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  1. I completely agree with you. I have the e6x SJR-782 and it's my favorite freshwater rod of all time. I also think it's worth every penny of retail.
  2. And the Stella was just about the only reel at the Suffern show. Between Shimano and Daiwa, it was the lamest year for offerings that I’ve ever seen there. They still had their normal large sized areas, but everything was spread out and thin. Daiwa was so bad that when I asked to see a Fuego baitcaster, the gentleman told me it was “discontinued”. I looked at him incredulously and he said “let me look in the catalog”, followed by “oh,’s not discontinued, we just couldn’t bring it all”. Back to the beer stand followed by the jerky stand, it was.
  3. Take a look at the VR50, especially if you're talking about dunking and not spinning under water. It weighs about 9oz and is sized great for a 7'-7'6" rod. I have it on a G Loomis IMX Pro Blue 7' and it's a dream of a setup, all around.
  4. Isn't the smallest ZB at almost 20oz? A bit heavy on a 7'-7'6" inshore rod, no?
  5. Glad I could help! I remembered that post from your description and had to do a little searching myself. Tight lines!
  6. Post #66, good sir!
  7. Penn should be at the Pure Fishing booth, their parent company.
  8. I've been going to this show with the same group of friends every year since 1988. At this point, it's a reason for us to still get together for the day...minus a few. The show has changed over the years for sure, but there is still beyond plenty to look at, handle, and buy. If you go on Sat. or Sun., it will be packed...and it's a big field house. It's definitely geared more towards hunting and freshwater fishing, but there is an ample amount of saltwater stuff to see. I just went to Surf Day (first one) this past weekend and was surprised how small everything was compared to what I've been used to over the years with the RCC show. I'm not saying Surf Day was bad, actually the opposite, it was great. It was nice to be somewhere that was specific to surf fishing and have a great feel to it from the vendors, to the organizers, to the patrons. One thing that is nice about a bigger show like RCC, is that the larger companies (Shimano, Daiwa, Penn, St. Croix, etc.) have bigger layouts for their products. Now, it may be geared more towards their freshwater line, but they still bring and display their bigger models for the surf/salt. You won't see companies like ODM, Black Hole, or Lamiglas, unfortunately...but if you're looking for St. Croix, Loomis, Penn, Daiwa,'s a great place to compare models.
  9. Hey Steve, it was great meeting you on Sat. morning! The white and black lanyards are perfect and I was glad to be able to get them from you at Surf Day, after seeing them in this thread Fri. night. It's always nice when things work out like that! The "following" came through on IG also, thank I'll be able to get some more in the future. It was a pleasure meeting both you and Jamie on Sat...thanks again!
  10. Thanks for the info! Did you order them from him through IG?
  11. Very nice setup...Jamie is a true craftsman and a gentleman to boot. What kind of lanyards are they stretch/extend at all or are they a fixed length?
  12. Out of the 27,000 tags that are made available by the state of NJ, are there any numbers made public regarding how many were actually given to those who applied in the past? Has the number of allotted tags been lower in past years? Is that total number always “maxed out” by applicants...or has it come in lower than what’s been made available? I’m just looking to see if there is a concrete number published somewhere by the state of NJ, DEC, etc.
  13. Depends if I wanted to splurge or have some extra cash in hand for some other things...rod, another reel, etc. If I have $250 set aside for a reel only, with your parameters, I'd treat myself and get either the Stradic FL or a Daiwa Back Bay, Saltist, or Ballistic.
  14. It obviously depends on how you want, or even need, to spend your hard earned money. I had a dilemma with these two reels a month or so ago. I was ready to upgrade my reel for an upcoming trout trip as well as follow up fishing for LMB and Smallies. I was either going to get one nice reel or two moderately priced reels as a primary and a backup (which is important for the trout trip). I went with two BG's to better serve my purposes, especially after already having had a larger BG for backbays and light surf. The Stradic FL is really nice, but I still can't get over how smooth the BG is as well as what you get for that price point. Two exceptional reels for less than the price of one worked perfectly for my situation. If I had been looking to splurge on one nice reel instead of getting two...I probably would have went with either the Stradic FL or the Daiwa Saltist.
  15. I hear what you're saying. It's all really just relative to one's situation or preferences. If Ramsey Outdoor is more than 20 mins from you, it makes sense to look elsewhere, online or otherwise. Even though Tackle World may have started with an online presence, their brick and mortar location sees traffic. I won't buy a rod sight unseen anymore...too many variables and guesswork until it's finally in my hands. When I got a new fluke setup last summer, I made the trip down to Tackle World to hold the different Nexus models in my hands to see which I preferred. Same went for the Accurist S3 reel I put on see how it felt on the Nexus and to see if I really wanted that reel or something bigger (Daiwa Lexa). While there, Mike helped me through the process and we had a nice conversation on fluking, stripers, general Jersey fishing, and an upcoming fluke tourney. He also put the power handle on the Accurist and spooled it for charge. Now, I'm sure I got some of that attention because I walked out of there having spent a few hundred dollars, but to me it was worth it over ordering it online. The conversation, the tidbits of knowledge, and the on-the-arm perks definitely made the one way 25 minute trip worth it. But most of all, I was able to get the rods and reels in my hands to make my choice correctly...and that's something I can't do online. Guessing which rod will work for me and potentially having to ship it back because it wasn't what I was looking for, is just a PITA that I'd rather not deal with. I'd rather get it right and buy it for a few extra bucks the first time, regardless of the other perks. I fully realize it's a personal preference and everyone's mileage may vary, though. I'll always be glad for physical locations and will support them when I can...even if it means paying a bit more at times.