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  1. thanks all! i'm leaning towards either the penn battalion, prevail or one of the ticas. just gotta check em in store today and make my decision
  2. well i have a campsite booked there this weekend soooo ill be fishing it hard
  3. yeah i was looking at penn rods but i was unsure as to how sensitive they are?
  4. Hey all, I am looking for a surf rod between 8 and 9 feet that is good for throwing lighter lures in the 1/2-2.5 oz range. I am primarily looking to spend under $100, but would consider going up to the $150 range. The rod will be paired to a 4000 size penn battle. Thanks!
  5. i tried a few bridges in the st petersburg/tampa area. i really didnt get anything there. i had one run on the jig, a few hits, and a few blowups. i hit a little canal and some ponds in the same area and got some cichlids, bass and mosquitofish. on the way out i hit a spot on the skyway bridge and got a white grunt. very slow, but i managed to put something together
  6. haha, i left yesterday. it was a freaking grind though
  7. Hi all, I'm from the Philadelphia area, but will be down in Tampa this weekend and wanna know what's up. Any advice about what's currently biting, general areas, lures, etc. would be greatly appreciated! I'm only bringing my medium rod, so I'm mainly looking for inshore game stuff. Thanks!
  8. I've never used a kastking rod, but i have used their braid and for the price it's hella good. I don't have enough experience with different braids to give yall a good comparison, but it definitely is some good line!
  9. this is a topic that gets my blood flowing. i care a whole lot about our fishery and it sickens me seeing pictures of giant stripers dead on a boat. i am a firm believer in introducing a slot limit (not only would it help the fish, it would also help the people because those giant cows have loads of junk in them). i think that the big spawning sites definitely should be shut down during the spawn. i think that in order to protect our fishery, we need to have stricter laws, but also there needs to be people who are upholding those laws and making sure people follow them.
  10. I feel like I would only be throwing em on light tackle in the bay
  11. Love it when people release the big girls!!
  12. Second time fishing the salt this year last night and managed one short out back in south Jersey. put up a good fight on light tackle.
  13. i have no problem with people taking a fish every once in awhile, but I think we can all agree that OUR fishery is in danger, and we gotta do something about it.
  14. i fully recommend braid. i then have 4-6 feet of fluorocarbon leader. this way i get the sensitivity, strength, and castability of braid and still get the invisibility of the fluoro
  15. Here's fat carp thought he was a trout and ate my corn and then there are 2 rainbows and a brown. All are beautiful fish!