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  1. I owned a Black Hole Cape Cod Special 80G and 80N years before I even knew they were getting into surf rods, and that rod was light years ahead of anything else for Cape Cod bluefin on spinning gear. You can definitely see how the offshore, big-game popping origins of Black Hole trickle down through their surf line up, which is literally still in the early years of production and I believe will continue to be on the rise as time goes by. I attribute a lot of that early success to Kil Song and how receptive he is to angler input about products, how he, himself is out there beating the piss out of these rods all over the world and posting real time feedback while interacting with us on the forums and social media outlets. Always a stand up guy and class act with the way he carries himself and treats people, and a pioneer/legend amongst the Jig n’ Pop crowd. First fish I connected with using my built 10’ Heavy II Surf jig stick
  2. What he said!
  3. Do you still want those squid plugs


  4. Very clean sir. Loving the colorway of that second plug from the top.
  5. So I use foil HVAC tape that has an adhesive backing (Thinner the better). I’ll cut it to length, tape it down to my drafting board and then trace the outline of the lure I want to foil. Then using a drafting triangle and an exacto knife I’ll score the lateral line and any scale pattern and I can keep the lines on a fixed, consistent angle. I usually do a combination of the etched scale and textured scale to create some more depth - whether it be etched lines above or below the lateral line, and textured on the other or texturing the head starting at the “gill plate”. I use anything from preformed wire mesh to the knurling on the handle of a ratchet, or for more detailed stuff I’ll unscrew the bolt that goes into a pair of vice grips and roll that over the tape. When applying the foil start from the middle and work your way outwards. On a lures with round bodies (basically everything outside glider style lures) you’ll greatly reduce the amount of creases in the foil edge. Getting those creases is pretty much inevitable but you can use something smooth and round (Dowel, pen, marker, etc.)and get rid of, or at least greatly reduce their visibility. I don’t overly worry about creases along the edge because after I foil the lure I’m going to lay down the first coats of paint on the back and belly and then epoxy. After epoxy I can then cover my foil lines with opaque/pearl/iridescent paint and transition into my transparent paints on the side scale. This is really a situation where less is more and probably the biggest mistake most people make when they foil lures. You really need to control how much paint, as well as the type you’re putting down, otherwise you quickly negate the point of the foil. Despite looking sparse, you will notice after your next epoxy coat it brings the underlying paint and foil to life. Here’s a little progression clip and some random stuff. I’ve also used a metal polish like Flitz and a small micron microfiber like those made for glasses or a firearm and I will polish the aluminum foil and it will progressively turn the foil from a satin to a glossy finish.
  6. Some random stuff recently built. A couple 9” 4.5 oz pencils, a 3 oz foiled herring and some big tuna/GT poppers. The big pencils are AYC, thru wired with 2mm 316 stainless, 500lb billfisher ballbearing swivel, epoxy sealed, 200lb split rings, BKK 6066 6x trebles. The poppers are also about 9” and weigh 140g. They’re eventually heading overseas to get munched by some reefies. They’re cast from resin, thru wire harness is 2.4mm 316 stainless, shown with 5/0 BKK GT-Rex trebles and 300lb Decoy split rings. video of pencil Popper action
  7. Steve, you’re right, and I goofed. I grabbed the wrong belt from my winter storage in the basement. The belt in the photos is a Gear-Up. Everything I said in regards to the Tiderunner’s performance applies and I only wear the Tiderunner. I must be losing my sh*t during this quarantine. Apologies.
  8. I have both the Tiderunner and the Rockhopper. They share the same buckle and that’s pretty much it. The Rockhopper has 2 loops stitched on it for securing the tag end of the belt that’s passed through the buckle. I know the Tiderunner can hold my pliers, #60 boga, a ridiculously overstuffed 3 tube plug bag, my leader/random wallet and my knife with just the Velcro (buckle open) easily. It’s some of the most impressive Velcro I’ve seen on any product....ever. The Tiderunner is much stiffer and much thicker. The material feels like a multi-ply weight lifting belt. The Rockhopper is for the most part 2 separate belts with Velcro lining the entire waist line holding them together. The Rockhopper is lighter because its less material. The Tiderunner is essentially 3 thick nylon dive belt layers sewn together and allows it to maintain its integrity and not flop or fold. Pictures for comparison below. All jokes aside I think if you’re in the market for a belt the Tiderunner is pretty unbeatable. It’s performed flawlessly for me for 4 years. If you already own a Rockhopper you’re going to be just fine. I use the Rockhopper shoulder saver on my Tiderunner belt. Some of their products are really solid. This concludes my novel. I have no affiliations with either etc etc
  9. It sounds like you have your first two choices made, so the 3rd choice is going to need to fill a role in whatever type of fishing you enjoy. I think a 9’6 suzuki with its 3/4-3 rating is going to overlap with the skinner a lot in terms of the role it plays. The two TFOs in the 10’ range are the 10’6 3/4-4 and the 10’6 2-6 with the 11’ being a 3-8 and something you’d probably only use in the canal. If you like fishing for albies, or creek/backbay light tackle fishing you could go in that direction. The two rods in choice A & B cover weight ratings from 3/4 oz on the bottom end of the skinner to “6 oz” on the mojo although I’d probably never throw more than 4.5 oz on that rod. If you went the light direction and like the Suzuki, go with the 10’ 1/2-2. You can cast a 1 oz metal a mile with it and an albie will put a nice bend in the rod. Pair that with a Stradic 5000 FL, Salt X 4000, Penn Slammer 4500, Daiwa 4000 etc. Or you could go the other way and get a heavy stick if you like to ever throw bait, go brown sharking from the beach or would like to fish the bottom of the water column at the canal effectively. Something like the Lamiglas Carbon Surf LCS11CANAL is an 11’ 3-8 mod/fast with K frames (I don’t think they’re Fuji but the best looking knockoffs I’ve seen to date) for $220. I got to check out the 11’ ODM DNA 3-8 at Striper Day and that rod is going to fly off the shelves. Modern Fuji concept and guides, Fuji ergo reel seat, paco grip butt and foregrip for under $300. The black hole striped bass special will be available in 10’ and 11’ with weight ranges from 1-6, 2-8, and I believe 3/4-4 at some point.
  10. Apologies for bumping an old thread but I’d love to know how the progression of this glider build ended up. This is also an awesome reference thread in many aspects, especially resin casting/mold making. The half resin, half foam concept is really cool.
  11. The very same day I caught that fish on the Hogy, I took a slightly bigger fish on a pearl white Al gags. Needed some more distance and was swimming it a few feet subsurface and bouncing the tip. Only two lures that produced for me that morning.
  12. Ahhh very nice. I have been extremely impressed with those Barbarian swimbait hooks over the last few years. They come rigged in everything from the Hogy Pro Tail to the Harness Jigs. How do you find them?
  13. Glad you’re ok buddy!!
  14. Oh man Kil I’m very excited to see this version. Would be an incredible landbased sharking rod.
  15. This was the morning that the biomass of squid reached the west end and at first the fish were shying away from everything being thrown with the squid so thick. I was rotating through all my typical go-tos and then saw a few Hogy original swimbaits I had grabbed during a close out deal in the very bottom of my plug bag. I had bought some of the 10” and 14” Hogy original swimbaits in amber and rigged them with their weighted 10/0 & 12/0 VMC barbarian swimbait hooks. First cast with the Amber 14”