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  1. Took a look at it today. Something happened to the main control board and a few of the components were fried. An IC a diode a resistor were all burnt out. These were small surface mount components and the traces were probably damaged. Not worth repairing. Will get replacement board off ebay. Not sure how this happened...failed not when it was in use..I'm thinking it's possible there was some sort of power surge maybe tstorm related.
  2. Went out today again looking for some bones. None to be found..looks to me the wind direction put the brakes on those fish that were here for a few days.
  3. Seems like a slow year for you Mike. Last year you were crushing.
  4. Its a whirlpool top loader model WTE6600SW1. Havent yet looked at it but apparently the problem according to my dad is theres no power or "dead" as he put it. Hes not a complete dummy so i assume all the basics such as breaker power to the unit and safety switches all in order. We shall see. Everyone call me Adam.
  5. Became a fan of yours when in another thread about hvac repair you were not quick to assume a problem. Huge problem that spans many fields is that people assume things rather then look at something objectively. Happens not only in technical fields but is common with doctors. I look foward to learning and contributing what i can. Not going to rattle off all the stuff I'm accomplished in would only come off as boastful. To keep it simple I'm the guy a lot of people come and see to make their problems go away. (Technical problems) You mentioned youre in appliance repair..I dabble with appliance repair as the need arises with friends and family. Do you happen to have access to service or repair manuals for whirlpool washing machines? My father is having some problems with his.
  6. Just found this diy forum and really am enjoying it. Ben lippen scallywag you guys seem to know your stuff. I'm a bit of a diyer myself and like to do quality work. Having said all that... with regards to this thread and shoddy work heres a quote that I really like: Why is there never enough time to do something right but always enough time to do something over?
  7. Wow never seen something like this before. Must've been a pretty penny when it was new. As everyone has mentioned led bulbs are cheap and replaceable. Yet another reason to not jump on the new technology bandwagon until a few years have passed.
  8. Good thread. Amateur beekeeper myself going on 10 yrs. Skeeter provided some good info on mites.
  9. Wont be anywhere near there but why not (as others suggested) give info on the reel as that will be much easier to spot then the fine print on the rod?
  10. I highly doubt any doctor will put their neck on the line and give you a green light. If it were me and my pregnant wife I would limit her to a serving and call it quits. If its on the smaller side I would say the younger the fish is the safer it is.
  11. Great reading about "the good old days" even though it wss way before my time. bad as it is can always get worse. Lets keep our foot on the gas towards conservation as to not let it get worse.
  12. Interesting that a generator would lure fish in? Lesrn something new everyday. I like the hat btw.
  13. It was obvious...but theres always the hope that there will be a change and not just business as usual. At least I made you laugh out loud in front of your keyboard!
  14. I'm actually quite bummed out about this. It stinks.
  15. You guys are hysterical. Not far from the truth either! The Socialist republic of New Jersey feels like bizzaro world and humor helps me cope with the insanity. True story...every time I go away on vacation(not often) Im too embarrassed to tell people what I pay for property taxes. Its like self admitting Im retarded.