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  1. Nice rod if you are ever in south county I’ll get it from you...
  2. Yup I got a few from him years ago still fishing them too
  3. Definitely Johns work
  4. If you can wait till Friday I’ll take these then...
  5. I have a used one I’d trade a plug for it new or used ss needle or darter. If not you can have it for postage...
  6. Are the darters still available???
  7. I retract my offer only wanted the purple one and was willing to buy all of the needles...
  8. Would you like to sell the stetzko needle fish’s offer 70 for the needles
  9. Treasure it and honor it by fishing it...
  10. From the westerly pawcatuck area I believe I’m not sure if he’s still with us...
  11. I would love to get a set of those especially the needle...
  12. Sure thing how firm on the price open to trade some plugs or buck tails??? I’m also in Wakefield
  13. Sweet greenie!!!
  14. Check your PayPal