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  1. Howdy looking for a Mak bucktail pouch to complete my belt. Don’t know if anyone wants to give one up! Condition may vary! Thank you.
  2. I’ve also owned both, big fan of Shimano, but just picked up a new 4500 ssv....feels very solid. I do think the Penns are better in adverse condition.I Like the new preset liveliner option on the ssv. That being I really think it’s a wash great experience with both.
  3. Bill I will take this for asking.....
  4. Damn....double pickup....I’ve been debating on a zx22 for months now....any idea how easy it is/ available parts are to convert to single. Thank you.
  5. Wondering if anyone has seen these? Very interested, being that much of my fishing requires lots of walking through all kinds of terrain. Seem to be a dream come true with weight, vibram sole,decent ankle support. Thanks for input.
  6. Interested in trades? Plugs....sweet hoodie
  7. I will take these please Marc
  8. pretty common investigation. In summary 100,000 bills nearly doubled last winter....some of the explanations were the cold....but in many cases like mine I was in an apartment with oil heat.....a lot of speculation is the increase was due to the wind storm which knocked out a ton of the grid...Instead of absorbing that cost very shady they snuck it into unassuming customers bills. It’s very common knowledge. I have also been a CMP customer since 2000 and lived in this State nearly my whole life. Had many family members and friends who worked for the company, with great feedback, that has changed in recent years.
  9. Yea for me personally it’s more about holding a large foreign corporation accountable.......I’m all for the preservation of wild places.....and I understand with progress certain accounts need to be taken.....but CMP has yet to answer for their billing issues....there’s reasons why New Hampshire and Vermont both said no to the proposal.......
  10. I’m a big fan of nail em all over the the shop, truck, every bag I own.
  11. I keep wanting to like/ utilize far it hasn’t happened. Over the years I’ve just been so accustomed to what bait is generally active in my spots I bring rod/ lures that work I would love to throw a teaser in front of a metal lip, but generally if I’m throwing a metal lip there’s big bait the bass are keyed on......I love hanging a teaser on a casting egg certain times. Being such a homebody and using my logbooks has eliminated my desire for a teaser.
  12. I’m in! Love this!
  13. I’d offer 90....appreciate consideration
  14. I will take this please. Nice little lot
  15. Thank you for the heads up. Had a rod I wanted to put it on but June is too late! Maybe for fall run.