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  1. Was a common problem with green point, ultimately why he got out of it I believe
  2. Size weight?
  3. Wow very cool!
  4. Sold to plugger
  5. For sale very good shape vsx150 2-3 years old, have box, bag, fresh 30lb super slick and original handle just serviced by saltwaters tackle(pic with receipt) 600 shipped PayPal
  6. Brand new TB swimmer large size in white/purple hue 100 shipped PayPal
  7. Sold to kiko pm coming
  8. I believe it’s a surface giant new in white pearl. 130.00 shipped PayPal
  9. Worn them a few times but I like something with a bigger lense
  10. Looking for a different pair? I have a pair that I don’t like the fit, if you were possibly interested in trade
  11. Like that middle one dude! One on the right looks like a Norman?
  12. Not sure probably around 1.5oz can confirm when I get home, yes can split
  13. Two wood peanuts used, tsunami plastic swimmer new, and Gibbs needle new 30 shipped PayPal
  14. I’ll do that