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    Obsessively pursuing the bounties of the sea and all her beauty.
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    Food guy

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  1. 3000 fk is great shape. No box or papers. Lines coming off old. $130 PayPal shipped. 4000 ci4 9/10 mechanical as well as physical. 160 PayPal shipped. 20# suffix coastal camp. Comes with box.
  2. lil guys are both new. $65 PayPal shipped Spin atoms are both carried lightly fished. 50 PayPal shipped
  3. Rather keep em together for now….
  4. All yours gentleman pms incoming
  5. I’m fine with money order you get first refusal.
  6. Ccw dp1 new in package 75 PayPal shipped.
  7. Vs 200-300 regular knob-$15 PayPal shipped Vsx 150 power knob-$30 PayPal shipped Vsx 200-275 power drag knob- $15 PayPal shipped
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