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  1. Awesome I'll take it, sending you a PM
  2. how much use? any damage to it?
  3. Caught a 18-20” blue a couple nights ago in Casco bay. This was from boat by the shore fishing top water for bass...
  4. Bump. Got a sinker, but still looking for clear tip intermediate!
  5. bump
  6. Looking for two coldwater 10wt lines to be used primarily for striper fishing. I need a heavy sinker and an intermediate. Fishing them on Scott S4S Thanks!
  7. Thanks for all the offers, found a sweet outfit! Thread closed
  8. anyone seeing big bait around Cape Ann/Ipswich/Essex? Seen some mackerel around Gloucester Harbor but all of the striper feeds I've seen so far have been on tiny bait
  9. Looking for a 10wt outfit and drawing the budget line at $600. Looking for rod, reel, and possibly extra spool(s) and lines (not tropical) Will be using this rod primarily to target big stripers to compliment the 8wt. Also anticipate some action with albies so reel must be worthy. Let me know if you have a rig you'd be interested in selling. I will consider buying outfit in pieces, so if you have just rod or reel feel free to share.
  10. I’ve had a pretty bad relationship with most rio lines but I haven’t had any issues with the OBS. I fish an 8wt for stripers and my set up is airflo intermediate running line with OBS heads in intermediate, S3, and S6. I had a rio running line before the airflo and I would definitely not recommend it. Was fine for a little while but soon the coating started to crumble like most rio lines in my experience and tangled at least 9 out of 10 casts. The airflo has been reliable and durable through a full season of heavy fishing. As far as heads go, I tend to fish the s6 most of the time. I like to fish big flies and deeper water generally and this year will be adding a t11 and t14 head to to the quiver to get really deep. Anyways, I like the OBS heads. Airflo heads are probably great as well but never tried em. Just spare your self the frustration and avoid the rio shooting line! Good luck
  11. These are great thanks for the inspiration!
  12. These are great thanks for the inspiration!
  13. I’ve had luck reviving squished hollows/beasts over the tea kettle. Steam opens them back up and fills the kitchen with a nice aroma
  14. Sweet snake/eel flies and squid. I've never fished either type of pattern but I'll have to give em a try this season!