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  1. Haha come on over, its a business expense
  2. Im in San Francisco, Ca
  3. I dont believe they make a 9’ elite, i think they both have graphene now though, from what i have read on the blanks in general they are different blanks, with different components (elite have torzite guides, etc). So just the regular 9’ surfmachine 3/4-4
  4. Wanting to buy one of these rods to pair with my vsx150, will be using it in the surf to throw 5/8oz LuckCraft flash minnows all the way up to 2.5oz tins and poppers, basically an all around surf rod. How do these handle the lighter end of the rating? Which blank is lighter and which casts further in general? pros and cons of each? I know i would have to have the Evolution custom built, how is the SurfMachine from the factory? How much does it weight? Thanks for your input, we dont have either of these in person to check out here on the west coast.
  5. Perfect guy to talk go, how does the SUrfMachine handle the lighter end of the spectrum? I will be throwing down to 5/8oz minnow lures up to 2oz mickeys? And what rods do you have each paired with? I have a vsx150 destined to live on whatever rod i get.
  6. Thank you guys, ive come to to conclusion that i need a rod with a higher rating just in case, this rod sounds great if i could buy 2 9’ rods but for now i think a 3/4-4 type rod would suit my needs a little better, im stuck between the 9’ odm evolution 1/2-4 and the 9’ century surfmachine 3/4-4.
  7. Im thinking about getting the 6k swc, would be using it for yellowtail once or twice per year but mostly on the beach for striper. Do any of you use it on the open beach? Think the swc could handle The sand?
  8. Ok all lures sold, seems like i could have charged more but didnt want to charge more then the builder cuz thats messed up. Good luck with them, tight lines fellas.
  9. Sold, pm me your info.
  10. You know what, ill eat the shipping so it can be original asking total, just give me the $35 since thats what i was charging per lure total.
  11. Someone else wants the skaredy katz, $35 for the lure plus $5 for shipping since im splitting, does $40 work for you?
  12. Ok this may work then, I figure $35 per lure, $70? Shipped and delivered?
  13. Ok, ill let this ride out for a day and if no one wants the lot ill split it and let you know first.
  14. Norcalkat lot $105 shipped Top 48, not looking to split. 1 - yellow Skaredy Kat 7” 1.6oz used once 1 - NIP White Skaredy Kat 7” 1.6oz 1 - NIP white Slim Spook 6” 1.5oz
  15. Just looking for some info and reviews of anyone who has this rod, specifically the 9'6" version as I haven't found much on this model. Is it fast or moderate? i'm looking to use it for 5/8-2oz lures with my vsx150 on the beach. Any input from anyone who has this rod or knows about it, I'd appreciate it.