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  1. Cool chart mask - handmade?
  2. Almost all fish are good eating - just need to know how - some by themselves as is whole, some fillets, some need to bleed and/or get rid of the dark center line, some whole BBQ'd, some to make amazing soup stock.
  3. Thank You Bob for editing - My apologies, didn't mean to spot burn, thought that was a big enough area (like saying Boston or Salem Harbor).
  4. Went out today between ****** and finally got into some Albies on the out going. So many pods of bluefish around hard to tell what those terns are diving at so most were feeding bluefish, but the albie boils were pretty obvious - small, tight circles of fast moving surfacing fish with bait fish flying out of the air - often appeared then disappeared as quickly as you can race to them. We had one line ripper at side of boat that came off last second before lifting it in, had a good look at it and easily ID'd it - looked good size. Another guy out there we saw bring one in and he claimed to have gotten a couple more in the boat over the day.
  5. Went out this morning - didn't see any obvious Albie action, but the bluefish bite was very good. Those Tern birds are amazing little indicators (I don't typically see them much on the North shore, mostly those lazy fast-food fed seagulls). Obviously got into every-cast action when they were fully around and diving, but even when we saw a single really curios Tern spinning around a spot there was something under them and a hook up.
  6. Planning on going out of Hyannis Friday, wondering if it's too early to get my hopes up for some Albie action?
  7. The Winthrop pubic ramp (707 Shirley St, Winthrop - near the water treatment plant) has great parking ($5) and a brand new ramp/slip. However, for some reason the brand new slip was designed with a bridge 60' out from the ramp at high tide making it hard to tie your boat up if doing alone. Also be careful at low tide in the channel getting in to it, watch the markers. A little further north is my personal favorite for many years - Salem Winter Island Public Ramp ($5) - double wide grated concrete with docks right along both sides of the ramp making it easy even when by yourself and great parking right off the ramp unless you get there late (but they have backup area). Gets you right into Salem Harbor so just around Marblehead to get to Revere/Nahant.
  8. Strange Day in Salem/Beverly Harbor, though football field size thick schools of pogies everywhere, actually saw 2-3 dolphin just off Misery Island (I have never seen that before), and there must have been 3 dozen seals on the Dry Breaker and Gooseberry Islands. Talked to some guys on the ramp on the way out and they said they saw several tuna surfacing near Manchester - is that even possible? FYI water 69-70F
  9. Seems I attracted some passionate responses responding to an old post on the General Page saying why I prefer my Shimano Calcutta 400 without level wind vs the B version with levelwind. Since I don't know how to link the discussion groups, just posting new here. Not a fan of level wind, I think casting and line control is better without. Also like to have less moving parts that could jam. Only issue I have found without LW is to not have too much line so as to prevent having high areas on the reel.
  10. Thanx. As I said don't have experience with the LWs, and transparent no experience. Do have to say love to have less moving parts. Flip it back, what advantage does the LW offer? Unless having too much line, never had a problem without LW.
  11. Generally I like baitcasters, both for Fresh and Salt. Better line control and casting in my experience. Since I don't have a Shimano B with the LW I don't know, but generally speaking I avoid level winds. I know some either split open or disengage, but still a deterrent, I believe, for the line going out during cast. Another thing I have heard, but not personally experienced, level winds during a massive hit more likely to break off at the reel if line is at a serious angle from the eye to the spool.
  12. Old topic but just came across - I have had a Shimano Calcutta 400BSV (without the level wind) for 4-5 years now and it quickly became my favorite reel. Casts like a freshwater Bass bait caster (actually farther than my spinning rods depending on the lure), great drag, great gear ratio and easy maintenance. I actually don't like the level wind version since it often is positioned at the far left or right when I want to cast, not having it makes casting more consistent. *Note - not having the level wind sometimes results is a 'big' area of line on the spool, so don't fill it to capacity, maybe 85-90% at most no more.
  13. What do you mean, they have a Striper Migration map with colors for fish size. Christ, if you zoom in you can almost tell which buoy there are near If OTW is wrong, maybe Santa isn't real?
  14. Tried that too with butterfly jigs, still 22-26" fish. Other suggestions?
  15. Another day in Salem/Marblehead Harbors chasing birds, getting schoolies every other cast, chase the birds do it again and again. Biggest 26", where are these 30 pounders that On The Water say are here?