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  1. Probably better to just cut the line and leave it.
  2. What size and brand hook are you using?
  3. Thats a cool story. I'll fish them in 2 conditions. 1. If I'm miles away from any rocks. 2. There can not be any reports of inshore bluefish anywhere in the state. Caught a fish on my second cast ever using them one november.
  4. Skunk last night out front. Central moco. Pretty nice bass water just nothing interested in the BTs, swim shads, plastic swimmers, and the various jigs i had.
  5. Bleeding on breathables usually happens when the hydrophobic coating wears off. I cant make it through a full season without this happening. The spray coating is definitely worth a shot.
  6. Interesting. Reminds me of this old clip: https://youtu.be/LtEFEdrrXc4
  7. Hate to be a wet blanket but be very cautious with products that are used to waterproof fabrics. They tend to use a class of chemicals called PFOS/PFAS. Also known as "forever chemicals." They been used for decades in many applications and were thought to be harmless but it turns out theyre extremely bad for your health. Even in very trace amounts. Even through skin. Some products dont even list them in their msds and label them as proprietary. Its pretty wild and I'm only jusr scratching the surface. Just be careful.
  8. I think some of these summer resident fish are the toughest to catch. It's finesse fishing and you have to be really dialed in (not cell phone). And no they're not 30# fish and a better measure of skill then any boga with a scale.
  9. I'm betting they'll be shooting anything that moves. Buisness as usual.
  10. Windknots...good topic. I used to fish a lot with a penn slammer. That thing was a wind knot machine. I would do exactly as pressphotog described with line mamagement. My technique was flawless. Tried different braids as well. Only thing that helped was to underfill the spool. Something about the design of that spool or maybe line lay is prone to windknots. Made a switch to shimano and thousands of casts in all types of conditions and not a single windknot.
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