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  1. Pm sent thanks SOL
  2. I’m from Long Island. Are you local? Thanks
  3. I’ll take it bro where are you located?
  4. Nice! I’m interested in just the 27 spool any price for just the spool? Thanks!
  5. Looking for a mint VSX250 in black with box and bag thanks guys!!! Meet up in Long Island area.
  6. Second to the last pic is the spool bent by any chance?
  7. Can you take a picture of the 27 set? Thank you!
  8. How much for the 27 spool bro? Thanks!
  9. Offer 40 shipped? Thanks!
  10. I’ll take it for 180 man! Where are you located?
  11. Respectfully offer $140 shipped for the wetsuit? Thanks
  12. Hey brother Where are you located? Thanks!
  13. Sold to @thaistick thanks brother! Looking forward for our fly fishing session! Sold an hour ago sorry brother Thanks for the interest guys
  14. Hey bro for sure. Dm you my info. Thanks (pending sale)