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  1. I live around Philly and I know people pull stripers out of the Delaware and Schuylkill but I haven't gotten into that yet I've just been hitting the beaches in Jersey during the fall and spring runs. I really enjoy actively plugging but a lot of the guys I know that fish the river primarily use bait. Am I just talking to the wrong guys, do people plug from the bank? Same question about the Hudson in NYC. I know stripers go up that river too but I've seen mostly fish on boats not from the bank. Does anyone catch from the bank and if so are they chunking or plugging
  2. little neck popper: 2 3/8 pencil popper: 1 1/2 and 2 bucktail: 1 1/2 sp minnow: 1 1/2
  3. Primarily light tackle within my rods rating obviously. I really like throwing poppers and pencil poppers but what ever the fish are hitting and whatever I have in the bag I'll rotate. Outside of what might be working on a given day I personally like 1. pencils and super strike popper, 2. probably buck tails, 3. I threw a lot of sp minnows this year because they were working. Im stocking up on tins and darters right now to work those into the rotation. Still all within the 3/4-4 range.
  4. hey guys, I'm a couple years into the sport and I've really caught the fever. I bought a used vs150 in the off season and I have an airwave elite 10'6 1-3.5oz for now that I know I can pair it with. Any suggestions on an upgrade for the rod to match the vs150. I want to keep focussing on sandy beach light pluging 3/4-4oz for now I've been looking at rods in that rating. I would love to get the bang for my buck but at the same time I have to ask if you guys want to start recommending something like century, should I just go custom. Thoughts? Also I know a lot of guys up north go 250 when they get much past 9' or 9'6 but I like the longer stick so unless you all steer me shorter I'm still thinking the 10'-11' range. Any and all comments appreceitated
  5. Here is another opinion I'd like to get, I like the weight I'm throwing on the tica 9' and want to stay around there (plus I get to keep using the same plugs). I want to go bigger as I said with 10'6. In your opinion, do you notice a substantial difference between 10' and 10'6. For example the airwave elite 10'6 vs st croix triumph 10'. They both throw what I'm looking for. Will I see a significant difference with one or the other?
  6. thanks guys i appreciate the insight i will get some of those things in my hands at the b&t and check them out myself
  7. I should also mention that I plan to primarily use this set up for plugging off the beach and do not need a reel that is dunkable but it will most likely be getting splashed if that is of any consequence.
  8. Im looking to upgrade from my tica dolphin 9' with Penn spinfisher v to something 10'6. I'm thinking tsunami airwave elite or st croix mojo. Leaning a little towards tsunami because I want to put a new reel on and it'll save a few. Any objections. And any suggestions to a good reel pairing for either rod. In a perfect world of go vs but I don't think it'll happen just yet so something a little more economical. Was considering sheild but not completely sold on it and my price range is by no means restricted to that low either