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    Avid outdoorsman...Father of two sons who fish and hunt with me. Married to my best friend for 20 years. Pro second amendment all the way!
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    Fishing both salt and freshwater, waterfowl hunting, turkey hunting and still do a little deer hunting once in a while. Tie my own jigs, reload my own ammo
    Own a 2017 Crestliner SuperHawk 1950 ( just bought it in Sept).
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    Interventional Cardiac Radiographer at The Valley Hospital ( I do cardiac catheterizations, angioplasties and valve replacements)

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  1. My question as well...where are all the bluefish? Usually October into November has nice sized blues crashing the beach steadily...not this year! As much as I love catching stripers I thoroughly enjoy a good bluefish blitz to keep a bend in the rod, catching several good fish keeps the blood surging and the fight is always great!
  2. Right on! Home defense requires a bit of a different shotgun. Shorter barrel for ease of movement and swing through a room with furniture and doorways. Pump action has always been my favorite. Auto's reload and in the heat of the moment an unwanted discharge can occur. A 22"-24" barrel with #4 buckshot through 00buck is perfect. Shotguns for sporting clays and upland birds usually have 26-30" barrels and interchangeable choke systems to accommodate the shooting scenario i.e. close as in over a dog vs far as in 30-40 yard shots on clays etc.
  3. Congratulations Jersey for such an amazing beach catch! Your smile says it all in this pic. Released is just a true demonstration of your commitment to the fishery and sport. Kudos Sir on this behemoth of a bass!
  4. I hate friggin politics! I hate politicians! The most well groomed liars and thieves on God's green earth! The older I get, the more rediculously stupid people seem. Common sense is gone, loyalty is just a word in the dictionary, patriotism has become a laughable topic and schools have become indoctrination instead of education. I was born way to late and the son of a hard working blue collar father who taught me great life lessons that never followed into the future generation we're forced to live in now. CURSING UNDER MY BREATH AND SHAKING MY HEAD SEEMS TO BE A REGULAR DAILY RITUAL!
  5. Sorry to say Lou...the blue fools came out in droves and re-elected that garbage Menendez. You're absolutely right, he does belong in jail! I voted Hugin but Jersey has so many democrat cities that the suburbs and rural NJ just cannot make up the difference. Lets hope the voice of we, the fishermen voters get an audience at some point!
  6. Yes it was Lou!!!
  7. Had a great day Sunday with friends on his boat. Trolled some and cast some. Damn dogfish ate my eels before I could lift them off the bottom. Connected on fish with the troll and casting jigs.
  8. Passed on today due to the weather/wind and the fact that I'm going out tomorrow from Leonardo in a friends boat to hit stripers in the morning and Togs in the afternoon. The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow and let's hope the bass are still there! Good luck to all fishing tomorrow!
  9. Hey JJ... instead of the song " Truckin' ", we can rewrite the lyrics and call it " castin' !!" Castin, got my rod in hand, castin like a bassin man Weather, it's feelin fine so just keep castin on and on!
  10. Thanks VF96 for that information...most helpful. This then fits right in with the chunking gear I already have.
  11. My son and I would like to pursue sharking the beach at night in the summer months. I've only done it a couple of times with my chunking rod and it seems a bit light for lobbing an entire bunker or mackerel plus sinker a decent stretch out. My current rod is an 11ft Daiwa Coastal rated up to 10 ounces with a Penn Spinfisher V 6500 on there with 50# braid. The rod seems light for this and I notice the loading of the rod during the cast really stretches it's limits. What surf rod would you gents recommend for sharking the beach that stands up to the rigors of larger bait and sinkers plus having the backbone to cast and reel in reasonably larger sandies and browns? Thanks for your opinions.
  12. If a fisherman gives a report, why not believe him? We would expect to be believed if we were posting a report of a good day or night out fishing because quite frankly, any guy would be proud, excited and want to share such good results! It's one thing to know a guy is BSing because you were there and know for a fact he's FOCrap, however, if you weren't there, then speculation is all you have to go on and for the sake of decency, trust and honor among us, why not give the poster the benefit of the doubt? Seems reasonable to have faith in each other since we do share a common passion for surf fishing. Afterall, the bond of fishing is nothing more than a visitor on the beach if that's how we view one another.
  13. Any day off from work to go fishing is worth it! You've got all day to find them and enjoy the surf! I'd answer with a resounding " HELL YEAH!!!"
  14. Love the Penn SSVI 4500 on mine feels amazingly light and balanced . The seals are pretty good for being splashed and the spool holds plenty of 20# braid with a great drag. My shoulders are beat up from years of sports and throwing my 10ft Cedros became increasingly tiresome. I gave that rod to my son and bought the ODM DNA 935 to use as a light rod until my custom ODM Frontier X is finished from Grumpy's Tackle. The DNA with the 4500 was so easy to throw I really never stopped casting Sunday morning and didn't think about fatigue and soreness at all. I think I'll be throwing this combo for quite a bit of my fishing!
  15. The skunk sucks!!! Hopefully this weekend opens up the door to the fall blitz!