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  1. My son caught a small tarpon using my Okuma Nomad. 30-60lb rod.
  2. "Her Crabragoons are made with Cream Cheese Scallion and Crab Meat wrapped in a wonton wrapper" I asked her about her recipe, but she normally makes 500 or so pieces and uses 10 pound blocks of cream cheese. I imagine it is to your liking how much scallions and crab meat you add to the cream cheese. Put approximately a teaspoonful of filling in a wonton wrapper and deep fry till golden brown.
  3. I actually recently just posted my wife's go to APP under Random Food Pictures. Her Crabragoons are made with Cream Cheese Scallion and Crab Meat wrapped in a wonton wrapper.
  4. Yes I tip the dock hands for catching lines when I am docking.
  5. Ebay, Search Cargo Mat. Bought one for my 2008 Accord for like $20.
  6. My wife makes these with cream cheese, scallions, and crab meat. This is her go dish when we are invited to a social event. (good finger food) and is a big hit. The ziplock bagged ones were actually set aside for some friends at our last party. I've tried help making them but the don't come out a pretty and I have to eat the rejects.
  7. How about some home made Crab Ragoons?
  8. Do you have a GoFundMe page? Everyone here including myself learned a lesson.
  9. As I was finishing typing up my last story I remembered 1 more. Not so much a yard sale, but I think it's note worthy. After Christmas I had a $100 Cabelas Gift Card burning a hole in my pocket. At retail prices I could buy some hooks with it. As I was walking around in the saltwater department I notice a reel with rather large price tag on it. A Penn US113 No Box and No Clamp. Needless to say I bought it.
  10. My son is a hoarder when it comes to fishing tackle and Rod/Reels. He has never done a garage sale. But at the beginning of each year at college they fill the gym with exiting senior's stuff. This is where students can purchase left behind microwaves, couches and other misc. stuff. Him and his freshman roommates when there looking for an area rug and refrigerator. As they are looking through piles of stuff, low and behold he sees a reel handle in a pile. He pulls it out and can't believe what he found. A Shimano 4500B baitrunner in near mint shape. No price tag on it so he brings it over to the girl collecting the money and asks "How Much" she replies back " How about $10.00?" He handed her a 10 dollar bill and never looked back.
  11. I want to say it's 50,000btu, it has a cast multi ring burner that sounds like a little jet engine. My wife is the cook in the family I just reap the rewards. It puts out more than enough heat for our style of cooking.
  12. I would like to sell (3) NEW Lavi Chrome Cod Jigs and (4) 16oz sinkers $50 Shipped. Thanks
  13. It will depend on the options you want. Simmer styles, electric oven or dual fuel,infrared searer etc. It all depends on your style of cooking.
  14. Homemade Chinese Style Fluke and mixed veggies.
  15. I am selling some Chrome Lavi Cod Jigs. 10oz 14oz 16oz. I have about 10 of each size and am asking $12.00 picked up or buyer pays for shipping and I accept PayPal. Just in time for the Fall Pollack Trips