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  1. Fusion 360 is an amazing piece of software..I highly recommend it
  2. Saw this a while ago. While I agree beach replenishment is ineffective, bad for the ecosystem and a tremendous waste of resources that could otherwise be used for more effective methods to combat beach errosion I think too many people like to blame it for everything that's wrong. I think it's only one variable in the perfect storm of events occuring that is responsible for the sad state of recreational saltwater fishing. Just my .02
  3. Ive read in past threads that the netters take a pretty heavy toll on this still going on or a thing of the past? (In the back I know the answer as it pertains to out front)
  4. Anyone have any insight into figuring out how long the bunker will hang around the back? Or is it totally unpredictable like the weather?
  5. No kidding about the smell. My sons first fish was a nice sized hickory shad at an inlet last fall. There was an asian dude nearby we gave it to him. He was happy..said he was going to make a soup with it.
  6. It might have been a 4000 but I'm not 100%
  7. Im one of those younger people you speak of only 2 years in. Garbage cans full of whiting eh? Yeah Id say that did some damage along with all the other people doing the same thing plus netters etc. Don't beat yourself up over it...hindsight is 20/20. I would have done the same thing. Thanks for sharing the experience and your brutal honesty!
  8. Thanks for sharing was debating going will keep that in mind next year.
  9. Very valid arguments.
  10. That makes sense!
  11. I 100% agree with you that theyre not. Im just trying to delve into the mind of someone that would spend $350 on pliers. The question was asked many times in this thread as to what exactly do these pliers better that other less expensive pliers cannot. The question was ignored so I posed a few hypotheses. But at least you laughed..thats all this thread is good for just about now.
  12. Now you told everyone what I'll be eating in a shtf scenario
  13. Apparently no one wants to admit the obvious. They get them not because they necessarily do something better. They get them because of the name and maybe because its some sort of status symbol. OR maybe theyre somewhat ignorant about cheaper alternatives that do the same thing.
  14. Interesting...not too familiar with twitch baits. What is the best way to work those? Am I varying the rate of retrieve, pausing etc? Or should the action be imparted with the rod like on a surface plug?
  15. Takes a lot of practice if you're learning on your own