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  1. SOLD to @StriperMurph, thanks SOL, closing thread.
  2. Wow, cool, that was faster than i anticipated, will send paypal info via pm and will ship it all out tomorrow. Thanks!
  3. Hello, Selling a 3 tube flatlander bag, actually its 2 bags in 1, has a detachable bag for smaller lures. Also, i have a flatlander belt with 4 attachments (pliers, diving knife, boga, and water bottle holders). I have a 30lbs boga i could sell on the side, as well as a aqua lung diving knife also on the side, or as a package. I paid $570 for the bag and belt, bought the boga holder and diving knife holder seperatly. Below are my asking prices: Flatlander bag - $300 Flatlander belt - $70 Flatlander 7” Plier Sheath - $40 Flatlander 20oz water bottle holder - $30 Flatlander 30lbs boga holder AND 30lbs boga - $145 AquaLung diving knife with Flatlander belt holder - $100 obo OR Everything for $520 shipped!!!!! ****I will be leaving this post up for a week to see if anyone wants to buy the whole package before i start splitting it up, so October 16th i will start splitting. **** Have questions? Ask away! Thank you
  4. Closing thread, posting elsewere.
  5. Buyer backed out, reel still available and comes with 2 mike fixter plugs.
  6. Van staal released a special drag knob a little over a year ago i believe to fix the drag issues the vsx150’s had, if you already had a vsx then you had to buy it separately which i did, but anything manufactured after that release came with it.
  7. I bought it on this forum new/unused a year or 2 ago, i dont think theres a scratch on it, had it spooled locally at Hi’s tackle with 30lbs maxcuatro, added the power knob and newer drag knob myself. I just dont have much time to fish these days with both my boys heavily involved in travel baseball.
  8. Ok sounds good, what time? And san gregorio state beach i assume?
  9. While I appreciate the offer, im not in a rush and will wait for asking price
  10. Ok lets get this thing moving, ill sweeten the deal, buyer gets 2 mike fixter plugs, 1 used needle, and a brand new 8” pencil!!!
  11. Thanks but just looking to sell right now, only reason for selling is i just dont have time to fish much these days
  12. Hello, looking to sell my silver vsx150 with power knob and updated drag knob, used 3 times, caught 1 fish. Located in the San Francisco bay area if your local, if not i will ship. Prices are below and include delivery, please add 2% if you would like to pay via paypal goods and services, or you could send via friends and family for free. $650 shipped $625 Local pick up
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