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  1. I managed to get out for a few hours this weekend and got on some more spanish. I take back what i said about them not fighting hard. these ones gave me some really good runs! I think that the water last was just so cold that they were barely fighting (with that being said, it was so cold that I was surprised they were even there!). all in all, I am just happy that it seems i have finally figured these spanish out. it seems that bones have started to move in so hopefully i will be getting tight with them pretty soon!
  2. i have no idea if its not a bluefish, albie or bone. the spanish macks arent like that and they also have spots and markings
  3. is it not a bluefish? they are really bloody and oily
  4. I was on long island yesterday (i know not jersey), and had a couple around that range and some that felt bigger were hooked by some people in my group. We also got lucky and came across the elusive spanish macks for a bit and after weeks of searching I got my first one
  5. haha whether or not they bite, i will still be there
  6. I have been hearing more and more reports of the spanish coming back inshore. Will definitely be putting the work in on Sunday!
  7. I am not sure, but I kind of have that feeling too. From reading reports every once in awhile I scroll through something saying they saw macks popping out of range. There are times when it is obvious that its just blues. for example, i was at the squan a few weeks ago and there were legit acres of blues. really dope, but not what i wanted. now it is possible that the pelagics are underneath but i am not sure. with all that being said, i will be spending a lot of time in this next chunk of the season, targeting these little speedsters!
  8. So, this past weekend I fished basically all weekend. I fished from sandy down to ocean city. i managed one couple pound blue, a couple pound bass, and a dink bass. this was one hell of a grind. its been a slow spring during the times ive been able to get out. the 2 bigger fish came off a 5/8 bucktail with a fluke and the dink came off a 4 inch swimbait.
  9. All I can say is keep grinding bro. I've only been able to make it to the salt a few times this year and have managed to get a handful of fish, but it hasn't been easy.
  10. thanks all! i'm leaning towards either the penn battalion, prevail or one of the ticas. just gotta check em in store today and make my decision
  11. well i have a campsite booked there this weekend soooo ill be fishing it hard
  12. yeah i was looking at penn rods but i was unsure as to how sensitive they are?
  13. Hey all, I am looking for a surf rod between 8 and 9 feet that is good for throwing lighter lures in the 1/2-2.5 oz range. I am primarily looking to spend under $100, but would consider going up to the $150 range. The rod will be paired to a 4000 size penn battle. Thanks!
  14. i tried a few bridges in the st petersburg/tampa area. i really didnt get anything there. i had one run on the jig, a few hits, and a few blowups. i hit a little canal and some ponds in the same area and got some cichlids, bass and mosquitofish. on the way out i hit a spot on the skyway bridge and got a white grunt. very slow, but i managed to put something together
  15. haha, i left yesterday. it was a freaking grind though