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  1. Will you do $45?
  2. 8k is probably most popular, but some guys use the 10k. The 10k is big. The 8k actually has a faster retrieve and is lighter than the 10k.
  3. That is unfortunate. Thanks for the info and help on this thread guys! If anyone ever needs company on a duck or sea duck hunt I would love to tag along or vice versa. I am going be hunting solo and would welcome anyone to join me!
  4. Both handles included right?
  5. I think the best bet would be to wear light pants and long sleeves, that helped me when I used to work on the beach in the summer. Or try a portable Thermacell. I have heard great things about them but have not tried them myself. They are $30-$50
  6. I’ll take it! Thanks
  7. What rod did you have it on? Will it balance well with a 9 footer?
  8. More beating of the dead horse. That’s what makes the canal the canal. Biking up and down looking for breaking fish makes sense. Maybe they want to do some fishing before work because that’s the only time they have to fish and they only have a few hours. Ya they are going to miss some fish that they can’t see but that’s just how some guys choose to fish it. It’s not realistic for some people to jig all night. Weighing a big fish via boga is not good for the fish. It is the best way to weigh them and I understand why people use them but ideally we need to keep them in the water for best chance of survival post release! What I have noticed is that people aren’t ready for the pic and release which extends the time the fish is out of the water, phone not ready, their friend is 20 yards away, etc. Unfortunately, as discussed before a million times on this forum, the culture nowadays is less focused on the fishing (prepping gear, scouting, enjoying nature, time with friends) and more about showing off your catch with social media.
  9. Ya they do or did, I have a round. I agree tho wraps are different. Eye and color are very similar.
  10. Could be a JBR
  11. Always a million lobster buoys at yard sales too. That bad huh? I am even more intrigued now. I guess people enjoy the pursuit and hunt so much that the taste doesn’t bother them, seems like a very popular activity still. Thanks for the input guys!
  12. @oldgoat Thanks, will gallon milk jugs work? I will probably make jerky with the meat but the stew sounds good.