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  1. Interesting,I can’t imagine wax would be less of a dirt magnet but OK. This stuff is not really super thick like a shaving gel or something. It comes out as a thin foam and then settles into something slightly thicker than regular WD but not like a grease. I already put it on so I’ll let you guys know how it works. There’s not really any sand anywhere launch so maybe it won’t be an issue.
  2. So at the end of the day, am I fine just hitting the chains, sprocket shaft and pedals with that WD40 gel every 2 or 3 trips?
  3. Thanks. What kind of grease do you like?
  4. I just put some on the chains and cables so far since I figured it couldn't do any harm. My drive only has a few uses but I want to make sure it's protected from the start. I also rinse after each use of course. I guess I'm talking about every trip to every few trips kind of maintenance. The roller bearings already have grease from the factory, right? I've seen some people say that applying anything additional, especially a standard WD40 or product that contains solvent, can break the grease down and make things worse than doing nothing. Should I leave the bearing alone other than periodic/yearly maintenance?
  5. I went out in Little Bay on my kayak late last night. There was tons of eelgrass, making it super frustrating. It was a slow start to the evening but I eventually got into a bunch of schoolies on plastics and plugs and around 3am about 4 hours into the flood some mid/upper 20” bass on eels. Hoping things start heating up soon!
  6. Has anybody tried this stuff for mirage drive maintenance? It’s supposed to stay put and lubricate more than standard WD40.
  7. Yeah, I had read that in a review put out by Payne Outdoors:
  8. Supposedly the gunwales are lower vs. the old Outback design, so maybe it’s possible? It looks pretty nice and given there’s no turbo fin or rudder upgrades to do, the price increase isn’t all that bad. Looking forward to your review if you get one.
  9. I have a couple more "what's it for?" questions, because I feel like these must have some clever functions I'm missing....One is the small elastic loop on the hinge side of the center hatch. Is it meant to keep the 180 shifting cables from flopping around? Also, there's a padeye on the deck by the hatch, opposite the bungee for holding the fins up. I can hook the bungee onto the padeye to keep it from dangling but it's a bit of a stretch. Is it for anything specific or is it just to provide a symmetrical look?
  10. Yeah, NH is the same way. In fact they have been toying with the idea of requiring ALL canoes and kayaks to be registered.
  11. I went out yesterday morning. There was a decent breeze and I took a fair number of splashes over the side (enough that I was getting a wet butt and had to use the drain feature a few times). I didn’t have a big issue with water dripping in, but with regards to salt on my lures? I just pulled the basket out and gave it a quick rinse with the hose when I got back. It’s basically a strainer so everything has dried nicely by today. In the bottom half of the bucket, everything is either not metal or in a bag of some sort (I have different leaders in ziplocks) but it really only had a few drops and I didn’t bother doing anything.
  12. I was out this morning in my kayak and didn’t see a single pogie school between Little Harbor and Rye Harbor. Have they left? Didn’t catch or mark many bass out front and there were a lot of seals. I caught a decent amount schoolies in the harbor and back channel with the biggest about 25” or 26”. I thought today would be ideal conditions but it’s hard to come by big bass.
  13. I wonder if treating the gaskets with 303 a few times a season would help?
  14. I did get the shallow one with dividers, but it doesn't hold a whole lot. It could hold a small assortment of hooks, jigs, weights, spare batteries, etc., but it's not big enough for my plastics and a few plugs. It's nice they include it, though. Yeah, I'm flipping it to car top and store.
  15. I like it, thanks. Only thing is, then you have to transfer from another container each trip. But that would be a lot of storage.