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  1. I new you would find a way to gay up the threads
  2. Oh we can still high jack it , just wait a minute!
  3. Meh just touch one at a time while your hanging from the rope your good to go .
  4. Must be hot nurse day or something holy crap , I'd get pic's but I respect them for what they do !
  5. Reds feet will never look that good !
  6. Ditchbag


    Nobody cares what thier name is lol
  7. I'd do that for free , at least for a few days !
  8. Looks like a good time !
  9. Now we know why the trains look the way they do !
  10. Don't nock it till you try it , it's like next level good . Especially out of a cast iron pan they get that sear going !
  11. Never fight anything 3 times your size !
  12. My favorite breakfast corn pancakes with fresh strawberries and real maple syrup. Figured I better get it in me now I got chemotherapy at 2. God I love strawberries!
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