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  1. All yours bud. Pm incoming
  2. Both new selling as pair. $55 shipped PayPal.
  3. Sounds good
  4. No thanks. 80 is below retail and shipping.
  5. Here’s some pictures
  6. I’ll get pictures in the am. Apologize long day at the office. It is brand new is ship for $80.
  7. I have a new black gear-up bucktail pouch. Only removed tags. Pics of interested
  8. Make it to southern Maine at all. I have a number of rods I’d trade.
  9. I’ll take this please
  10. Sounds good.
  11. 45 best can do
  12. Little guy + junior top carried like new, bottom new....$50 shipped PayPal.
  13. Closing.
  14. Closing this up.
  15. Lot 1+3 $75 shipped.....only want one post office trip!