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  1. Renting the Pearl at Smith Island. They supply kayaks. I'm used to chasing stripes, blues and flounder in Raritan Bay. Any advice for July backwater at Smith Island?
  2. I want to take my wife and kids (8 &12), camping in a tent. I'm thinking northern New Jersey. I want very easy access to fishing. Taking kayaks. Would like to have the car near campsite. Anybody have any suggestions? A bathroom nearby would also be nice.
  3. I like to park at the Missile Monument. Short walk to the bay and admission is free if you get there before 7am.
  4. 2018 Ocean Kayak – Prowler 13. Retails for $800. 13’ long sit-on-top kayak. Includes: Scotty Rod holder mounted in front. RAM ball accessory mounts for Fishfinder, GoPro, etc. New paddle (generic - not pictured), Homemade PVC cart. Foam battery holder mounted in the hull. Optional additions: 2018 Garmin Striker 4 Fishfinder with 12V battery in watertight box. $600 cash. - $700 with Fishfinder and Battery. Matawan, NJ.
  5. I was actually really comfortable. Wore my suit 3 days earlier and roasted.
  6. Good tip Bantis. Here's an unexpected beast I snagged last weekend trying to find that striper bite.
  7. It's a 2013. Seller said 2014. Installing the through hull tomorrow.
  8. Wish it was Lowrance ready but I'll survive.
  9. 2014/2015 Hobie Mirage Revolution 13 Kayak. Includes drive, seat, paddle , scupper cart. One season of use. $1500. I'm sick of paddling. Should I go for it?
  10. I'm a generally a lure man in the salt, but I wanna try for some lake trout this year and a friend told me to try live shiners. How do you guys keep them alive in a kayak? I've heard bait bucket in the water, mesh laundry bag with pool noodle in the water, or a bucket with a bubbler on board. The water's still pretty cold right now. Will they die if I keep them in the water?
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