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  1. You could get about 40 bucks worth of dry ice and put in one cooler and freeze your fillets as you get them
  2. Hops is probably closely related to cannabis
  3. if you start a new thread called which reel is best for the canal you might get some good answers what you're doing now it's called a thread hijack
  4. Get yourself a half a dozen eels leave an hour earlier get your fish and get out of there
  5. Dont forget your snakeproof boots for the salt water rattlesnakes especially if you're going to fish after dark when it cools down and they're most active
  6. I'm in for the awesome scabelli plug
  7. Straight from Google
  8. Jtr I think I had a run-in with you on here before you're just totally out to lunch buddy making shet up as you go
  9. Marijuana is the number two substance for treatment you better check your facts better yet call treatment center ask him about marijuana abuse treatment they'll laugh at you
  10. Uncle John you should have read a few of the post this thing was over last night at 9
  11. Thats alot of people you're calling brain dead
  12. Don't watch the three fishheads video you will throw up what sucks as you would get arrested if you picked them up to feed your family
  13. Im in swwweeeet
  14. So where's all the car crashes and melee That was supposed to come with this weed being legalized
  15. Anybody ever tied a heavy hook on a line and try Dragging any of the canal . I caught an sp, needle and 2 -5oz bucktails on 30 lb Power Pro all at one time. They were all in good shape I was happy