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  1. The Inuit have many ways of describing snow. The surf fisherman is limited by the english language on all the different ways to describe white water. One way to look at is like this...if you were a striped bass and keying in on prey...which structure would you use to best help your odds of getting a meal while expending the least amount of energy possible? Which structure gives you an advantage over your prey? Bass have the advantage over small bait in white water. Obviously if its white water thats 6inches deep on a bar in broad daylight that's not the ideal spot to place your cast.
  2. Great picture. Does look tempting with all that fog and nobody around.
  3. Late report. Tried a popular spot at an inlet somewhere in somoco 2 nights ago. Nothing going on. Dead. Saw one 3-4 lb blue caught out of several dudes fishing. I call it casting practice. Amazing. Went someplace else last night in the back and a couple of small bass nothing to brag about. There was some bait around but still no bunker sightings in spots they were super thick earlier on.
  4. I was born and raised north of the Driscoll in Woodbridge twnship and moved south about 12 yrs ago. It got much busier up there these past few yrs when i visit. Lot of Staten Island people moving into my parts. I like them. Mostly good people. It took my neighbors about three yrs to start opening their blinds up during the day but they're coming around and starting to normalize. Hey @fishless congrats on your sale...where you gonna move ? Would love to sell mine at a profit but unless i move in with the parents i got nowhere to go.
  5. Thats cool. What size BT if you don't mind me asking?
  6. My sister lives in Bergen county. 1hr 30min assuming everything goes without a hitch. That never happens though, theres always an accident, construction, or just a plain old high volume mess. Ends up being over 2hrs each way, half a tank of gas, $20+ in tolls, screaming/crying/vomiting in the backseat. I dont miss going there.
  7. I agree. Fishing is an art. Guys that do well crafted their techniques over God knows how many hours. Had a chance recently to fish near a guy that was a top notch fisherman. It was nice to watch his approach. Different then mine in some ways but everyone has their own touch.
  8. Were you in central moco with a buddy?
  9. You get bonus points for fishing moco out front and with bugs when nobody else is. And modest too that fish looks way bigger then 24"
  10. Sounds like you guys had fun. I still think it wouldve been better during vampire hours.
  11. Do you guide?
  12. Honest report. As George Carlin once wisely stated..."the public sucks **** hope" Havent seen the posting you speak of. Dont blame you for wanting to shut down the whole internet. Went last night to check out some spots deep in the back in your neck of the woods and there wasnt a whole lot going on. Thought I was being clever by going south to avoid crowds and leave pre spawn fish alone. Looks like I outsmarted myself once again.
  13. I dont we have enough time to do a NICS check on you.
  14. Alright one con.
  15. Well I did mention some of you guys have manners that could only have been taught by a pack of wolves. Isnt licking a part of their social interaction?