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  1. All from land. I stashed a pwc and a nice sit on top kayak at the bay house. Neither is set up for fishing although I do have the skillset needed to make that happen if needed.
  2. More great advice...much appreciated. Question..its March 1st and good conditions no fishing reports to go by..where do you go..BB or RB or doesnt matter? (I know it seems like Im focusing too much on location bear with me..its really more a question of has a migration taken effect early as March 1st or am I fishing for residents)
  3. Lol haha Im sure we're talking about the same pier. Yes very amusing crowd. One of two places I visit for laughs..the other being the municipal boat ramp at Atlantic Highlands. But this is why I ask if they produce in the spring because its quite the sh*t show in summer.
  4. Great advise. Reason Im asking about location is because those piers seem to be dead zones during the summer months. Bait water temp etc very important i agreee. Thanks for the advise...still working on getting that keeper bass. Ive had a few just shy..but still working on the keeper. (Not to keep)
  5. Thanks for all the responses. I have year round access to a vacation home in SSP that a family member owns. Theres a few piers in that they produce in the early spring? What about fishing the bay inside of of IBSP?
  6. I was there recently..same story as you. Went a few other places...same results. One guy couldnt figure out what I was fishing for. He thought blackfish.
  7. Wow she really gets an 'A' for effort. Downside is her expectations will be high. IMO its easy to shop for an outdoorsman/woman anything marketed with "Gore-tex" " waterproof" "breathable" "tactical" and 9 times out of 10 its a winner. I have nothing but problems shopping for my wife. All the stuff she likes looks the same to me. In your case 8 weeks is good....real good. Hopefully she drops some hints. If you still have no idea 1 week out..."borrow" her phone. History folder/ recent tabs. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  8. Hey guys so Im in the surf fishing game for about 2 years (should have quit fall of 2017 but now Im hooked for good) . Over those 2 years Ive been spending a lot of time in front and in back of MoCo. Ive fished SSP, IBSP, and BI several times as well. Ive a pretty good idea about what all those places have to offer during the different times of year. One place I really want to try this spring is Barnegat Bay. In Moco theres a few different regions..north central and south. While similar each region has its own feel. Also certain parts of Moco are better to fish during certain conditions or time of year. Does the same thing apply to BB? Do you guys spilt it into different geographical sections? If so what are they ? Is fishing the eastern side of the Bay from the barrier island different from fishing the western side? Are certain sections better to fish? I know that certain parts of the bay are dirtier then others. How about the wind? Is the bay unfishable under certain weather conditions or is it mainly just a water clarity issue? Is there any point fishing the flats or is it better to find deeper water? Im a total noob to BB and would appreciate any help or advise you guys have to offer.
  9. That Al Gore has quite the resume. Did you know he also invented the internet?
  10. Impressive. Never tried that. Wearing gloves while being outdoors during an extended period of time in sub freezing temps is so ingrained into my mind that I never really considered not wearing them.
  11. Sounds like a pretty slick setup. Wool seems like the best option. My setup lasts me about 2 hours if Im not catching any fish. When catching fish everything heats up like magic.
  12. I'm not finding any which is a bummer. Maybe someone else can chime in.
  13. Thanks everyone for the advice. Some studs have a tungsten carbide core/tip is it worth getting that? I know that in the machine tool world carbide can be brittle.
  14. The cold usually becomes a problem when the hands/gloves get wet. I tried a lot of gloves with different fabrics etc. Too lose dexterity. Neoprene...nfg. Still haven't found a glove that works for me. Dont think it exists. Not spending over 100 either. The trick that works for me are those latex coated palm work gloves. I keep a spare in the chest pocket of the waders for when my first pair gets wet. Dirt cheap option.