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  1. Sweet meat!!!!
  2. We Stop feeding when they show up, usually 6 or 8 at a time
  3. I don't need to watch it agam ! Do you realy think if there was a video out that (debunked) anything nasa would put it on youtube?
  4. Let me get this right now you don't believe is slave ships or peripheral vision?
  5. Sorry Jack I'm not watching a 3 1/2hour video! How bout cliff notes what's troubling you?
  6. And yet these people spent 6+ weeks like this , while I know lots of them died on the way over it seems like 14 days in a cramped space capsule would be a cake walk in comparison!!!!
  7. Is that all you gots?
  8. Done
  9. Got a joke for ya Why don't Asian women date black men?
  10. It's called gullible flattard dipchittery!
  11. So your going with CGI agam?
  12. The video shows how stoopid gullible and indoctrinated flattards are ,easy pickings!!!!
  13. Did you notice the ball fell at an angle? Did they show harnesses, or just imply that they had harnesses on? Did you notice the ball fall in slow motion? Fag!!
  14. I wasted 2 minutes of my life on that , you should watch them yourself you would see how stoopid they are!!!!! And I can't stand that guy's voice