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  1. Wet
  2. Bank
  3. Banana
  4. #live life in mocean???? Maybe it means my ocean
  5. Thread is totally useless without photos
  6. No record didnt wiegh it caught below tmi
  7. Porta potties at canal ???? Never new that
  8. My family goes to the Cape Cod Canal for a week every year to stay near the railroad bridge on the cape side we pick up almost a full trash bag everyday. You wouldn't believe how many of those little damn nip alcohol bottles are laying around
  9. 10 cents a pc credit for spinners my dad used to drop em off on his way to his job in alaska
  10. The Bargain Cave is no more at the Hamburg store
  11. There's lots of them up at Niagara Falls New York black squirrels
  12. Just picked these up yesterday going give them a shot got them for 1499 instead of 2599 their mistake
  13. That's a hell of a lot of cheaters losers and liars and low life scum. Let me take a guess you fish by yourself lot don't you
  14. Went to the Hamburg Cabela's over the weekend got these Rapala Lures there .The Shelf had marked 1499 the register running it up as 2499 luckily we stayed there overnight went back the next day at the service counter they were telling me they were 2499 I walked back to the Rack and there was a guy there already printing stickers up that said 2499 really seems like a ****how. I took four of them then for 1499. I'm pretty sure there's something illegal about marking a price on something that doesn't have a price tag and then having it rang up $10 more at the door.eff you bass pro
  15. Sweet plug im in
  16. If anybody would know about 10 year old boys stinky asses you would red
  17. Its there im no good w links
  18. We should each adopt a few then chop them up and use them for crab or Lobster bait. I got bit by one when I was about ten I guess I'm lucky to even be here I just bit me on the ass and let go
  19. The plane would never got off of the ground if everybody that showed up look like this what would they do then? That's sad but I think they might have to start charging by weight or how many seats you need!!!
  20. How about if you have a giant on either side of you you can't even move you should got your ticket for free. some of these people are getting that fat that it's a safety hazard for the rest of us like the big fellow sitting 3/4 in the aisle How are you getting by him ? Think emergency situations and your behind him
  21. What kind of bird houses they're not all the same for all birds
  22. I would eat that
  23. Gota love them surface pros
  24. The yellow part?