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  1. Thanks for the input. Picked up 300 yds of 50# XP to try out for myself this upcoming season. Also like that it is USA made product.
  2. Anybody using this brand braid? How does it compare to other braids such as PP, Sufix 832, J Braid?
  3. Dunno about predating, but fermentation, the process by which alcohol and vinegar are product of, has been around since yeast have been around. Good chance vinegar like compounds were around with the first leaches and snakes.
  4. If shipped, I'll take them.
  5. Trades? I've a Penn 650SS in very good condition.
  6. Two casters are jigging the same side of the CCC, cross and foul lines. Neither one is winding in a fish. Is there a 'rule' that the up current or down current caster be the one to release line to the other to untangle?
  7. Going by the exploded view posted by bobtheflounder and the pics posted by daveBKNY, it appears the IRT 700 spinner is not sealed against water intrusion. The machined cup in the main frame that the bottom pinion gear bearing (HD260) sits is machined in such a way that the bearing, although covered by the side plates, are entry ways for water to flow into the gear housing.
  8. +1 on trying a braid that is limper. Either by another manufacture or less breaking strength.
  9. Worth using? If you have any doubts about the rod, put it on the BST for quadruple the money. I've a SS100M and a SS100M2 that I bought new in the 1990s. Even though I've acquired some newer, faster rods, the Doerrs are what I usually plug with on the beach and jetties.
  10. Anyone try loading Savage Gear's Freestyler glide bait? Bought one to try out since it was on sale for cheap. It casts so poorly that some additional casting weight is needed. Thinking that 10-15 cc of mineral oil might help casting without changing buoyancy. Likely reinventing the wheel here. Anyone already done this?
  11. Appreciate the point, but for me, if I don't have to spend the time to do an internal cleaning after an unavoidable dunking just a couple times a year, it is worth the 20 bucks.
  12. delete double post
  13. Not only is the BH Suzuki enough for 30 lb Stripers in CCC currents, Crocs crush even the CCC bubbleweed.
  14. Gotta be more to the story.