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  1. OK then. Right, that’s all I’ve heard of, voluntary stuff. Nothing forced like @Heron25 alleged.
  2. Trying to stay out of the PG these days, but since you asked, you might be surprised to learn that the ACLU has defended a lot of people on 2A grounds. And yeah, as Dude said, how about an example of what you’re talking about so we’re on the same page?
  3. I like having one live liner on the kayak because it's a little easier to pay out line if I'm trolling. I'm just not a conventional guy (yet!).
  4. I don’t think the 4000 is oversized, but I do prefer my 3000 in the kayak. The 4000 is great if you might also do some fishing from shore. I’m sure the combo rod is nothing special but would probably be fine. I’ve seen the combo on sale at the local b&t for like $110 and at that price you can’t really go wrong.
  5. No idea, but there are a few favorable reviews. One guy’s review said they fell apart easily. The company responded that he probably soaked them too long, but if you’re fishing them aren’t you soaking them? The same company sells freeze dried blood worms as well. Might be a better backup than Gulp and probably worth a shot for $6 or $7.
  6. Interesting... I started reading about these and there is a company that sells them freeze dried so you can rehydrate them.
  7. I also don’t use a leader with braid when I’m using a jig. Actually, I don’t use one in general on my baitcaster with braid, although I probably should when using trebles that could tangle in the line and get cut.
  8. I use two BG's as kayak reels and have had no issues. One even went overboard and sat on the bottom for a good 45 minutes. After I recovered it I took it down and cleaned it up and it's been fine since. If you foresee a lot of splashing/dunking and don't want to have to take it apart to clean and re-lube mid-season then you might want something with some sealing. I have a Tsunami Shield but I don't think the quality is as high as the BG, plus the 5000 I have is a little bigger than I want for the kayak.
  9. I was half joking but honestly, if I’m taking your post literally, I don’t understand how you could possibly have those types of marks your entire outing.
  10. Yes, this has happened to me and a buddy with a swan while we were fishing from a canoe. It came flapping straight for us just above the water from over 100 yards away. Then it landed maybe 20 feet away and just circled the canoe for the rest of the outing. I figured we got too close to its nest.
  11. If I’m in the rivers and back bays where there is no line of sight, which is probably most of my fishing, the radio wouldn’t do me much good, though.
  12. That's a good point about emergency situations. If the screen gets splashed under normal conditions it can always be wiped off and then it's usable, but if you're treading water that's not gonna happen. I guess you could ask Siri or Google to call 911 but I'd hate to rely on that.
  13. Now that I have a phone that is IP68 (iPhone XS), I've been thinking about switching from the cheap waterproof bag/case thing I have to a simple case with an attachment point to keep it tethered to my PDF. I like taking photos while I'm out but sometimes the bag reduces the clarity or just makes it a pain. Has anyone tried going without a waterproof case or bag? I'm worried the frequent exposure to the salt, even though I don't usually get it wet, would eventually cause the phone to pit or corrode.
  14. I must have missed your fishing report posts and threads. It's still preseason for many of us, and people are excited about their new gear. Who cares. If you don't like it, just don't click on the thread.