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  1. Boots sold to evil stevel! Closed thanks SOL!
  2. You got it pm on the way!
  3. Honestly they do look that way. They are actually much lighter than I’d expected. Only thing I have to compare them to are my korkers which seem to weigh more.
  4. Like new pair of llbean west branch wading boots. These are 12 wide unstudded. Purchased at the llbean employee store so I can’t return them....comes with the hookup. Asking 50 shipped. Hoping someone can use em!
  5. I’m right there with ya. I’ve been eyeing them daily on tackle direct. No one up my way carries them....not even Cabelas. I know Daiwa has been doing some great things. I want to pull the trigger probably just do it at that price point. Do a ton of light tackle back bay/surf stuff for bass upta Maine. Really value a rod with a good backbone and solid range....sucker for the St. Croix avids but never enough toys. I’ll throw a review in late May next year when there back! Thanks for the input y’all.
  6. Been thinking of picking up either a proteus northeast or the New Daiwa back bay spinning.....looking for any input here. Noticed the proteus is 50 dollars higher and I can’t really find a difference? Been a St. Croix guy for a longtime....but I like mixing it up.
  7. Received closed. Thanks Sol!
  8. You got it pm coming!
  9. Dang 40 is more than fair with them unfished. Thanks for the offer I’ll stick to 40.
  10. 40?
  11. Friend of mine has the 9 6, I’ve test casted it....not my favorite. The 9 foot handles everything I need and where/how I fish it. Vr 150 on it super end of 4oz is pushing it but I don’t get too close to that. I prefer the fast action.....great when the sand eels are around. I’m a bit of a homer though. I keep wanting to like something else.....besides my lamiglas eeling rod St. Croix all the way.
  12. I have both the 8ft and 9ft. Love em.....they have handled some very large fish and are a pleasure to toss for hours.
  13. Payment received. Closed. Thank you SOL!
  14. Pm sent!