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  1. Still looking for this color jetty swimmer.
  2. Unfortunately not. Do you have a power plant jetty swimmer?
  3. Yo man. I’ll do the Danny for the purple. Message me.
  4. Let me think on it.
  5. I have two. Not sure if I want to get rid of them for a used plug but here they are.
  6. Unfortunately it’s close! But the power plant looks just like that only it’s blue instead of purple. Although that purple is really sweet! What you looking for for that purple one?
  7. Lost mine last night to a bluefish. Have new ccw in package to trade for this plug. Used is fine. Does anyone have one!?
  8. In the market for this odm. Ideally NJ. Let me know if you have one for sale. Also willing to throw higher end plugs (Arsenal GRS). Whatever seller prefers
  9. Anyone have one or 2 of these?
  10. On the Hunt for a few scabelly 5” sinking gliders. New or used doesn’t matter. Willing to trade or throw some cash. Thanks
  11. Have a mikes brand new bullet in bassoline if interested.