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  1. Good video... you mentioned that you would cast while they went under....what was your trick for not snagging one or getting tangled by one?
  2. Part 1 Fished Friday SoMoco before the blow from 2:30-5pm. Nice water stiff east wind threw various metals. No luck. Saw a half dead bunker struggling in the wash which got me hopeful there was bait around...but no. Part 2 Went out again Sunday 3:30-7. Northern MoCo water stained. Visiblity only a few inches. Light west wind water flat like a lake. No observable bait. Saw quite a few guys out there. Had a lot of fun with casting practice bombing it out there and working on my topwater skills on the retrieve. Switched to plastic swimmers after dark. Nada. Saw someone else pick up a short. Had fun out there unlike some of the other guys. Seems to be a lot of disappointment with this "run" at least from the surf guys I chat with. Will be a while before I have any more outings due to schedule.
  3. Have to chime in and give a big congrats to jerseypride on catching and safely releasing that once in a lifetime fish. Im also proud to be in a community of anglers that see the value of conservation...unlike all the internet heros on Instagram and facebook that dont give two **** about anything except stroking their ego. Well done.
  4. Appreciate the info
  5. Can you give a vague description where? Moco? North central south?
  6. Theres a few marinas I can check out. Anything else I need to know when scoping out a marina for bait? Whats the best time of day? If there is no visible bait but the water is murky is it worth casting the net to see if I get anything? I have a 6' net 3/8 mesh 1lb per ft
  7. So this weekend is supposed to be nice and I would like to take my nephew fishing outfront. He's younger and a really good kid so I want him to have fun which means I would like to try and put him on some fish. I dont think he's ready for the plugging for a few hours and getting skunked just yet. So I think my best bet will be netting and live lining some bait. All the thick clouds of happy bait have disappeared out front. And since that is where I spend all my time fishing I dont know where else to look. Does anyone have any spots in back of MoCo where I can find bait? If spot burning precise locations is a concern could you PM me some ideas? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Lol sorry for your loss. Has happened to me before. These things are unavoidable in this game but after having this happen a time or two I started sharpening my hooks much more frequently, retying more often, cutting back a few ft of braid sooner rather then later. Used to hate doing all that preemptively but after a few misses have no problem with it now.
  9. Yesterday somoco out front 430pm-630pm Headed south for the sole reason of not wanting to stare at all the head boats and charters parked a few hundred yards off the beach. Beautiful wave action nice water slightly stained no big deal. No observable bait. Did catch the skunk though. Cracked a lower rod guide at the worst possible time...can and will be repaired. Time for an upgrade.
  10. Lol that's a good one...haven't heard that one before which is surprising because I'm a WWII history buff AND 100% pole blooded. Go figure. My absolute favorite fun fact to share about us Poles to fishermen is that the brains/inventor behind Van Stahl and ZeeBaas is Polish. Apparently not the best buisnessman though
  11. Out front central moco last night from 6-8. Lots of rainbait in the water as per usual. Was able to convince my dad who is not a fisherman to get out there with me. Nice surf fishable but worsening quickly. Caught a half dozen cocktail blues no bass. Had fun with the old man. Lots of guys out there didnt see anyone else hooking up. Will stay home with the fam on Sat and sit out the storm.
  12. The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.
  13. Shhhh you've said too much. Im holding you personally responsible if I get mugged thus weekend out front
  14. Awesome... did you get mugged?
  15. Out front NoMoco this am from 630-8. Water flat as to be expected with the current forecast. Water clear with loads of rainbait. Bunker breaking the surface in the distance. LOTS of birds and dolphins working 1/4mi out of casting range. Saw a good number of boats going from pod to pod working their way north...didnt see anyone hooking up. Got one @ 22 on a surface plug.