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  1. Thats awesome
  2. What do you got to do to get banned from the main like catch and release???
  3. Thoughts and prayers for you red
  4. yeah I asked him two days ago about the Halibut trip he just blew it all I think he's just pissed cuz everybody but him caught a fish.
  5. How true it is
  6. Next time go with ksong no gay crap fishing 24/7
  7. Did you get to go trout fishing?
  8. Pics of the shortest shorts or it didn't happen
  9. please tell us about the Halibut trip
  10. Same for me porterhouse just a little bit of salt and pepper rub on it corn on the cob and baby red potatoes
  11. that's odd common sense from Massachusetts.
  12. Why is there lines through the second half of the article
  13. Good shoot nice buck
  14. something like this or else a green mackerel pattern
  15. I use Williamson Surface Pro lures all the time oops I hope that's not a lure burn use them on stripers when I can find them