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    Avid outdoorsman...Father of two sons who fish and hunt with me. Married to my best friend for 20 years. Pro second amendment all the way!
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    Fishing both salt and freshwater, waterfowl hunting, turkey hunting and still do a little deer hunting once in a while. Tie my own jigs, reload my own ammo
    Own a 2017 Crestliner SuperHawk 1950 ( just bought it in Sept).
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    Interventional Cardiac Radiographer at The Valley Hospital ( I do cardiac catheterizations, angioplasties and valve replacements)

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  1. It's always a great day when I'm with my son fishing, especially when he catches ! Learned my lesson last year with the phones. Again, we were summer fluking from the beach in shorts and were for the most part staying dry from the upper thighs on down. Phones in the back pockets of our cargo shorts. We were talking looking at each other and not paying attention and a bigger wave came and hit us up to the mid belly...UGH! Phones got wet. Quickly took them out and laid them in the sun. They wouldn't work or charge in the truck. Came home and stuck them in bowls of dry white rice as suggested by a friend. Thank god my sons dried up and worked perfectly the next day. Me...not so lucky and had to get a new phone( thank god for insurance on the phone!) Learned my lesson as did he. Double bagged phones in Ziplock baggies!!!
  2. Fished NoMoCo out front yesterday wit my son. Fished from 05:30 to 10:00 am. No blitzes visible, no working birds however, the fluke were cooperating. we had 7 flatties between us. Six shorties and one 18 1/2" which is still swimming. I wore shorts with my cell phone zipped up in 2 ziplock bags so I wasn't digging it out of a wet pocket to get a pic. Fish bit on a white 1oz bucktail with 4" white Gulp trailer. Low tide was about 5:30 and the fishing started picking up as the water was coming in. Fishing got good with several fluke caught around 6:30-7am and kept biting until 8:30-9 then it just shut down. All total, I'd guess I saw 18 or so caught between those of us fishing that stretch of beach. Saw one cow nose ray caught by a bait dunker...big ray too- 15-20 lbs I'd guess. A few sea robins( birds) were caught by bait guys too. Nice weather, cloudy then the sun came through. Water was 71 degrees and very clear and clean... no grass or junk. Nice morning to be out with my son!
  3. We dont allow these type of post here. Its explained in the rule pinned at the top of the forum.
  4. My 20ft Crestliner aluminum...Can handle Raritan Bay with ease. Very dry ride and with a 150 HP 4 stroke, she moves quite well. Goes where I want, not too heavy and easily towed.
  5. My .02 cents... ODM NXD 935 or the RodGeeks XC 732 blank made to custom spinning rod specs. I own the NXD 935 and really feel it meets the casting of lighter surf lures requirements and has tremendous backbone for bigger surf bass and bluefish. My son is building himself a custom RG XC 732 spinning for the boat and it too meets those needs. Either will work for you. Good luck.
  6. Thanks for the information. I'll be doing my best to get down there soon to sign up. Thanks Sudsy!
  7. Good morning I've been looking for a club to join that's involved in the saltwater fishing scene and this sounds great. I have a few questions to ask before I'd venture down to attend a meeting and join. I live in Northern NJ and depending on when I get out of work getting down the shore for a meeting is going to be tough. Is a certain amount of attendance necessary to maintain a membership in good standing? Second, my 14 year old son loves to fish the salt with me...would be be able to join with me also? I work in a hospital and shift work dictates when and what time you can do something, I'm also on-call for cardiac emergencies so when on call, I cannot leave my vicinity. This would prohibit me from attending at certain times as well. Would this pose a problem? Thanks for your feedback. I look forward to hearing from you. Stew Lampe FishnDucks
  8. I don't have a direct link. Look up ODM rods website and check the Frontier 106 blank. I needed a 2 piece because of the size of my truck. Bob Hryszko works out of Grumpy's Tackle in Seaside Park, NJ. He's very helpful if you go and ask questions. The blank isn't cheap but well worth the money and the custom build literally is fitted to your size, casting style and type of surf fishing you do. The rod seems like a medium fast action to me. Casts like a rocket and has tremendous backbone on the hookset and fighting fish. I hope this helps you.
  9. I too make all my own rigs. The best way to build exactly what you want for the task and knowing you caught on your own rigs. Great way to kill time in the garage with Pandora on and a couple of cold ones. It saves money and gives me hours of joy!
  10. 10'6" ODM Frontier for me Bob Hryszko custom build. Sweet sweet rod!
  11. IMHO, Owner and VMC make the sharpest hooks. The picture above is the hook honer I always carry in my surf bag and freshwater tackle bag. These honers come in different level grits and work excellently! Your hooks get dull by bumping, touching, bouncing etc off of sand, rocks, logs, docks, boat hulls, you name it. Use the hook file and use it often. I rarely have a fish come unpinned ever since I started doing this. when you have money on the line in tournaments you cannot afford to have a fish come off. Keep 'em sharp !
  12. My error...It's not West Milford, but still Ringwood NJ for the Alpine Deli. I just googled it to make sure. Address is 1141 Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Ringwood, NJ.
  13. The Swiss Pork Store in Fairlawn NJ. If you're near West Milfor, the Alpine Deli on Ringwood Ave.
  14. Nicely done Sir!!!
  15. Soft is fresh and newly made. As they hang, they continue to dry until they become rock hard. My kids and I hang them for a few weeks before we eat them because we like them dry as hell!