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  1. Thanks Scooby. Went back and looked at the others dudes lc. Comparing the two looked like he could do just a bit of shimming and have his real close to yours. Not bad for out of the box though, not bad at all. BTW, since you are so good at shimming, I have a 3000 Battle 2 that could use a little help.....................
  2. BTW, spool question is because If possible would use standard spool for catfishing at home. Distance not an issue .
  3. Couple questions. You can’t use a standard 6500 spool on long cast model, correct? For those familiar with Florida panhandle surf fishing. Is the drag on the long cast enough for surf fishing in this region? Not fishing for sharks but one does occasionally catch one and bull reds pretty common. Kind of new to saltwater fishing. Been using my 750ss’s (with ht100 drags) and a Daiwa 8700 with the original Teflon drags. And they have been doing fine dragwise. Don’t know the drag numbers on these reels, but suspect they are less than 20 pounds. Hooked up with what we think were bull reds on the Daiwa and one of the 750’s. Only sharks I have caught are 2 3 footers on my Battle 2 3000. The 6500 would also be used for catfishing at home. Would like to have the long cast model for the surf. I am throwing what I have now at different distances and would like to have a reel that is capable of throwing further than what I have. And I know rod, technique etc all comes into play. But all being equal looking at the long cast for more distance. Thoughts please.
  4. Scoob, just getting around to reading this thread. No problems packing spool this full? Windknots,etc?
  5. One other wrench to throw in the works. Pure fishing sold. Does this mean Penn customer support goes out the window? Which is definitely a deciding factor in buying Penn. Long history, good customer support. Why can’t I just be one of those impulse buyers????
  6. Going off on a tangent here. Article I read recently. Guy had moved his business to China. (Teddy bears, stuffed toys) Got so fed up with QC he moved back. Seems it is a cultural thing. And to make a long story short, if you are doing business over there and want consistent QC, you have to have someone (not Chinese) making sure everything is on the up and up. Looks like Penn could have figured this out by now. From what I read, they have more than their fair share of returns. Although have read Alan Hawk complaining about the same issues from Daiwa and Shimano. Wish reel industry would standardize sizes. Probably never happen. Ok, now back to Penn vs Shimano.........
  7. I am comparing the Spinfisher vi directly to the Spheros. The price difference does not come into play for me.
  8. Thanks guys. Exactly the type of input I am looking for. Kironafly, gearhead myself. Tend to overthink things. Butttt, that’s what we do!
  9. Thanks Batman.
  10. Thanks Scooby. And thanks for the in-depth reviews. I don’t want to sound too picky or over analyze, but when I buy a reel, it’s for keeps. Probably go with the Penn. Find out if they are going to do a good job on QC with the production reels!
  11. First of all. I AM NOT trolling to start a spitting contest. Looking for honest opinions. Reel will be used for surf/inshore plus freshwater. Looking at Spinfisher vi 4500 or the Shimano Spheros 5-6000. ( import not JDM) Have read Alan Hawks review on the Spheros in which he gives it high marks. Have watched all the videos on Tackle Advisors on the Spinfisher vi. And it gets high marks. I have a lot of respect for Alan and Scooby’s opinions. I am leaning towards the Penn. Good product support. All metal except rotor vs plastic gear box and rotor on Spheros. Drags good on both. I like the upper seal on the Spheros better than the hydro seal on the Penn. AR bearing on Spheros better than Spinfisher. I give the gears on the Spinfisher the edge over the Spheros. ( I am old school, like machined stuff better) I hand flip the bail MOST of the time. I do like having the option of hand or cranking bail closed on theSpinfisher. Anyway, please chip in with your advice. Thanks in advance.
  12. Can anyone offer any updates on this reel? Still a hit or miss on getting a decent reel? Would you buy one again? Etc.
  13. Is the only difference between the 3500 and 4500 line capacity?
  14. Thanks