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  1. Aside from the issues surrounding these lawmakers, and whether the BDS movement has roots or factions that are anti-Israel or even anti-Semitic, these anti-boycott laws are unconstitutional and un-American. Boycotting is a right protected by the First Amendment. I have yet to hear a valid defense of the numerous state-level laws or the failed proposed national legislation. I’m not surrendering my rights for the sake of another country. That’s ridiculous.
  2. Yikes! That was only what, 6 months? Looks like it is $1200 at West Marine right now. If nothing else they must have made way more than they could sell through their normal retail channels. I wonder if they're cutting their losses now that Hobie is in the budget pedal kayak game. I would still think Pelican could reach a lot more markets through all the big box stores, etc., but who knows. It's too bad that there is barely any access to the inside of the hull - just an 8" hatch way back at the stern. I don't know if it's easy to duct seal a transducer in there but the battery would probably have to go somewhere up top. If they had a smaller/lighter version for close to $1k or a little less I'd be tempted to pick one up.
  3. That is not true now and never has been. You can buy one starting at age 18 in a private sale.
  4. How does any of that contradict a single thing I've said in this thread? I never once mentioned selling to someone under 18, just under 21.
  5. Given the above, this is not accurate. It would be illegal for an FFL to sell a handgun to someone under 21, but not illegal for a private seller to do so as long as the buyer isn't otherwise prohibited. Sure, but I have no reason to be against requiring NICS checks for private sales. I would do it anyways. Friend or family member? Who cares, I'm not gonna cry over $20.
  6. I would go through an FFL if I didn't know the person, just to be on the safe side. Permits are not required here, even for CC, and I don't think there is any option to run a check through the state for a private citizen.
  7. I don’t know about Texas but I wouldn’t doubt it. When it comes to handguns the only other federal requirements for private sellers are that the buyer resides in the same state and that they’re at least 18.
  8. That is certainly not the case in every state - it’s probably just the case in his state and a handful of others. You can absolutely buy a handgun from a non-dealer with no background check, no registration when it comes to federal law, and there are states that have no further major requirements.
  9. It’s been less of an issue for me this year, but was a huge issue last year when I applied dielectric grease. This year, either connector may pop out a little in the first few minutes but I can usually get it to stay in after that. I agree, bad design.
  10. So, what would be deemed an obstruction? I probably won't contact them because I'd be worried about wasting their time and to be honest I'm blowing off steam, but I do still wonder where the line is and how to know if I see it.
  11. Skip to 1:10, that's what I need on the bow of my kayak:
  12. I don't buy lobster, no way I'm paying $8-$10/lb for bugs.
  13. That really sucks that they're basically blocking your dock, and I guess that comes back to the question part of the thread - at what point is that type of placement not allowed? I'm sure you can't just drop a pot in front of someone's slip at the marina. Or can you? Then there's this ominous warning on the NH F&G site: Lobster pots are one of the main reasons I don't enjoy fishing at night from my kayak nearly as much as I would like to. Combine strong current with a minefield of lobsterpots and there are a few ways things could go wrong quickly, the least of which is losing lures.