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  1. Sure.
  2. Sure. Pm en route.
  3. It’s the Fuji new guide concept I think it’s called. Should work with most reels.
  4. Brand new never used. 2021 New Gen. Didn’t work out on the rod I planned to use it on. $450 shipped or picked up in MA.
  5. 1-3oz. Sweet spot is around 2.
  6. Bump
  7. Heard something going on in the kitchen....walk in to discover my 80lb lab standing on the kitchen counter. It’s 3ft tall, no idea how he did it. He needed some assistance getting down.
  8. Bump
  9. Opening this back up. $250 picked up in MA.
  10. That works for me. Thanks.
  11. Plymouth
  12. Sold in a different WTB thread.
  13. Plymouth
  14. Can you do $625? That drive is hike for me I live by the canal.
  15. 24.5 to center of reel seat