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  1. Thanks guys. I will check out the Penn options as well. I think I want to have a bait runner reel over a conventional at this point and mine is on its way out. And I’ll probably get another Star rod at some point before next season. I like everything about the one I have now.
  2. Hey guys, I need to come up with a Christmas gift idea and am thinking a new rod or possibly reel would be good. I could use some ideas and help deciding what to ask for. A budget option under $100 would be great. Here is what I currently have for the kayak: 1. 7' Star Stellar Lite Fast taper 1/2-1 1/2 paired with a Daiwa BG 3000 (plan on keeping this set up as-is). I have used this for a light-weight t&w setup and for throwing smaller plugs and plastics. 2. 7' LL Bean travel rod rated 10-20lb paired with a Daiwa BG 3500 - (this is one rod I would consider replacing as it's somewhat redundant and the sections have to be straightened out occasionally). I usually kept this ready to go with a soft plastic or plug in case I came upon some surface action. 3. 7' Tsunami 5 star boat rod 1/2-2 oz paired with a Tsumani bait runner (rod is fine but the reel needs to be replaced as it's a cheap Chinese OEM and I won't think will last much longer). I have used this set up for heavier t&w trolling, and eels and live-lining macks, herring and pogies. 4. 6'6" cheap Ugly stik combo for bait (probably will keep this as-is as its fine for the intended purpose) Last year was my first in the kayak. Around here for inshore it's pretty much stripers and for a brief time winter flounder are around, but I have that covered. I did a lot of t&w and probably will again as it proved a sure way to catch fish. I may also try live-lining macks more since I found a fairly reliable spot to get them. One idea that looked pretty good was the Okuma Avenger ABF in size 55 or possible an Okuma Coronado for just a little more. I do find the bait runner capability useful for paying out line while trolling and live-lining. I would replace the Tsumani bait runner reel and my overall setup would remain pretty much the same. Any ideas for replacing the L.L. Bean travel rod? That might then become my main t&w combo and I could use the lighter rod and reel for casting plastics and plugs. I've also thought about trying conventional gear but it seems like an area where spending a little more is somewhat necessary terms of reels. Rods might be a different story? That's probably way too much information but it's basically winter and it's a slow day at work so I'm just thinking out loud Thanks for any help!
  3. Very nice!
  4. Bumping this thread...anyone seeing much yet? I’ve seen a couple does in 5 sits, but they didn’t present a shot opportunity.
  5. I saw a thread about this on the Hobie board as well. Someone blamed it on a screw or bolt that wasn’t sealed, but it’s hard to imagine that’s the cause for the people taking on gallons of water.
  6. I could understand that price for fillets but whole fish? They've gotta be gutted at least I would assume (don't know, never buy fish) but still...a 20" fish would cost you at least $30-$40 right? And for what, maybe a pound and a half of actual meat?
  7. Yes, real worms absolutely work best for me. Gulp and nightcrawlers will also work but I get more short strikes and fewer fish for sure.
  8. I'm not in Jersey and we certainly have lots of rocky areas around here but I troll mud flats and channel edges a lot and often catch dozens of fish in an outing. Usually 5-15 feet of water, unweighted or small weight on a 15" T-man. Other tubes I've tried don't work as well.
  9. I'm torn between making one last kayak trip and heading out in the woods with my bow this weekend. On the one hand it might be my last shot at saltwater fishing for the year. On the other, if my best case scenario is catching a couple 20" schoolies (there was no shortage of those this year) then I'd probably rather be up in a tree.
  10. I have an RG-AB 2000 and like it quite a bit - no issues and it's still smooth after a couple seasons. Although, if I were buying today I'd probably keep an eye out for a deal on a Fuego LT.
  11. Got a single schoolie on my lunch break in Newcastle yesterday on a wonderbread SP. Wasn’t expecting anything at midday with the sun beating down but I’ll take it!
  12. I haven't had issues with buttons but the temperature reading on my Hook2 splitshot is way too high, and always right around 80. I called and had a replacement transducer on the way within about 5 minutes, so I'm happy with their support.
  13. It’s my first season kayak fishing, but the most I took was 4. One cheap Uglystik combo with a sabiki for mackerel, one heavier baitrunner for live bait or sometimes weighted t&w, one medium spinning for weightless t&w (I used a steel leader and would also snag pogies when they were around), and medium spinning for lures. I often didn’t take the sabiki rod. I’d like to try a conventional next year for trolling.
  14. Right, the Tsunami can’t be either. Are we taking about the same reel though? I own two and did a lot of research before buying. Never have I seen anyone, including Daiwa, claim that it’s sealed other than the drag. In fact, most reviews say its one downside that keeps it’s from being in the same class as say a Penn Slammer is the lack of sealing and allowing for water to penetrate.
  15. I haven't seen that point made before...what about it is sealed besides the drag? It certainly has fewer seals than a Tsunami Shield.