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  1. Got a few fish on the ocean side yesterday....all had sea lice....spunky little guys. Remember crush your barbs right now please!
  2. Deal. Sorry about late response missed the notice. Send me your info and I’ll get payment right out
  3. Felt fishy in Wells today....lots of bird/bait no takers.
  4. Offer 70 shipped for lot 3
  5. Offer 30 shipped
  6. Yep like spring training, start with a little catch, than some long toss....and game time....pretty much surf fishing calisthenics....
  7. Looked like a fool on a number of occasions, sporting waders and chucking plugs.....” testing”....can’t wait....
  8. Offer retracted.....I’m sorry can’t make an excuse for it....someone please buy this beauty!
  9. The tackle shop on Veranda has everything you need for stripers in Maine. Dana is a wealth of knowledge, ties some killer jigs, and is a huge supporter of the fishery......
  10. Hi Marc I’ll take these
  11. Yea probably fine. How about Tuesday I’ll come your way before work.
  12. Hey John interested....125 cash pick up?
  13. Thank you I’ll check that out
  14. As title says....looking for an extended foot for my vsx 150 in black....thanks
  15. May 5, 2014....popular marsh....probably a holdover