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  1. I have a bullet in pearl scale that’s new in package. Know it’s not exactly what you are looking for figured I would give it a shot if I had the right color.
  2. Bump. Bullet NIP still available.
  3. Appreciate it. Unfortunately I have both of those colors. Mainly looking for colors in scabelly or RG I don’t have.
  4. Done. White bullet is still up for grabs.
  5. Looking for something a little bigger.
  6. I would do the herring for it.
  7. You really hate that thing huh? Lol
  8. Just seeing what’s out there for RG and Scabelly gliders.
  9. Just seeing if anyone has these. Looking to grab a backup or two. Thanks SOL
  10. Been carried but I got it recently. As you can see no rust or anything. Hasn’t hit the water and it is a sinker. Let me know.
  11. Kev either of the above for the floater?
  12. Im interested in the floater. I have a wonderbread scabelly 5” and additional stuff. I’ll def post some other pics in the am and we can get something done.
  13. Sorry for delay. This is what I had in my truck. More to follow. 5” sinking scabelly and new fatty.