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  1. Nice! Embraer? I recognize those bolt covers from my 10+ years on the 170.
  2. Deep skunk on the outgoing into slack low last night (Sunday) Monco, front, back and inlet.
  3. It appears that my original conclusion was correct; yes, there are options for the fly fishing market, and no, none of the surf bag makers have anything chest mounted on the market. Thanks for the thoughtful responses. It could be that just another kind of plug bag would work better, but the other night trying to unhook a uncooperative fish on a slippery rock with waves breaking over me, and my surf bag in tangled mess got me thinking that there had to be a better way. I'll keep looking. Thanks again.
  4. Are these a thing? I find the over the shoulder method awkward, and looping it onto my surfbelt isn't any better. Google has turned up a bunch of fly fishing bags like this, but seems like none of the surf plug bag guys have anything like this on the market. Thanks.
  5. I find myself with the day off tomorrow (9/17) and I'd like to book a party boat fluke trip. Any boats in the Point Pleasant/Belmar area that you guys would suggest? Thanks.
  6. Fantastic Advice, Thanks for the detailed post, I really appreciate it. All pluses, exactly what I was hoping to hear. Thanks! I'm relieved to hear this, it seems it's standard issue for everyone on youtube, glad to hear you're on the fish w/o one. Thanks!
  7. Apologies first because I'm sure this exact same thread has been started a zillion times on this forum, but nevertheless I feel like this is the only place to ask the couple of dumb questions I'm sure everyone has about buying a kayak. 1. At north of $3k all in (looking hard at the Hobie Outback), for the boat, propulsion, rigging, fish finder, roof rack, and probably a couple of new rods - is it worth it? Do you connect with more fish than you did from shore? Do you only fish from the kayak now? 2. Night fishing, seems pretty scary to me to go out after dark, but I see dudes doing it. I'm sure just like anything else with the right safety precautions it's manageable, but from the sidelines it looks terrifying. I'd like to hear your thoughts, do you fish at night? how do you rig the boat? and what kind of weather criteria do you look for? 3. If I want to target stripers offshore in the fall, I absolutely need a dry suit, right? Thanks.
  8. Got out back last nigh OCt from 4-5:30 on a flat outgoing for the skunk.I ran into a guy who had a bunch of action on the paddle tail, tried that and the sp's with no luck. At least it was a super nice night.
  9. It was my first time attending, and it was really great. I went to an excellent lecture, got a good deal on a surf top, and met a bunch of interesting people. Def recommend.
  10. I fished out back yesterday for an hour on the outgoing, then my waders which had a slow leak going for the past few trips finally crossed the event horizon into totally unusable and actually kind of dangerous (+1 to ACY Bass Pro Shops for taking them back after over a year of pretty tough use for store credit). So I'm calling it quits for 2017, it was a break out year for me after several seasons of not really being able to shed the training wheels. I learned to fish bailess, hooked a few spring gator blues, and landed my first 30"+ bass at night. Looking forward to a productive 2018. I'd like to say thanks again for all the advice I've gleaned from this forum, it's been extremely helpful.
  11. Great topic. In 2018 I'd like to get a Albie from the beach, I put in a bunch of time this fall (including a long and exhausting drive from South Philly to an inlet in eastern LI) and never saw one. I'd also like to do a little more traveling for Striped Bass. Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard are on the list. The travel team trips can be tough, and it would be good to go and catch, as opposed to just going. Finally, I would also like to gain proficiency with buck tails, the zen to fishing those has eluded me so far. Thanks again guys for all the good advice, Happy New Year and Tight Lines!
  12. I take the boga number as strictly a ballpark figure,it always seems to lean a little heavy heavy, if they're going back anyway I don't see the point in upgrading. This was a nice daytime bass tho.
  13. This website has literally helped me catch more fish. 2017 has been a good year for me. Got 5, dropped 2 today on the burple sp. smallest was about 25" the guy in the photo was 30+" about 18 lbs on the boga. Released them all. I started tying my own teaser leaders (I hate the hardware on the pre tied ones, ALWAYS a crap barrel swivel and never a TA Clip). Anyhow I added this "Lefties Deciever" teaser in olive and it made a huge difference. Thanks again guys.
  14. MonCo late night shift, got him on a bone SP minnow 35" 20ish lbs on the boga.
  15. I'm not seeing a ton of reports from out back, wondering if anyone is catching there. I was thinking of hitting the outgoing tide tonight.