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  1. That is crazy, it's already the narrowest spot on that section of the back channel, and the current can rip pretty good there. Is the meeting the only way to voice disapproval?
  2. I’ve only had them smoked, and it was excellent. I did a dry brine with mostly salt and brown sugar (a whole lot of both), don’t recall the other spices. Skin on. It was delicious on its own but also contributed to a dip that turned out great.
  3. Thanks, I might look into removing the trip. The SWA looks nice but starts at 5000 so it doesn't come in the size I'm looking for.
  4. I've run into a bit of an issue with the Spheros. I had the bail snap shut on my several times this morning, costing me a plug. This was with rotating it by hand until it stops, before casting. I never had this problem with my BG's - it seems like it's on a hair trigger - even continuing to rotate it by hand after it stops it wants to close pretty easily. Do I need to remove the bail trip mechanism or something? Also, I can definitely feel that it's a tighter retrieve than my BG's. It's not rough or geary, just not as refined. So far I'm not exactly regretting it but I think I would buy another BG if I were to do it again.
  5. We can go back and forth over who’s actually triggered here, but it’s clear that stripers aren’t abundant enough to support commercial fishing OR generous rec bag limits. The difference between the two is that commercials are always fishing to kill them, recs might or might not be. We can further reduce rec bag limits (again, I think a couple paid tags a season might work) and people will still be able enjoy fishing for stripers (unless all they care about is killing them - in which case, too bad), but there is no sensible level of commercial fishing for them to be had at this point. As you said, the high prices are a function of the scarcity. And in terms of commercial fishing in general, I’m mostly against it because the trends and historical data show more species being decimated or brought to the brink than species being managed sustainably. Cut down rec limits, too, I am for that, but recs should have the opportunity to catch and release or even catch a small amount for the table before commercial interests are allowed to take the resource. I’m just carrying over the same near-universally accepted philosophy as my other hobbies, hunting and freshwater fishing.
  6. Right, we’re not solving world hunger with commercial striped bass here. It’s feeding the rich guy in the Hampton’s trying to impress his trophy girlfriend at a fancy restaurant (nothing against that guy, but he’ll be just fine without it on the menu).
  7. Star Stellar Lite Fast Taper gets my vote. Great rod in the ~$100 price range.
  8. I just line the jig head up over the outside of bait so I can get an idea of where I want the hook point to exit the on back. After you are familiar enough with a certain bait/jig head you’ll have a feel for it. Also, the Z-Man jig heads, while expensive, do work really well with the plastic they use.
  9. I've heard of Stripers Forever but I'm not affiliated with them and I haven't read up on their detailed stance in the past. Based on what you've posted I agree with their general philosophy, though - public before commercial, same as hunting and freshwater fishing. I'm not sure I agree with your interpretation of the wording above in terms of increasing recreational harvest, but regardless, I'm not advocating for that - my post that you partially quoted advocates for maybe a couple of tags per license holder at an additional cost. That alone would probably weed out a bunch of the really casual recs with poor fish handling practices, etc., and obviously cut down on rec harvest by doing away with the daily bag limit.
  10. Ha, OK man, and where did I do that? You said the striper market is not sustainable, right? You were responding to me, not the other way around, and all I said was that it doesn't make sense to me to advocate for something that isn't sustainable. Ending commercial fishing for stripers IS doing something about it. There's roughly 10% less mortality right there, plus more than likely a lot less poaching. And, as I have said in other threads, I'm an advocate for rec tags. Maybe 2 a season per person, at an additional cost that goes directly to conservation efforts.
  11. There is no commercial striped bass fishing in NH or Maine, the two states where I fish. And I disagree on commenting on forums. First, I'm not ridiculing anyone. Second, it helps build awareness and may cause people to consider that we don't have to accept the status quo. I'm sure forum threads here and elsewhere helped garner more awareness and thus more public responses on the Amendment 7 stuff, which helps to shape policy.
  12. I don't blame the commercial industry entirely or even mostly for the poor state of the bass population. But given what it is, it makes no sense to have commercial fishing for stripers. The prices are comical. When the resource is hurting in the way it is, commercial fishing should be the first thing to go. The resource should belong to the general public before commercial interests.
  13. Sure do. How many commercial striped bass fishermen are there compared to recs?
  14. I agree none of that makes sense. What kind of commercial bass regulations would make sense in your opinion? It seems to me that putting a (high) price on the heads of stripers is a recipe for disaster.
  15. This is the way to do it, in my experience. Take a second hook, pull a small loop of plastic near where it meets the jig head eye, and stretch the loop over the eye. It holds the bait right up against the jig head, no glue, and it holds up much better than you would expect.