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  1. I believe Scott Dietrich is one of the most knowledgeable and personable guides in Cape Cod. Really a great guy. He's especially good if you want to use a kayak. His email ccflyfish@hotmail.com He knows both Brewster and Barnstable very well. We used to kayak out early on the falling, wade till it was too deep, and stay out on the kayaks as the tide came in. Very reasonable as well.
  2. I used to like to fish the South Holsten in Tenn., which gets browns rising to midges all year long, in shallow, very clear water. Long casts and long leaders are a must, and in the winter the main food is midges, most under size 20. There are also so many fish (5,000 a mile!) that when many are rising it is very difficult to tell if you are getting a take. The best way I found to follow my fly was with wingposts of yarn. This can be hard when they are taking emergers in the film. I tied Griffiths Gnats with wingposts to use as indicators, just a small chartreuse piece of yarn, and was able to follow the progress much better, and got many fish on the Gnat as well.
  3. Wilmington, NC. 28409 Is Paypal okay?
  4. Will you do $40 shipped for the Battle? Thanks, Davis
  5. For me the problem with doing the bird in the smoker is that the house does not end up smelling like turkey, and I love that smell. I have done them, and they do come out great.
  6. Have had great luck with Dyna-King, takes a lot of abuse, 15 years old, and still great. The Voyager is under $200, easy to travel with as well.
  7. Got two at ridiculous price. They seem very nice. Always loved it when I could get Loomis Fly Blanks, the IMX was one of my favorite rods ever. Don't think I have ever cast a nicer fly rod. Hope these are near as good.
  8. I am building some inshore rods for reds and trout, and am considering the Forecast Slide Lock. Has anyone used these? If so, any comments? Thanks, Davis
  9. Dock like a boss....if you have not seen the video, check it out.
  10. I have had a Lowrance HDS and now a Garmin 74 DV. Ihave found the Garmin easier to use, and their customer service has been WAY better than Lowrance. YMMV, but for the amount you will spend, customer service should be good....
  11. That is too cool. Got to fish near her in the Catskills once, she can sure cast. And as others noted, a very nice person.
  12. I used to live in the NE, and when I fished for stripers, always bent in the barbs on my hooks. Now I live in NC, and fish mostly for Red Drum. The people I fish with never bend their barbs, and I wonder if it makes a difference with Reds? I always felt like bending in the barb always made hooksets better, and did not notice a big difference in landing Stripers, any experience with this before I start my own experiment? Thanks
  13. I am in! Thanks!
  14. Thanks, makes sense. Best finish for a wood grip would be?