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  1. Alright guys we got the line up. We’ll be posted next to Cvoorhies tomorrow. The line for spectators opens at 6:30 (South Entrance) show starts at 8:30 there will be food trucks on the north side of the building. Hope to see you guys there! -Daniel #swaggcustomtackle
  2. Hahaha! And you’re welcome Popasilov. If you do go Stop by our booth! #swaggcustomtackle
  3. One of the best shows for sure! Lots of interesting stuff to see, learn, meet awesome Surfcasters and make friends! There’s seminars,raffles and lots of awesome vendors! Go to http://www.******/ more for more details!
  4. Hey guys! STRlPERDAY V is this Sunday! Who’s going? We’ll have a booth there. Stop by and say what’s up. Hope to see you there!
  5. Local shop JandJ sports in Patchogue NY
  6. Oh I posted it on my story. And iG cut it short lmaooo I’ll take some pictures and post it when I get home
  7. It didn’t came with the Bailess kit. Rumors are they will be in by spring time. Posted a video on my iG account. @eastendsurfcaster
  8. I got mine a week before Christmas
  9. If anyone would sell a 7” Van Staal pliers for 200 please let me know lol. Thanks guys!
  10. Where are you located bro?
  11. Like the title says, looking for a mint 7” VS Pliers. Thanks guys!
  12. Would you take 150 shipped? Thanks!