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  1. I'm in.
  2. buy neoprin 5mm with boots cheepest what you can find,all waiders boots start leek after 1 or 2 years and all ruber boots crack unrepairable.when that hapen get yourself military Micky mouse boots,cut the waiders boots off and put on Mickey boots on,they will last you long time. the Mickey mouse boots were made 50 years a go and the ruber is steel good. we can thanks for the new ruber for the overpaid stuped ingeneers. the ingeneer make sure after one year warantie it start leeking and fall a parts.
  3. it is exacly same concept when you pick spining rod and try to figure out what is maximum load for that rod. how you do that ? read lable on the rod,that is gess work. you take 1/4 oz lure and cast,you take 1 oz cast,you take 11/2 oz you cast.if it feel good you put 2 oz lure and can cast 2 oz but not far,the rod can not swing the lure out,it is overloded rod.same thing like shooting bow,the rod or the bow has to handle easy the load. that is how you optein proper load for any rod,fly rod,spining rod,conventional rod. the specification on the rod is gess the manufacturer specification every rod,it may do this and it may do that. i wonet my specification for my rod 100%,and everybody has to do that themself. that how i did that ,with the roap,and it work good with out gesing and spending money on 4 defrent lines,before i find whot work for me. even the manufacturer can not give you strait anser,he will tell you try this or that.the rod lable is same ,they look same but they have defrent performance. i like to do think simple with out spending cent.
  4. best way to test for maximum load,field testing,not in water. get yourself 1/4" nylon rope and cut 300 grain,100 grain,50 grain,25 grain.go to field and ad 300 grain to your fly line and cast,ad 100 grain cast,ad 50 grain cast,ad 25 grain cast,this way you find what is best load for your rod. do not do that in water,the roap will socke the water and change the weight. now if you know what is working best for your rod you can be looking to buy proper line. you can do this test with fly line,braid line or 30# mono line. every rod has specification,they are not acured they are as refrence for seling.
  5. they should open hunting season on scamers ,all year no close season.
  6. you can use slip sinkers any size. make 3" loop with 1 beed inside. when you fish slide on double loop slip sinker,the beed is stop for slip sinker and put clip on double loop,and clip your hook to clip,you can use any size slip sinker,the weight change easy.
  7. check out shimano tdr-86mh2b,it is perfect rod,you can not buy component for that price, build spining,casting or fly rod or 2handed fly rod,there is walue from your time.
  8. noubody care what i say,all guys prefer to gemble,i do not wonet to desturb them.. i trade only qqq option and SP500 and NASDAC 100 futures,liquid money 930 am in 4pm out.
  9. you can use salmon or waleye troling rod,and counter reel,it is not worth to build troling rod they are cheep.
  10. regular rod is listed 1-6 oz. carp rods are listed 1.5 lb-2.75 lb,3 lb and look for weight around 10 oz is good,i ordered 3 lb the rod is to hevy 16 oz,you could fish with that few hours,around 10 oz you can fish all day.
  11. 65 new bucktails assorted sizes and colors.i will take that for $125 shiped
  12. look for carp rod 12' and 2.75 lb action ,any off those can cast 600 to 900 grain.
  13. if you take $35 shiped,i will take that.
  14. it depend how you going to fish,moust people use on canal 1-6 oz rod,that is on light side,heavy curent and hevy lures and heavy jigs.
  15. it depend on wind condition,i cast spining rod 7' ML,20# power pro,7/8 oz bad wind 80',medium cast 140',casting with wind 170'.some guys cast with lure 6" from tip,ilike to cast 24" to 36" lure from do not need smaler line diameter then 6# mono line that is equl 20# braid,ive if the braid is not properly made it should hold 10# fish.