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  1. Haven’t seen the movie, but enjoy the show a lot. It’s set to record on my DVR. Very funny outlook on vampires.
  2. My flock decided that this week was "that time of year". So, I went from getting 3 eggs a week, to about 8 a day. They are a bunch of freeloaders in the winter!
  3. From what I heard, OCMD is requiring a local ID to be on beaches.
  4. As far as I have heard, Hogan decided that auto techs are essential. So, business as usual for me. Just a little more hand washing. Wife is a vet tech and also considered essential. We won't even see a day off from this.
  5. I have Nitto Terra Grappler g2s on my escalade. Great in snow, sand and rain. Equally happy going 90 down the highway. I think I have 40k on them so far. I will buy them again the next time I need tires.
  6. +1 on the mastercool hydraulic set. That's the only flaring tool I will use. You're wasting your time with anything else.
  7. I dont remember when exactly, but it was definitely after 2016.
  8. I had an ugly stik big water that I used for less than a year and the guides did not like braid (see pics). I ended up retiring it and getting a Star. I'm much happier with the Star. P.S. the Ugly Stick felt like casting a broomstick when compared to the Star.
  9. I'm very happy with my terra grappler g2s. I'm pretty sure that when I took the picture I was at 17psi if I remember correctly. Made in USA too for what that's worth.
  10. 10 oz was drifting for me. 12 was holding but exhausting to cast and bring back in. I was out Saturday morning.
  11. Running the correct tire pressure is far more important than the tires themselves. As long as they are an appropriate size for the vehicle. Air down and you shouldn't have an issue.
  12. Bait, and whatever size weight I need to hold bottom. I'm hoping there are still some drum hanging around here.
  13. I know it may be a googan move, but I have a breakaway cannon on my 8 and bait rod. Never have to worry about your finger then. It is a little weird to get used to timing the release at first.
  14. I'm in. Thanks!
  15. Thank you. Could not have asked for a nicer morning! Believe it or not, that was an auto-everything, cell phone picture