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  1. That’s what I would like to know. The history of the beaches before sand dumping. My guess it also predated houses that replaced the dunes in some towns. I think I read here people used to be able to fish off the sea bright wall. So the water would come up to it. Need clarification.
  2. Not sure if this is accurate but where you store them may have an affect. Was told my an electrician that some types don’t like being stored in hot attics etc. It dries out the “driver” or whatever it’s called. Something along those lines.
  3. I have a few different pairs of wading boots and I’m not sure if any of them have the tongue sealed all the way or past the “curve”. I would have to check. So sand will always get in. I agree. Bootfoots suck in the soft sand. But I could never keep enough sand out of my stockingfoots. So the benefit was lost after an hour with a giant pile of sand digging into your feet. The best were llbean and orvis lace up bootfoots. Now no one makes them anymore. Perfect compromise. Support with cinching up the laces and no sand. Not sure why companies stop making stuff sometimes. Get a pair of bootfoots if simms has them with the 40% off if they let you.
  4. Cool old photo. Unfortunately too many people in the world now. Nothing is sustainable anymore. I remember all the winter flounder we used to catch with my dad and brother. I’m guessing there was no limits. We used to rent a boat in CT I think. Probably in the early 80’s.
  5. It seems like this year is all or nothing. Similar to last year for me. I should be able to pick a few fish at various rock piles. But instead it’s blitzing fish or dead. Sucks. I would rather a slow pick than this. Not really interested in trying to track down what random beach the mass is going to show up on. Not that it’s possible without a sheet ton of luck.
  6. I believe what highlander said. It’s people like him that have been doing this a long time and that have all the facts and knowledge to put the pieces together. I’ve only been doing this since 2000 and don’t live close so my time spent is still very little So my opinion means squat. I just don’t have the time spent to understand it all. I trust experience over all the bs and lies out there.
  7. Sounds good Karen.
  8. You trying to butch up? Lol.
  9. If that’s your stance on this then I can guarantee no actor would work with guns. It’s a movie set with various props. They are there to fool you. Various types of rounds etc fake guns real guns. The stage is set to be confusing. A system needs to be set in place as a way to decipher what’s what. Why would it be an actor that needs to negotiate all that. They don’t know sheet about it so why would they be expected to differentiate. truth is I have no idea why a real gun is even on a movie set. With all the ways to manipulate reality why is it even needed. It’s just a bad idea all around.
  10. Definitely not, but I don’t think he will be doing much of anything after this, forget acting where guns are involved.
  11. So it’s understood I could care less about Baldwin. I don’t care that he’s anti gun or pro gun or whatever else he did or said in the past 50 years. That was the point of my post. But when others do it skews things. Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s true he’s guilty. But I can’t rational believe an actor after given the all clear by an armorer would say “ you sure, let me check myself as that’s what I was trained to do.” And believe it’s partially his fault because he didn’t do that. should he also know the difference between round types and what they look like? To me it’s not the same as the rules of owning a gun yourself and gun safety. It’s different because he’s not taking on the responsibility himself.
  12. So the SOP on a movie set is for the actors to be the final stop gap in firearm safety? I assume this is a fact and thus your saying Baldwin and the staff was negligent and should be held responsible? Or that’s your opinion?
  13. This is a perfect example of someone with so much hatred they can’t think rationally in this situation that happened on a MOVIE SET! This isn’t real world gun management. This is a movie set probably with lots of people without formal gun training. That’s what the professionals are supposed to do!! Advise and protect the uneducated that are not professionals.
  14. Payment sent. Thanks
  15. I will take 3, 6 and 16 please.