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  1. Brody doing his work
  2. Current situation...1 down of each...11 or so more of each to go....
  3. Brody's favorite!
  4. I will have some flies and some other goodies but I will be bringing them day of....looking forward to seeing everyone
  5. I'll make a macaroni salad and a potato salad and slaw.... Whoops sorry for the double post
  6. I'll make a macaroni salad and a potato salad and slaw....
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheesequake,_New_Jersey That was a fun tog trip....cant believe how fast the time goes....great to hear from you EB!
  8. Brody, Pop,and I are In!
  9. Brody, Pop and I are in!
  10. If it isn't RED get it off your head!
  11. Looks delicious!
  12. Carton has gone downhill...for me anyway....used to be a fan of the 077XX. But now that tastes like swill water to me.... I know this one is not in NJ but Industrial Arts Wrench from just over the border in NY is off the charts
  13. If you are a New England IPA fan (ex Heady Topper) then KANE is the place to go. They also do some Belgian styles, Porter's and also come out with limited released cans all the time...it's also great that they have distribution to North Jersey liquor stores.... I'd put Magnify a close second on the same style IPA....
  14. Best brewery in NJ
  15. Robert Hunter passed today...hope you, Jerry and Robert are jamming some tunes.... Let there be songs to fill the air!