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  1. Tsunami Airwave Surf 7'...I love slinging small metals and epoxies with it.
  2. Mild to with it by cleaning your line every cast. Severe...move to another spot.
  3. Impossible. They don't have opposable thumbs.
  4. 1936
  5. Absolutely. The end of my plastic fish grips are nice and scraped up from those demon teeth, lol. I actually use it on all grip in one hand and pliers in the other allows me to worry less about any hooks in my hands.
  6. What's the max you're looking to spend?
  7. I have the BG 3500 on the Tsunami Airwave Surf 7'...and it's perfect. I had the 3000 on it and it looked and felt too small to me. Line capacity is what I needed and the surf handle balances just right with the 3500. Bottom line, try whatever reels you are looking at on the rod in person. I went to the store fully expecting to walk out with the BG 3000, but switched to the 3500 almost immediately.
  9. Stick with it. The 10'6" 3/4-4oz. Mojo can take a little getting used to depending on what rod you have previously fished. I understand where you are coming from...I have a 7' airwave surf that I love whipping small plugs and tins with out front. The 10'6" is a different beast altogether, but an excellent beast at that. Be patient and find your rhythm. Once you have it figured out, you'll be able to really get the 2-2.5oz. offerings out there. And when you do, it's fun as hell to catch fish with. I have the same exact setup as yourself. That Mojo with the Spheros 6000 is light, strong, can be thrown all day, and certainly bring in the bigger fish. It's a solid rig.
  10. If the OP is looking for a a shorter surf rod, there is always the 7' version of the above rod that Jay is talking about. It throws 5/8-2oz. and is definitely a moderate rod. It also has a shorter "surf rod butt handle" that is REALLY comfortable. I use it for backbay and smaller plugs out front and it's a joy to use...the shorter, surf handle reminds me of throwing with a lacrosse stick. And don't let it's size or moderate feel fool you...I've used it to bring in a few big blues (10-15lbs.). PS It's also a 2 piece rod...easy transport
  11. What a great gesture, hats off to you David!!! I foresee lunkers4 catching some big stripers with all the good juju attached to those bucktails.
  12. Great reel. Not sealed the same as a Saragosa or a Spheros...but it can take a splash or a quick dunk if it happens to occur. Plenty of muscle to take in a 15lb blue on a 7' rod with no problems.
  13. Penn spinfisher bailess

    Bailed...never had a problem with losing lures or bail breakage. Th supposed benefits of bail-less...meh, they don't pertain to me.
  14.'s just what works best for me. I like having pre-tied leaders in my bag for a quick uni knot change out when needed.
  15. That's what I do with Hogy's...but with a 3 foot leader. And no, I reel the swivel just below the tip top guide and cast from great.