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  1. Thanks, how does the 9-6 cast the 1/2oz-3/4oz range compared to the genesis?
  2. Nice thanks, currently i have a 9’ genesis with a VR50 ive been using for the daily fishing, but i find myself wishing i had just a little more distance. My 10-6 is more mid summer or bigger conditions. Im going to sell the genesis and vr50 and get a 9-6 frontierx and VSX150.
  3. If you could only choose the 9 foot Genesis or the 9 6 foot frontier, Which one would you keep? I currently have the 9 foot genesis and 10-6 frontier but I am loving the 9-6 frontier alot, so I have to give up one of the other ones to buy it.
  4. You prefer it over the 9’ genesis? If so why? Just curious, thanks
  5. I have the 9’ Genesis, and it casts great. I use it at oyster point in south city where they call it the real windy city, and it can put lures out there pretty decently even with the super strong winds there. The 9’ is rated 1/2-3oz and seems more sensative than the 10’ 3/4-4oz model. I paired my genesis with a VR50, total setup weights 20oz and has great backbone. I also have the 10’-6” Frontier x, but thats a differrent beast, both i bought at New Coastside in Pacifica. I have heard great things about the Black hole suzuki, super light, 10’ model would be great for our NorCal waters, i just cant find a local store to check it out in person.
  6. My slammer seems fine and smooth, maybe its just the feeling of the seals. My BG is smoother but the slammer is sealed. All in all i am happy with my purchase, but I believe the 4500 is a little small for my 10’-6” Frontier. I will look to either trade it for a 5500 or sel it so I can buy the 5500. I am also happy that the reel i recieves came with tve upgraded line roller baring. Good luck with your slammer, we got a hell of a deal!
  7. Thanks, Ill have to check that reel out. I just bought a Penn Slammer 3 4500 on sale on Amazon for $125 so I couldn't pass it up but I'm wishing I would've bought the 5500 instead as the 4500 doesn't seem to balance out the rod too great. The striper season out on the SM county coast is May-ish through August, and they are all up and down the coast, I usually fish Pacifica or San Francisco, right now is the time to hit the stockton area, there stripers are biting out there right now!
  8. Hey, Nice rod, how much does it weigh?
  9. Wooooo, it was between a slammer 4500 or a saragosa 6000 for my 10’-6” Frontier X 3/4-4, this deal just forced my hand. Thanks
  10. Hey guys, I live near pacifica on the San Mateo county coast, I have a 10’-6” 3/4-4oz ODM Frontier X, im looking for suggestions on what reel you guys would recommend I pair it with for this upcoming surf striper season. I’ve been doing some homework and looking at all the forums, and with the new year comes new gear so the one thing besides waders and lures im going to buy is a new reel, not looking to spend a fortune but also nothing cheap, maybe $150-$500 range (i know its a little much for our weat coast stripeds but I will be going to mexico for surf fishing as well).........at least this justifies my spending to myself thanks for the help.
  11. Thats the 10’ DNA rod, i havent used it, but i felt it in the store. Seems like a great rod for the price, i have a 10’-6” Frontier X or else I would definitly buy it. I would say use the search option and type in either “odm dna” or just “dna” and i know there are a few posts related to this rod, you should find some reviews there.
  12. I have my VR50 on my 9' ODM Genesis 1/2-3oz and I feel it balances perfectly. I can cast all day with little fatigue and it launches my mostly 3/4-1.5oz lures pretty far. The VR50 was my first VS too and it has worked perfectly for me, brings in our West Coast stripers with ease.
  13. Thank you all, i ended up buying the 9’ genesis and it feela great with my vr50, super light, ill test it out tomorrow morning. Might have to sell my 10-6 3/4-4oz frontier x now though
  14. What would be the negative traits or reason why I shouldnt use a vr50 on a 9’ genesis in the surf? Casting distance or ?..... just curious before i buy the rod, i plan to use it in the surf. Thanks.
  15. Nice, i definintly want to follow this topic, i just received my vr50 and was thinking about pairing it with an odm genesis 9’ 1/2-3oz rating. It runs $325, factory and weights 11oz but u can get the blanks at His tackle and have it custom built to be a little lighter. Let me know what blank you decide on and why as i may go the custom route as well.