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  1. Because enquiring minds want to know.
  2. Damifiknow. I have some Daiwa 8600/8700 reels that have magnesium parts. They look fine after about 50 years.
  3. Would order one myself but my throw away funds are depleted. Magnesium frame. Carbon rotor, handle ,side plate . Carbon drags . Aluminum pinion?? Really? More bearings than you can count. No mention of seals. No mention of main gear. (Chinesium you suppose?) Super light weight. Anyway, if you could find a donor, please do a review. Enquiring minds want to know.
  4. Follow up. Fished it in the surf for a few days. It didn’t explode in my hands.
  5. Got plenty of good gear. Not the first time I bought something just to try it out.
  6. Yep. Scooby covered the Chinesium main gear in his video. Surprised about the water intrusion though. Salt and zinc don’t mix. Oh well, I will fish it. When it goes, it goes. Maybe the rod that comes with it will be ok. Combo is 89.99 delivered. So I ain’t hurt.
  7. Follow up. Applied heat. Removed cap. Don’t think I have ever seen so much blue locktite.
  8. Any updated information on this reel? Looking at a cyber special. Not going to be used as a main fishing rig. More as a loaner/beater/throwaway. 3000 size.
  9. Tony, tried that and quarter was starting to chatter the cap. Will put a bit of heat on it with heat gun. Should do it. Thanks!
  10. Trying to remove handle knob cap. 24c-SLA5500. Right or left hand? Locktite? Don’t want to ding it up.
  11. Steve’s Fishing Supplies on FB. He posted on his page. Just trying to share the information. Maybe catch the sorry bastages.
  12. please read, this persons gear was stolen.. "Unfortunately I wanted to let you all know that on Friday 11/22/2019 my home was broken into and several items were taken. I've asked Steve for permission to post this message. I am a Vom Hofe reel collector and eighteen (18) Vom Hofe reels were taken. In addition twelve Meek reels, two Talbots and multiple brass reels were taken. Furthermore, a grey Orvis bag containing my modern day fly reels, including Abel, Orvis and several more. Probably the most unique reel that was taken from me was a very rare Edward Vom Hofe 2/0 that had the name "FA Schermerhorn" engraved on the reel. It also had "'87" engraved on the side. I'm asking for anyone's help that see's this reel or a grouping of these reels for sale. I am in Charlotte, North Carolina. As you can imagine I'm devastated my this loss and any help would be deeply appreciated." Thank You. Jerry Kornsey (803) 236 7497.
  13. Excellent advice. You nailed it. Might I add a bit. Proper shimming goes a long ways. And after spooling new line and you have access to a boat, troll out line to about twice your casting distance. No weight or lure, just line. Once I started doing this I have never had any of the new line issues that I used to have.
  14. Thanks Scooby. Went back and looked at the others dudes lc. Comparing the two looked like he could do just a bit of shimming and have his real close to yours. Not bad for out of the box though, not bad at all. BTW, since you are so good at shimming, I have a 3000 Battle 2 that could use a little help.....................