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  1. Just bookmarked this entire thread. Fascinating source of info. You will see a new fly rodder at our ditch in the near future.
  2. Thoughts are with you, BFD -Matt Kinney
  3. Experiencing the same issue and have for a few months.
  4. Great book... I know the one you’re talking about.
  5. As a relative beginner I’m a believer in the swivel. I can tie a prettied leader with clip to braid with palomar trough swivel. Works great and can be tied in dark.
  6. Dr. Slick with the braid scissors. Replaceable blades and clamp tips. Salt safe. $55.... been bery happy with the purchase.
  7. Didn’t read all posts... Tsunsmi SaltX - Fully sealed, forged stainless, 50lbs drag... Was in market for VS but this is a potential game changer.
  8. White with blue head worked for me when herring showed up
  9. I have since pointed many friends in the direction of this thread. A great aggregate of accurate info.
  10. I would like to second this sentiment. While I do not live as close as Mark (jealous), I have been able to devote consistent time and effort and will continues to do so this year. To be honest, the Canal surprised me and now has a special place in my heart. I have not run into any dicks, rather I have bumped into some pretty endearing folks. This forum helped me solidify some of the ettiequte. For that I thank you, Ditch Trolls!
  11. Great plug beyond the canal too.
  12. Got to hold this reel with a Penn rep the other day. After only 5 outings on the canal I had the same thought.... could be a game changer. Conflict II is an awesome reel before the long cast.
  13. Sorry Plum and jckcrr. Don’t have either of those apps. Enjoy them jckcrr. Thanks for patience, Plum!
  14. Do you take Venmo? If so I’ll take the lot for asking price.