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  1. I offer $225 shipped....Let me know
  2. Message sent
  3. Might be interested..... Can you post some pics?
  4. Any barred surf perch still being caught around Cayucos/Morro Bay area?
  5. Oh OK...... So this version comes with Viagra and a porn star blow up doll!
  6. Thanks for the intel! I'll be fishing around Cambria, Cayucos, Morro Bay and Los Osos.
  7. What is the reason you have to give him up?
  8. Is this the version with the NRA tattoo and matching AR15?
  9. I'm thinking of trying my hand at surf fishing with my 8wt fly rod in the central coast area and need a recommendation of which fly line I should use...... I'm targeting surf perch, stripers, halibut (etc) and am thinking that shrimp or crab pattern flies should work...If you have fly patterns recommendations as well I'd greatly appreciate it.... PJ
  10. I know you want to make one but you should check out portarod! Well worth the $$$......
  11. I'm worried if I jump up to a 6x tippet I won't get bit by the smaller trout but I guess that's the name of the game....
  12. I broke in my fly rod yesterday on a nice little Kings River rainbow trout. It hit a double bead stonefly nymph in a deep pool, I had another strike in the same pool but was too slow on the hook set. At the end of the day we stopped by a very popular spot and luckily no one was there so we had no competition for the prime spots on the river. I headed to where the fast moving shallow water dropped off into a deep pool at a bend in the river. It's an excellent section of water with an undercut bank for the trout to hide under and a nice big eddy between the far bank and the shallow edge for resting in while they wait for the "food" to get swept passed them. I casted the double bead nymph upstream and let it drift into the eddy and all of a sudden my line goes tight, the rod doubles over and I see a huge white flash deep in the water so I strip set the hook and then.........Pop my line snaps and the huge trout disappears into the river >:( Based on the size of the white belly i saw when it hit my fly I bet the trout was around 24". The local guys we talked to earlier in the day at that spot said they have been catching a lot of trophy sized (5-6#, 24" plus) trout in the exact spot we were.... Needless to say I'll probably remember the one that got away more than the first one I got on my new setup!
  13. I picked up a few trout flies from Sportsmans Warehouse the other day to use tomorrow when I break in my new fly set up. I ran into a guy from the local fly fishing club who gave me some advice on what to buy.... I already forgot the names of a lot of them but there's a few woolly buggers, a couple crawfish imitators, double bead stone flies, a few prince patterns and a few others..... I added a few smaller saltwater files that look like smaller shrimp.... I don't tie files so if you do and tie trout patterns let me know if you wanna make a few extra $$$
  14. Beautiful trout! I'm hoping to luck into a few California trout tomorrow... What's the name of that fly? I need to buy some trout flies..