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  1. I will take these please marc
  2. Definitely a 1 oz 5in mag darter, but i have found situations where the aggressive nature of minnow works very well. Particularly during the day in bright sun, when bass almost need to get pissed off to eat. Never caught anything big on the mag minnow, and for the price I’d just get an sp or redfin.
  3. Offer 50 for lot 1 and 2. Thanks for considering.
  4. Retracted
  5. Someone please buy these!
  6. Protecting them from what? Say they make it through the whole run bruised and battered, to return to spawn. Not even mentioning the environmental issues facing the Chesapeake and their spawning grounds.....they succeed.....babies made...they’re tired hungry and in an extremely concentrated let’s “protect” them by promoting the taking of the large females that sustain an enormous percentage of the whole east coast population. Bass are not salmon, it’s not a spawn and die scenario.....killing those breeders is a selfish short sighted approach with long term consequences. I understand it’s how things have been done down there for a long time, but times need to change in order to keep these fish around. I’m not on my High horse, I’ve commercially fished, sport fished, sold fish, you name it....there’s lots of blood on my hands, and I believe in the right to harvest. Enough is enough with this fishery, give em a break!
  7. 20? Put it on my tab!
  8. Kind of where I was leaning. Just the price point of the tsunami, as well as the issues the vr has seen make me hesitant. I’m a very avid surf guy, who has done well on stradics, baitrunners and OG 704z.....amongst plenty others. I want to believe in the vr and I probably should. I’m fine with maintenience, and I love the specs on a VR....but the cheap a** in me thinks 200 hundred less spells a lot more gear
  9. Yes....40 pounds of drag? Is that legit...looking at a 9.5 ft rod and between a vr150 or this salt x in 4000
  10. I’m not sure the development would be such a bad long as things were put in place to protect the water.....Saco could use the growth and it certainly would help out Portland. That space for fishing is personally a love hate. It was awesome when I was young and getting into the sport but has definitely lost its appeal. I believe access to locations of this sort are essential in the growth of our sport and even the safety of long as the water is “clean” and fish are allowed to swim. It’s a very special fishery and somewhat unique for our state. Only a couple rivers with returns like it and it’s structure is very different. CR, artificials, and barbless. Than I’d maybe be excited about the development.
  11. Killing me! I’ll take these too!
  12. I’m sorry have to rescind my offer shifted funds elsewhere
  13. PayPal an option?