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  1. I’ll shoot you a PM
  2. Where in Mass are you? Would like to offer 20 for lot 1 if we can meet.
  3. Would you ship? 02188
  4. Thanks again. Is there a better approach (like parking) than walking from the beach?
  5. Thanks for the input. Any idea if I can access that spot if I’m walking from the Humarock beach?
  6. I’ll be in the area of fourth cliff next week. Been thinking of surfcasting there but I’ve never fished there, but curious if I can just walk the beach/coast line, or is that off limits? any other comments or tips on that area are appreciated.
  7. Respectfully offer 75. Immediate PP
  8. If it falls through, I will pay asking. Shipped.
  9. If green machine passes or doesn’t reply, I’m interested
  10. Offer withdrawn GLWS
  11. How many plugs can you fit in it?
  12. 20 for the Polaris also?
  13. Interested in the lot depending on the weight range.
  14. splitting? Interested in 1st and 3rd.
  15. What are the weights?