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  1. Payment sent thanks
  2. I’ll take it for asking.
  3. Would you take 60?
  4. Payment send, thank you
  5. Zx22 to the left (red) zx25 in the middle (blue /silver) zx27 to the right (black) size comparison The body of the reel is the same for all four reels. spools and rotor cups change with size
  6. Offer 40 shipped for the 2 SS poppers and the Gibbs.
  7. I’m in, sweet looking flies
  8. Bump still looking
  9. Seconds
  10. I can’t go that low, price is firm.
  11. Just give me your address, I’ll come and take them off your hands
  12. I have a new 6S Plus 64GB that’s carrier locked to t-mobile. Looking for $200
  13. Offer still stand at $43 for the (3) SS...if you change your mind