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  1. WTB Zeebaas ZX22/25 1st generation looking for Ti grey
  2. Offer 50 shipped
  3. It ain’t razor irritation or razor bumps
  4. This should go quick
  5. Go to captree state park, when you go past the fee booth, make a right to go to overlook beach. you can park at overlook beach and walk to your spot. good luck
  6. You only need a night fishing permit to park there at night.
  7. The only person I’ll present my pass too is NYS parks police. Those parks department idiots can kiss my ass
  8. Good combos 100/150 on 9’ 200 on 10’, 10’6”, 11’ 250 on 11’ 12’
  9. Ged, I would actually be more interested in a stock red/silver 27 if you still have one.
  10. How much are you asking Ged.
  11. Dodo, thanks for posting. but I’ll pass on this...looking for one that is in better condition