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  1. You forgot to put fagg parsley on your plate
  2. the real just keeps going round and round
  3. Shotgun pm me the details.thanjs
  4. How can anybody watch this s*** and not think we need snipers on rooftops????
  5. Coming up on the 51st anniversary of these riots I was only six months old at the time.
  6. We call madtoms Stonecatties here they our top bait here if you got the time to get em .
  7. What is a freshwater tarpon and what's a mad Tom?
  8. I didn't know they take cats into space you learn something new everyday. Thanks Bernie
  9. Its a red joke don't take offense.
  10. are you saying all the photos that show the Earth as a sphere from low earth orbit are wrong????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  11. Dug a bunch of rocks out of my yard did some leveling did some grass seeding
  12. Sawtooth
  13. I checked Wayne's math and he's right you know.