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    In a non-negotiable attachment to the grind that is putting stripers on the sand.
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    Fishing, hunting, surfing, golfing.
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    Teacher, Coach, Dorm Parent

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    Midcoast Maine
  1. Pm sent. I will take the Big Eye Danny. Thanks!
  2. I appreciate the deferral! All yours @Bulldog Fish it hard. Thanks!
  3. I’ll take if transaction falls through
  4. likewise
  5. 225 for cvex?
  6. Looking to add a backup to my arsenal before my season. Something that I can loan to guests and new anglers. Let me know if anyone is trying to offload a 9wt.
  7. Fun thread! The herring bar has been set very high. Better get started...
  8. Going to have to add rams wool into the mix. Thanks for taking the time to post the photos
  9. CW- Definitely going to be monitoring that website. 1st class
  10. Inspiring stuff. What fibers other than bucktail are you using for tails? EP Fibers?
  11. Those stingers are cool. I grew up in Western Washington and picked a few up last year out there. They work great here in Maine!
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 4 is for 7-9 weight?
  13. Absolutely beautiful. Your Insta page is always inspiring, thank you!
  14. White bucktail!