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  1. 6 in tsunami sand eel
  2. Battle scars
  3. Just checked the NYDEC site, blue fish still 15 bag limit??
  4. PP SS V2
  5. Hooked a baby whale?
  6. Check out Super Strike’s Bullet, highly underrated plug.
  7. Moratorium is needed for bluefish IMHO.
  8. We are all insane to a degree, we hook fish and make them fight for their lives for our own amusement. There’s just people that are more insane/inconsiderate.
  9. No dark reader for iOS mobile Chrome
  10. No, just options for no avatars and a smaller header.
  11. Hey Tim, could you add a dark mode theme for mobile please.
  12. Just handled them. They feel a little too stiff for my liking and similar weight to airwave elite in respective lengths.
  13. Giant schoolie amongst death rats. The end is near. Went 16lb post bleed.
  14. Lamiglas is the Apple of the rod industry.
  15. Head to one of the fields instead