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  1. Cost $15 bucks to make
  2. Read the reviews, a lot of complaints about guide inserts falling out
  3. Great deal, seconds if he psses
  4. Some of my top producers
  5. Deff too big
  6. St. Croix triumph St. Mojo surf Tsunami airwave elite lamiglas insane surf Dicks sometimes has 20% off deals, these rods can be purchased for around that price
  7. You can find one that’s in good shape for 500-600. I’ve bought serveral, generally though, they are selling on a big auction site for 650-900+
  8. That’s amazing. who makes it
  9. Did you mix different adonized gold pieces? Different shades of gold on that reel.
  10. I wish the adonization on the gold power knobs matched the adonization on the gold reels
  11. buck tails are great, one of my go to lures at night, and when the surf is heavy
  12. Last night, safely released
  13. Looks like he used parts from the VR, rotor and rotor cup are the bailed version
  14. There is no known “legit” conversion kits available. It was most likely done “jimmy rig” style. If he does not have the old parts, I would pass
  15. I’ve found gulp multiple times in fluke stomach