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  1. I think they made a very limited amount last time around and have not made any more since their original release. They seem to be pretty sought after here in the bay area at least. The 11’ pro striper 1-4oz only weight 7 oz.
  2. Im looking for this rod!! Super light!
  3. Any chance youd want to sell? If so how much? If not its all good. Thanks.
  4. I can live with that, sold to you. PM coming with information.
  5. If i dont get my asking price or closer to it by the end of today on here (lets say 9pm pacific time), it is all yours. Is that good with you?
  6. Thanks for the offer but ill have to pass.
  7. Price reduced to $650 shipped to your door!!!!!
  8. Hello, i have a VS150BXP for sale, i just bought about 2 months ago from Bobby J’s tackle. I have only used it twice, never dunked or anything. It comes with the Power knob and fully spooled with 30lbs suffix 832 in blue camo. $700 shipped to your door. Not looking for any trades, i still have original receipt and everything the original box came with including the stock knob. $675 for local pickup in the Bay area, CA.
  9. Thanks, i sold my vr50 to finance the vsx150 but it seemed to me the vr50 casted my offerings a little further then the 150. Love my vsx150 but may have to wait for the release of the black vr50 and then pick one up again.
  10. Perfect person to ask, which reel casts better on your 9’ genesis, the vsx150 or the vr50? Thanks.
  11. Sorry thread is now closed, sold for asking price to a friend.
  12. Thanks, but will wait a day or 2 to see if i get a higher offer.
  13. Hello, i have an almost new 10’ 1/2-2oz Black Hole suzuki special, i only used it once. I have the bag it came in also, nothing wrong with the rod but i have another that serves the same purpose. I am located in South San Francisco, CA so $180.00 obo for local pick up, or $200 obo shipped within the continental US. Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks.
  14. Does your ultegra wobble? I'm thinking of getting one but I've read some things about a wobble issue.