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  1. Nice DAM reel wish I needed it...
  2. Offer 25 shipped no offense intended
  3. I’ll take these for asking please.
  4. I’ve got a 11’4” 2 piece I’d trade. I’m in Rhode Island
  5. Thanks again for the plugs yours are on the way.


  6. I’m interested in your trade I’d gladly give you what you are after thanks 

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    2. big cee

      big cee

      I think I can trade what I have for these.  Are they all  2 3/8oz  sinkers?  

    3. Surf Rasta

      Surf Rasta

      Yes plus one 3 oz 

    4. big cee

      big cee

      Ok sounds good.  Can you send me a message to my inbox with your mailing info and I'll do the same?   I've bought + sold plugs before but I never did a trade, let me if I'm missing something.


  7. Please let the other person have them
  8. A few heddons a couple doc spooks and some assorted tins
  9. I have a few spooks and spoons I’d trade you for the reel and handles
  10. If he passes on this I’d gladly give you 40.00 PayPal on me...shipped to 02879
  11. I’d go 30 shipped on it
  12. 28Will do please message me
  13. Will do please message me
  14. Offer 25 shipped
  15. Pair of unicorns...