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  1. I'm in. Thanks!
  2. Thank you. Could not have asked for a nicer morning! Believe it or not, that was an auto-everything, cell phone picture
  3. Snuck over to Assateague for my second try so far this year. Didn't catch a thing except the sunrise. I packed up around 9. I was curious if I passed anyone from here on the way off. I hope you all do better than I did!
  4. Rake
  5. Spider
  6. Class
  7. Donner
  8. Suit
  9. I fished the oc inlet from about 5am to 730. No sheep, but a small striper ate a sand flea. There was a pod of dolphins hanging out right past the jetty so who knows what effect that had on the fish around. I'm going to try to get back out there Thursday before work. Happy fishing!
  10. Well, crap. Thanks for the correction. The next one won't be so lucky.
  11. I fished the osv from about 5am to 11am on Saturday caught and released a very small (14") red. My first drum so not a wasted morning. I'm going try to sneak out and try for some sheepshead in the morning.
  12. I saw you out there. Well, I saw the light setup and figured someone was filming for something. I stopped and fished on the west end of the bridge for an hour or so. Caught a few flounder, a small striper (16") and the obvious snapper blues. No keepers, but I still had fun.
  13. I fished AIMD for a few hours Sunday morning. Slow morning but ended up catching a small shark around 10am. I'm unsure on the id, but it was released safely.
  14. I really hope that's not me. I try to be careful out there. But in case it was, please allow me to appologize. I'll be EXTRA careful out there from now on. I really don't want to be "that guy" right off the bat. Or at all for that matter. It won't happen again in my truck. See you out there
  15. Hello everyone, My name is Phil and i just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to the forums. I live in Berlin MD and try to get to the osv to fish at least once a week. I think I've crossed paths with some of you out there. Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow, so I won't be able to make it to the beach cleanup tomorrow. Despite living here, I am new to surf fishing this year so I am open to all help that you are willing to share. Unless something crazy happens, I'll be out there Sunday morning fishing. I drive a black escalade on terra-grapplers. Feel free to stop by and say hi if you see me (there's always something good in the cooler or thermos) Happy fishing! -Phil