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  1. Check out the Penn Spinfisher VI 6500 Bailess. I have the the Spinfisher VI 4500 bailess and the older Spinfisher V 6500 bailess. Awesome reels and I can still get parts for the older Spinfisher V. I get sand in them and dunk them all the time and they have held up great. Super smooth too and easy to clean.
  2. Bump
  3. Looking for a one piece blank 10-11ft rated in the 2-5 range sweet spot 2.5-4 would be ideal. Something on the moderate fast to fast side like the lami super surfs. I am located in MA can meet within reason in New England area. Thanks!
  4. I think a lot of people buy them because they look cool. They probably pay no attention to drag, gear ratio etc.
  5. How big are the tubes in the mini?
  6. How do these attach to a roof rack
  7. Does it just sit in the bed loose or is there a way to secure it?
  8. Yes, usually they are made out of material that doesn’t hold water and they drain well. The bottom is sometimes felt or rubber and can have metal studs/spikes to give you better grip.
  9. Anyone have any experience with the 1201M-OS? It says it’s more of a moderate/fast instead of just moderate.
  10. It’s all mental. Can’t let stuff like that get real estate in your head. never heard of any of these but I know for a fact that the one about releasing the first fish caught isn’t true. Iv only heard that it’s bad luck to catch a fish on the first cast of the season/year. If you do you will have a bad year.
  11. I am going to those plug labs. Good luck with the sale.
  12. I also prefer the 10 footer because some spots at the canal prevent a full cast.
  13. Ya it’s a yellow/white belly and weighs 3.25 oz. I’ll send a pic later.
  14. Yes I have this rod and use it a lot. It’s light and powerful. Does everything well. Casts all the typical canal lures well. It casts 2.5-4.5 the best but will cast a 1.5 fine and Iv casted 7 oz with it, wasn’t a bomb of a cast but never felt like it was going to explode. All you really need is a pencil popper, magic swimmer and a savage and it does all of those very well. For the canal it’s better to have gear that may be a little heavy so I would stay away from rods that are over rated. Never fished a jigster but everyone loves them. I believe they are around $450-$500. Nice rods.
  15. That Tsunami airwave elite can plug and jig. Throws 3oz pencils a mile and can toss the 5 oz savage Easy. You don’t need two rods.
  16. I second this. Iv fished the new 1321M and it didn’t seem very powerful compared to the the OS. Neither rod really seemed “flimsy” but the new OS definitely has more power.
  17. No sorry. I have a green Mac, bone Mac And a squid
  18. Any trades? I have some brand new never fished plug lab grenades + cash if that interests you
  19. Would you do $575 picked up?
  20. Would you do $500 and you can keep the spare spool?
  21. Was this used at all or is it new?
  22. Brand new in the package Tsunami Salt X 6000 in black. Includes tool, shims, a few extra seals (I think) and bailless conversion kit. $350 shipped
  23. You got it, thanks
  24. I don't need it, I was waiting for it to come in and ended up getting a different reel. There is nothing wrong with it. Yes I take venmo.