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  1. We call them monkey Vines
  2. No punishment equals no deterrent .Any crime with a gun is supposed to be a five-year Federal mandated sentence.
  3. Golden
  4. Not Bigfoot trench foot
  5. What about petifile pervert and catholic boy but surfer
  6. 6 pages and now it actually makes sense
  7. Im not on fake book just wondering how there could possibly be 30 genders???? So there's like 28 in betweens???
  8. The first pic I thought one of your dogs had a diarrhea explosion look on craigslist materials section you might be able to find something nice relatively cheap
  9. Great report and pics capt Terry
  10. Vent
  11. Cold
  12. Stink foot not Bigfoot
  13. I left my fishing rod lay in the parking lot but you're supposed to call the police after you see it
  14. To hell with the main how about in The Tavern should I put my knives up or down
  15. Ksong didn't you leave that Rod laying in a parking lot??? Somebody finding a rod laying in a parking lot abandoned! is a lot different than someone stealing a fishing rod
  16. Lets not stop there lets stop all shore fishing for all species. Why just stop stop at closing the canal?
  17. What do you got to do to get banned from the main like catch and release???
  18. Who would have known weed good for everything you got
  19. Wish I still had mine from back in the day I had that same boat you got hovercraft
  20. Thanks for the story catch release that's about what I expected to hear out of you. I told the captain
  21. Good for you scallywag fight the good fight
  22. Thats awesome
  23. Thoughts and prayers for you red
  24. yeah I asked him two days ago about the Halibut trip he just blew it all I think he's just pissed cuz everybody but him caught a fish.
  25. How true it is