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  1. I have a mojo surf 8’ for 100$ pickup in Rhode Island
  2. Will they fit on a Subaru?
  3. 9. This forum is not to be used for announcements of sales elsewhere nor should anyone refer others to places they can purchase something.
  4. Too bad about the PayPal I would grab these.
  5. Thanks bud PayPal sent ship to 16 south Joseph st westerly Rhode Island 02891
  6. I’ll take the top lot
  7. Seconds
  8. Didn’t notice pick up….
  9. Lot 2 and 4 please
  10. New used colors…
  11. Awesome rod wish you were closer…
  12. Stetzko mr wiggly
  13. Too bad I’m so far away I’d trade you an 8’ mojo that’s brand new.