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  1. 23 gold medals by a stoner how can that be?????????????????????????????????????????????????
  2. That one always shuts the haters down
  3. Its at the fishing pier scusset
  4. Got me some thanks BAsspd
  5. Zoom in and you'll know exactly where this picture was taken.
  6. Zoom in you will see where this is from
  7. It's a shame this thing died Out there was some really good stories on there. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all keep em tight!!!!!
  8. How fast is that rig?
  9. Wow some good stories, its not always the biggest fish or filling the boat that makes a good fishing story.Rather the company your with and situations you get into. KEEP EM COMING ITS ALOT BETTER THAN READING THE WEED FILES.
  10. Two weed threads going stronger than a fishing story thread that says a lot.
  11. I'm going to go on High Times website to see if they want to talk about fishing
  12. I'll try to keep this thing going with the fishing stories I think that's a lot better than reading about all this other crap that's on a fishing site. Again was fishing in Alaska for Pike hooked one on a Heddon topwater mouse that had an aluminum propeller in front of a topwater lure .A big giant thing came in and engolfed it. Swam straight into a tree top that was in the water few tugs here and there and the line broke because we're only using 17 lb test mono.Took a bit of a break ate a sammich then started fishing again this time casting a Blue Fox vibrax number 6 silver one of my favorite pike lures. Hooked into something Giant had a lot of weight to it got it to the boat after a few minutes cuz Pike don't have any lung power .It was the same fish I had hooked earlier with the headon top water Mouse in it's Mouth .That Pike was 52 in Long. Best part was I had my dad my brother a few cousins and a few close friends along what an awesome memory that trip was.
  13. Where is a good place to look at or buy one of these buy one of these trikes?