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  1. Thanx all for info. Went out last Saturday, little choppy in the morning but got better as the afternoon came. Went 6-8 miles out to flat 100' water out of Salem Harbor with both 9oz jigs and clams on hi-lo rig. Only got one fish on clams, but it was my first keeper cod, so pretty happy. Got home and made fish and chips. Being my first keeper cod was surprised by the cod worms, but picked them out and good to go.
  2. The T-top is, though the windshield frame isn't.
  3. Been spending way too much time going through various opinions about how best to clean moderate white oxidation from anodized aluminum t-top bars and the frames around the boat window. Some say product X, others say same product X harmful. Very conflicting. So figured just ask on the forum for real life experience. What product and/or home brew works best to clean the white oxidation (I don't have pitting) to help look new again? Most marine aluminum cleaners I see have a footnote (i.e Mothers, 3M, etc) that say not for anodized.
  4. Thanx! Looks like finally Saturday will be some good conditions to go out on the North Shore. I have some Norwegian jigs 16--24oz to try. will also try clams on classic hi-lo rigs.
  5. Thanx! Looks like finally Saturday will be some good conditions to go out.
  6. Thanx!! Didn't know these maps exist.
  7. I'd like to on North Shore. New to it so not sure what types of areas to look for and best bait. Also interested in haddock.
  8. Thanx. I meant by boat
  9. Trial run was fun, like having a robot second mate on board to drive the boat while you fish.
  10. Thanx for reply, still haven't really tried out due to non-windy weather and didn't actual fish, but will post when I do.
  11. Dying to go out fishing and since stripers not around so would love to try some bottom fishing for cod and/or haddock. Not asking for any spot burns, but generally on the North Shore are we looking for rock piles, flat areas, etc. and if so, at what depth this time of year? Last year my first time trying for cod/haddock used clams strips on a typical bottom weight - 2 hook set up, but kept getting a bunch of multiple short cods to return and no haddock at all (which I prefer). Interestingly, there are many web posts about rigs being more cod vs haddock for some reason that weren't clear to me the difference. Like to get one keeper cod if possible, but haddock very appreciated. Thanx
  12. Decided to make the leap and installed a bow mounted MinnKota Riptide Terrova (24V, 80lb, 60”) on a 19’ boat. After the much more than nickel and dime additional things needed that added up fast for the installation came to more than expected. Oh well, it’s a boat I do a lot of salmon/trout trolling in deep Maine lakes, so no brainer to keep tracks on my spots and circle around in deep water. I to plan to also use for inshore saltwater on the MA Northshore for Stripers. My questions is for those who have gone this route: does the spot lock work well enough with incoming waves for holding close off rocks (i.e North Shore) to flip mackerel or surface plugs? How much trust do these iPilots have to keep me off the rocks at a reasonable distance if I have a solid fish (assuming batteries and motor working as expected, of course)? Any experienced comments appreciated.
  13. Thanx, Would have put it facing straight off the bow if I could without having to build a whole permanent mount, block the anchor hold and move the nav light. Actually, it's only about 10" from the bow and at the water line it's right next to where the front meets the water. Has 5200 underneath and in the holes.
  14. Just bought and installed a 24V Riptide Terrova, 80lb, 60" on a Seaswirl Striper 1851 DC. Biggest homework was the mount, went with the longer Minn Kota RTA-54 puck for the bow overhang, added some bolts to the existing pattern and put a 4"x6", 1/4" thick aluminum backing plate between the screws and the hull on the underside. so hopefully solid.
  15. Cool chart mask - handmade?