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  1. Mr Landru good on you.for not going postal on your ex and her spawn !
  2. I went on a river cruise today . Have fun jimmy1956! The car bridge is i81 at Harrisburg
  3. Are you going to actually look at the house before you buy it ? Or are you good with internet pics?
  4. Moar blood lol
  5. This Canada game is pretty good
  6. This Eggzackly!!! If your nuts ,you get locked up , we don't need you panhandling on every freaking corner.
  7. 19 kids under 10 and 3 teachers was just reported
  8. Just send a money order it's easy!
  9. They do the same in Southern Pennsylvania!
  10. We had a Wal-Mart shooting incident here over the weekend Shooter out already on 20 k bail I blame relaxed laws on chit like this! You open fire in a wally world, you should be drug behind a car till your just a pile of mush Slowly ! Life in prison is not a deterrent!!!!!
  11. Msg good to the rags .
  12. Old age !!
  13. You should bring it to the fruke fring
  14. Thanks Dan !