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  1. Are these still available?
  2. Interested in the Shimano perhaps if the price is right
  3. Habs stetzko Gibbs
  4. Chesapeake bay lures made in China its a habs copy
  5. Seconds on the odm I’ll take it if still available
  6. Payment sent thanks big blue ram ship to 25 fagan court Wakefield Rhode Island 02879
  7. Payment sent thanks big blue ram
  8. I’ll take the ss needle
  9. You can never have enough SS needles
  10. Thanks for the video I remember him he was a good friend of my brother
  11. Just wondering if this is a Gibbs or some other builder, any help would be awesome
  12. Sweet rod good luck with the sale...
  13. My brother Jason was a close friend of captain Don and spent a lot of time with him talking and fishing it was a huge loss for him when he passed RIP...
  14. I love my daiwa BG it’s smooth and didn’t cost me a fortune, I have a Van Staal that I never use because it’s too tight and not very smooth...
  15. I have a gamsbys wiglit has a cool purple paint job it’s in rough shape I think I’ll fish it...