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  1. I'm torn between making one last kayak trip and heading out in the woods with my bow this weekend. On the one hand it might be my last shot at saltwater fishing for the year. On the other, if my best case scenario is catching a couple 20" schoolies (there was no shortage of those this year) then I'd probably rather be up in a tree.
  2. I have an RG-AB 2000 and like it quite a bit - no issues and it's still smooth after a couple seasons. Although, if I were buying today I'd probably keep an eye out for a deal on a Fuego LT.
  3. Got a single schoolie on my lunch break in Newcastle yesterday on a wonderbread SP. Wasn’t expecting anything at midday with the sun beating down but I’ll take it!
  4. I haven't had issues with buttons but the temperature reading on my Hook2 splitshot is way too high, and always right around 80. I called and had a replacement transducer on the way within about 5 minutes, so I'm happy with their support.
  5. It’s my first season kayak fishing, but the most I took was 4. One cheap Uglystik combo with a sabiki for mackerel, one heavier baitrunner for live bait or sometimes weighted t&w, one medium spinning for weightless t&w (I used a steel leader and would also snag pogies when they were around), and medium spinning for lures. I often didn’t take the sabiki rod. I’d like to try a conventional next year for trolling.
  6. Right, the Tsunami can’t be either. Are we taking about the same reel though? I own two and did a lot of research before buying. Never have I seen anyone, including Daiwa, claim that it’s sealed other than the drag. In fact, most reviews say its one downside that keeps it’s from being in the same class as say a Penn Slammer is the lack of sealing and allowing for water to penetrate.
  7. I haven't seen that point made before...what about it is sealed besides the drag? It certainly has fewer seals than a Tsunami Shield.
  8. Once again I greased per the awesome video put out by @scoobydoo, except for the bearings. I just put them on a stepped silicone caulking tip and coated them with grease and spun them a bunch by hand. Maybe it doesn't do anything but I'm not taking all those suckers apart. It's actually running even better than before, no detectable tick or roughness. I think I had a brass washer in the wrong spot before. On the 3000, I'm fairly certain it goes below the AR clutch sleeve while in the video on the larger size it looks like it goes above it, on the underside of the rotor. At this point it is spinning just as smooth as new, just slightly slower due to all the grease. As long as my bearings don't crap out that second dunking may have been a blessing in disguise.
  9. Same here...it’s like cutting steak with your right hand and then putting the knife down and moving the fork to your right hand to eat it.
  10. This afternoon my BG definitely got dunked by any definition. I was trolling a tube in my kayak and some jerk in a boat was right on my tail in the channel. I moved to get him off my back and in the process snagged a buoy, which was at the perfect angle to yank my rod right out of the holder. About 45 minutes later I finally snagged the line with a snag hook and was able to recover the rod. I know it’s not advisable to fish a dunked reel but I did it anyways. I’m going to tear it down and oil/grease it tonight. Hopefully it’s not too screwed up.
  11. Thinking about giving it a shot but I haven’t been able to figure out whether any kind of license is required in NH...guess I could call F&G.
  12. Thanks, I actually just discovered that looking through old posts. I called and they don’t have them this time of year but you can order a flat.
  13. Are there any restrictions you are aware of? I know plenty of muddy spots I can access at low tide, any tips for picking a spot to try?
  14. Reviving this thread...now that Suds has finished selling them for the season, are there any other shops say in the York area that sell them? I'm willing to drive to a point but Saco for example is a bit far. I know plenty of fish are around but I'm just not having the same kind of success with Gulp and nightcrawlers on T&W and I've switched up to plastic and plugs from my kayak.
  15. Where you guys surf launch, is it just beaches for miles? Or are you just trying to shave off travel time to where you want to fish? I haven't surf launched yet but we have a few launches in harbors and inlets around here so I haven't found a need to. From what I've seen it doesn't seem worth the trouble if it can be avoided.