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  1. 11” herring on 6/0 with articulating shank
  2. What kind of bait have folks been running in to? I've been out quite a bit recently but only seen a cormorant on herring once
  3. Hi-Vis Beast about 13"
  4. go for pike!
  5. Awesome I'll take it, sending you a PM
  6. how much use? any damage to it?
  7. Caught a 18-20” blue a couple nights ago in Casco bay. This was from boat by the shore fishing top water for bass...
  8. Bump. Got a sinker, but still looking for clear tip intermediate!
  9. bump
  10. Looking for two coldwater 10wt lines to be used primarily for striper fishing. I need a heavy sinker and an intermediate. Fishing them on Scott S4S Thanks!
  11. Thanks for all the offers, found a sweet outfit! Thread closed
  12. anyone seeing big bait around Cape Ann/Ipswich/Essex? Seen some mackerel around Gloucester Harbor but all of the striper feeds I've seen so far have been on tiny bait