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  1. Lol. Similar situation here. I will add that I try to be irritable before, but after I'm extra nice. Got a baby on the way in less then a month so all my tricks will soon be worthless.
  2. Practice will help you tremendously. If you dont get perfect pancakes every cast at home it will be that much harder on the water when you're dealing with wind or other variables. Also you need to be sight casting. Unless bait is in super thick. Ideally you should be getting everything you need in one or 2 tries. Sometimes you get only one try before you spook all the bait. Casting in an area with a sticky bottom is definitely not a good idea. 3/8 mesh is too big for your smaller bait fish. Good for peanuts and mullet.
  3. What type of bait are you looking to catch?
  4. Ouch. Note to self...file all barbs off when fishing at night
  5. Ive seen that as well. Not sure how strict the closure is enforced. I hate the fact that its closed and would hate to fish and be constantly looking over my shoulder. Part of the reason for fishing is for peace of mind. Besides if I start going then maybe another and another. Next thing you know they WILL strictly enforce. Not fair to some of those really nice guys that might be older and cant get to the hard to reach spots. They made it pretty damn obvious that the whole thing is off limits. Can't plead ignorance on that. Theres plenty of other backwaters to fish. This will all blow over soon. Its pretty friggin ridiculous but the end is in sight.
  6. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. This prayer is known as the serenity prayer and helps me in times of great stress. Hope it helps you. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
  7. Not yet
  8. No big gators. But these were decent for medium tackle.
  9. Got out early am back of moco and was rewarded with some solid bluefish action. Left them biting.
  10. If you've never been you're in for a treat. Its this magical place where you can still congregate in large numbers and spend spend spend on all the latest and greatest chinese wares. Check it out. You will thank me.
  11. It is interesting. I always check out the fishing section while Im in there. They really dont have too much stuff I use. Maybe some braid or leader material etc. They usually have a decent assortment of big metals. Always in stock. Was there the other day they were wiped out.
  12. Ive heard a lot of guys say this and I dont deny its true. In my case I must be hard of smelling. Ive been places where gators are charging through thick, breaking the surface, etc. Couldn't smell a thing.
  13. Everyone likes to know when blues are in. Lot of people use word of mouth, binocular crew, social media FB,instagram, message boards, reports threads, etc. One interesting method is....go to your local walmart. If all the 10ft combos, 100lb braid, and big metals and diamond jigs are can bet your bottom dollar that blues are in thick someplace not too far away.
  14. Not sure who owns what or any sort of weird technicalities but Im fairly certain the area in front of the south jetty south past the boardwalk had sand added. One thing is for sure is that they didn't build dunes in lieu of a seawall
  15. Joe adds value to this thread. Without him and a few other guys here that total fewer then I can count on one hand this reports thread would be total trash. His reports are legit he's a standup dude. If he says its 40 its a 40...let it be. Only thing he's guilty of is not mastering the dark art of making fish look bigger on camera then they actually are. He was also spot on in his assessment of what you add here.