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  1. Got two half pints and got $20 rebate as online check.
  2. Ok cool, I'll take them for $35.
  3. If you would split this lot, i'll take the yellow and one blue stubby for $26.
  4. Hello Dan, I would like to order following items (1 Each): - Banana Head Bucktails 2 oz / Blurple - Banana Head Bucktails 1 1/2 oz / White - Banana Head Bucktails 1 oz / White - Banana Head Bucktails 1 oz / Green - Banana Head Bucktails 3/4 oz / White - Banana Head Bucktails 1/2 oz / White - Ultra Minnows 1 oz / Black - Tin Teasers 1/4 oz / Smokey joe - Teardrop Bucktails 1 1/2 oz / white w/yellow feathers - Smilin" Bill Bucktails white full dress / 1 1/2 oz Thank You!
  5. Wonderful clicks! Well timed.
  6. Few of my clicks!
  7. Nice color tone, Good One!
  8. Wonderful clicks! love them all, well done!
  9. Rod

    Received the handle part of the rod from the seller. Thanks everyone for your guidance and support. Good lesson learned from this purchase.
  10. Rod

    Reached out to Tsunami customer service, sent them the pics of the rod. They informed me that seller also contacted them and my replacement rod is shipped. I'll be receiving my rod soon!
  11. Rod

    Yeah gonna exchange it for sure.
  12. Rod

    Actually I checked in store for Air wave elite but it was not there so I placed order in online. (Before placing the order checked the seller info also. The seller is a tackle shop from Jersey.) I found this issue after opening the package.
  13. Rod

    2 reel version , informed the issue to the seller, waiting for their response.
  14. Rod

    Ooh ok, tried contacting tsunami. They are closed on weekend. I'll contact them on Monday. Seller also closed today .