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  1. Had a good day at the east end yesterday never seen them blitz like crazy! Still didn’t catch one tho. Craziest blitz I’ve ever seen. Happened too quick and they came back 4 more times. The amount of bait on the water right now seems to draw them in casting range. Lots of fly rod guys camping spoke to one of them yesterday and he said that he hasn’t sleep for days lmaooo
  2. Pics boss? Thanks!
  3. Looking for a Offshore Silver Power knob for Zeebaas ZX2 25/27. Thanks SOL
  4. My bad guys would never happen again. Thanks SOL
  5. Thanks for making a trip to LI and for giving me an awesome deal man! Have a great day and nice to meet you!!
  6. Would you take 500 boss? Thanks!
  7. Ill take it bro
  8. Can you do $35 shipped? Thanks!
  9. Closed ended up buying Brand new Thanks SOL and TiMS
  10. I’ll pass on the Rod bro I thought it says 1-5oz on the description. Thank you