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  1. I’ll take them if you can ship them soon? If so PM me your info. Thanks.
  2. Maybe. What are the length and weights?
  3. Consider splitting? Interested in the cotten cordell pencil popper and tsunami popper. Shipped and PP?
  4. I’ll take them. PM me your PP. let me know when you can ship.
  5. Price on Gibbs pro pencil shipped/PP?
  6. I’ll pass. Thanks. GLWS
  7. Do you know the length and weight for both?
  8. Shipped and PayPal?
  9. how about these two?
  10. Would you consider splitting? Interested in the bottle plug
  11. I’ll wait for RI surfing to reply. If passed how much for these three? I’m in Weymouth and can do pickup or shipping.
  12. How much is shipping to 02188?
  13. I’ll take them at 32. immediate PayPal. PM me your info
  14. I’ll take lot 1. PM me your info. Thanks
  15. Sounds good. I’ll try to get out to you within the next couple of days.