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  1. Asking 980 pickup on Long Island, not looking to ship at the moment
  2. Offer 30 shipped for both VS bags
  3. I have a VS200G if your interested.
  4. Would you split the cucumber? If so, how much?
  5. I’ll take mean tweets and lower shipping costs bring back Trump
  6. Payment sent, thank you
  7. They are great trucks…but are notorious for rust…I second this!
  8. Zx20-22 1st generation Ti-grey rotor with dual pickup arms, and dual rollers. excellent condition. $350 shipped
  9. Bonito?
  10. Sending PM
  11. Im stuck at 30 plus 5 to cover shipping, plus this is the older style bag, that’s thicker and much nicer than the newer ones. If you still want it, let me know
  12. I have a small bag (new style) for $25 shipped. i have an older style large one for $35 shipped. Both are new (little wrinkled)
  13. Thanks, I’ll pass this off to Mapluggin