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  1. I have one with the fat tires I’m looking to get rid of
  2. I’m in thanks for the opportunity
  3. How much for the rest of the lot???
  4. I’ll take this
  5. I’d happily pay 35 for the ru ru plugs
  6. Thirds on the whole lot
  7. Interested in the Striper Bites offering 25 for the plug.
  8. Beautiful old school setup hope you get what you are asking...
  9. Love the mackerel and the eel great in the surf
  10. These still available ?
  11. I’m going to pass on this glws
  12. If you split I’d like the root beer popper and the black darter... offer 25 for them
  13. Lot 3 still available???
  14. Thanks Bill I plan on doing what you said and clear coat it has crazy action.
  15. Offer 20 for lot 3