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  1. J&H power handles don't have the counter balance like the Tackle World handles.
  2. Watch some of the fish John Skinner puts on his and I think you'll be impressed, especially for your needs. Buy it through Tackle World with the power handle...well worth it, IMO.
  3. 2nd the Quantum Accurist...would fit your needs and price range perfectly.
  4. Certainly not going to hurt it, by topping it off overnight. Just make sure to charge it again tomorrow night after putting a significant load on it.
  5. With a pre-chill, add a cooler shock or two (depending on the size of your cooler) and you’ll get an extra 24-48 hours out of your block or broken ice. Also, Lifetime coolers are legit. USA made (Utah), around or under $100 for the 55 quart and 28 quart, blow molded, and excellent ice retention. The 28 quart worked out perfectly on a recent 4 day cabin/trout trip.
  6. Spheros 6000 SW (or newer SWA) balances well on that rod. Nice and light setup, can be fished for hours. It would be about 4oz. lighter than the 6000 Battle 3.
  7. I'll echo Skunkoff's post and go one step further, although it seems the St. Croix Premier isn't in your final 2, so take it for what it's worth. I had a 6'6" Premier medium rod that was used for LM bass, smallies, and trolling for brook trout and had it for 15 yrs, longer probably. It was a great rod, loved it actually, and had it paired with a Shimano Symetre 2500 (same weight as the BG 2500). I snapped the tip in the tonneau cover on my pickup and called St. Croix. I could have gotten the same rod, but after speaking with the rep, I upgraded to the 7' medium Avid (freshwater) and paired it with the BG 2500. It's a great setup, balances well, and it's worked out perfectly for me...particularly while trolling for brookies on an annual trip. To be honest, I think I could have gone with the Premier and been totally happy, but the Avid is a great rod in it's own right. I actually bought a 6' Premier in UL paired with a Pflueger President 20 for this year's trip...basically used it when taking a break from trolling and was casting small rooster tails, rapalas, trout magnets, and ice jig heads. After the trip, the UL solidified in my mind how much of a fan of the Premier rods I am after all these years. Maybe not for everyone, and there are certainly more expensive and more sensitive rods out there, but for me, they really do seem to check all the boxes. And their warranty and customer service has been outstanding the couple of times I've dealt with them...and the issues were my error, no less.
  8. You know, I meant to reply to this thread because I was going to suggest almost the exact same net that you got...sorry about that. I asked this question about a year ago regarding the Ranger Tourney Series nets in both the main and freshwater forums, but got no responses. It seems you got the slightly longer handle and blue color…but seems to be the same tourney series net otherwise. I used it for trout fishing out of a 14 foot V-hull last year and will be using it again on the same trip in about 2 weeks. The size of the net worked out perfectly (both telescopic handle length and diameter opening), it’s built solidly, and it collapses down to almost nothing for storage/transport. I think you’re going to like it.
  9. Plano Guide Series Adjustable Rod Tube is what I've used for a few years going back and forth from NY to Cape Cod/Nantucket. It holds 2-3 rods (depending on guide size), it's adjustable to different lengths, it's lockable, it's built strong, it's much lighter than PVC, and it has handled plenty of walk-on ferry trips over the years...not a single problem in all that time. Definitely sounds like an option for you.
  10. A couple of options and observations I've picked up over the years: 1) Shimano Brutas pliers (8 inch...$16 and the 11 inch...$22): These were my first pliers and accomplished everything for their intended use. Strong (no jaw flex), durable, cheap, and no worries if they're lost (which they were) because they're easily replaced. The cutter is just above the fulcrum (like traditional electrician's needle nose pliers), not off to the side like on some fishing the cutters can't be replaced, only sharpened. The 11 inch are great for deeper hooks and to also let someone borrow, if needed. No sheath or lanyard included though. The only problem I had was forgetting to rinse the 11 inch after an outing...rusted shut after sitting for a bit. I sprayed them with Ballistol, left them overnight, and in the morning the handles were free dropping again as if they were new. That's probably more of a testament to Ballistol, as I find that stuff amazing, whether it be for my guns, fishing pliers, electrician's pliers, or even my frying pans (it's safe to cook with!). 2) Penn Bull Nose pliers (8 inch...$40): I bought these for my BIL for Christmas because he's a big Penn fan and they had just been released. He's been using these for 3 years pretty hard and they've held up great. He may rinse them now and again, but that's it. They come with a functional sheath and lanyard...nothing hardcore, but they fit the pliers well. The cutters are off to the side of the fulcrum and are replaceable. I've used them a couple of times myself and I'm a big fan of them. They can definitely take a beating in the surf and don't look the worse for it. A viable option for the money. 3) VS Titanium pliers (7 inch...$350): I bought these as a gift for myself. High priced...relatively, yes. Are they built like a tank...undoubtedly, yes. Are they totally necessary for everyone in the surf or on the, not in my opinion. But, based on what I've seen in and for my usage, they are well worth it. I can confidently say, these will almost assuredly be the last fishing pliers I'll need to buy in my lifetime...which counts for something with me. As far as someone not being able to fathom me spending that kind of money on a pair of pliers, I couldn't give a frog's fat ass. To each his own, there are plenty of viable options out there to fit one's budget and needs...choose accordingly. And as those budgets and needs change (they always seem to) for better or for worse, don't be surprised if what you once used to "poo-poo" suddenly finds it's way into your arsenal. Good luck with your hunt, OP!
  11. The issue is that It’s a retractable fishing board that he doesn't have fully extended. It looks to be off by about 3 1/2 to 3 3/4 inches.
  12. If the lips are truly against the bumper, this right here should be the winner
  13. Very nice write up...A+ work right there.
  14. This works like a charm…whether it be my 10’ or my 7’ rods. Nice and light and out of the way when not in use.
  15. I completely agree with you. I have the e6x SJR-782 and it's my favorite freshwater rod of all time. I also think it's worth every penny of retail.