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  1. Rats…. Season nearing an end
  2. Too early for?
  3. Catch n release doesn’t work as well as we’d hope. Yes a fish might kick off with adrenaline but so does a crackhead after being shot
  4. Waiting for a decent cold snap then hitting the inlets
  5. Stay safe bro
  6. This. I have some younger relatives I introduced to surfcasting. They feel they’re entitled for me to show them where the fish are and take them every trip.
  7. Was pulling some over slots last night then some googs showed up with headlights on and killed the bite.
  8. 6 in tsunami sand eel
  9. Battle scars
  10. Just checked the NYDEC site, blue fish still 15 bag limit??
  11. PP SS V2
  12. Hooked a baby whale?
  13. Check out Super Strike’s Bullet, highly underrated plug.
  14. Moratorium is needed for bluefish IMHO.
  15. We are all insane to a degree, we hook fish and make them fight for their lives for our own amusement. There’s just people that are more insane/inconsiderate.