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  1. You're right the system is broken. About 2 weeks ago I saw some non English speaking guests hoisting stringers of half a dozen or more gator blues. The people in charge of fishery management in the Northeast have a horrible track record.
  2. You had a good improvisation. I dont think his rig is very complicated split shot and circle hook. Its the way he fishes them in the rips that requires some experience.
  3. I think the tariffs will be a good thing. Goods will go from being dirt cheap to not so dirt cheap. A lot of the chinese crap theyre dumping here is one time use non repairable garbage that is filling up our landfills. Politicians, buisness leaders, and consumers should all be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen in the first place and for so long. These people sold out their countrymen for $ and are worse then the Chinese as far as Im concerned. One more thing...the USA thrived and survived LONG before all these chinese goods started getting dumped here. So for all of you that think this is the end of the world get your **** together.
  4. Or maybe you did nothing wrong. Sometimes they're just not on the feed.
  5. Nice to hear they made it up there.
  6. Well stated. Any idea what states to look into?
  7. Took a trip moco in the back last hour of incoming into the first hour of out going. Quite a few people. Saw about 3-4 large blues gaffed/landed. Overall pretty slow. Landed 4 cocktails. Dropped 3 as well. Sometimes I think they latch onto the metal sans trailer and go for a little ride then pop off. Would have liked to try a few more spots but I had places to be.
  8. Ive read that the standard moco jetties really don't combat beach erosion all that well which is why they notched many of them. A 'T' jetty is a different story. Even though we all know beach replenishment is ineffective its amazing how powerful the ocean is to wipe out all that beach replenishment and tax dollars after one storm. Even more amazing is how they do this over and over and get away with it.
  9. Good pointers here. I think taking any measures to appear you're not mugging should be taken. Do not squeeze in anywhere. Ask if its ok to join. Pay very close attention to the current. Pay attention to when your neighbors cast and do not cast at the same time. Try really hard not to cross lines. It happens to everyone but if happens more then a few times in a short period of time you should probably move. Make some well appreciated light hearted banter. Start out throwing different plugs to what everyone else is doing.
  10. Yeah my mind was blown as well. 100 foot boat drifting sideways through a heavily travelled narrow channel. Coast guard was out while this was going on...apparently they took no issue with it and allowed it.
  11. Took the nephew out saturday various spots throughtout the day in the back of OC and moco. I never usually go on the weekends because I like to preserve my sanity. It was quite the circus as mc55 stated. The amount of people out there along with party boats fishing where they have no buisness being boggles my mind. I'll remember those names and never fish on those boats again with family friends etc. It was quite the show. Fares casting to the banks tangling guys from shore. C'mon Captain you gotta tell them that isnt necessary when you're on a boat. Anyway..the nephew and I did well. We had to work for them landed 6 with the largest at 12lbs. Lost a quite a few as well. I think he's hooked.
  12. Ive removed it without heat wasn't that easy but doable. The problem with using heat is you may cook the seals and that sucks. To do this successfully make sure you turn use the proper rotation when loosening. One side has a left hand thread. The reel must be held solid in some sort of fixture. I'll leave that for you to figure out. Lastly you must use a wrench on the removal tool to get enough of the torque needed to break it loose. When applying torque you must make sure to provide ample axial force to the removal tool to avoid stripping out the aluminum. Its all doable but not so easy.
  13. Everyone has given good advice. One thing that hasnt been mentioned is..when you're fishing the open beach its a really good idea to keep moving. Stay mobile and keep fishing the various forms of structure.
  14. Was out yesterday evening in front and back of moco. It was very quiet. A lot of disappointment with those dragging a diamond jig. Saw a lot of disrespectful handling/taking of fish past few days so I was happy not to witness a slaughter.
  15. Any fish?