment quota for sport fishing. the striper should not be alow to sell for profit on all east coast.
  14. you can carie sp minow ,white ,bone and markers,you can color the sp minow to any color,after you donevipe with alcohol and you back to wite or bone color,moust important is bely color,the fish look at that from botom or strike on vibration.