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  1. I had that 8'6 factory slingshot a few years ago but it was too noodley. Bought it at Tackle direct on sale after it was discontinued but I wasn't used to casting such a noodle rod. Caught 4 flounder and then bent it over trying to have some fun with busting bluefish. The next day. They took it back and I went back to my MOJO inshore 7'6. So is there no 1 peice weapon in 8'6 or 9'? I feel like the 2 piece drops the throwing ability by an oz right? I guess I could get the 2 peice and have them glued together but that feels a waste... what about the 1 peice ODM Evolution in your opinion in comparison?
  2. I found the 7'6 MOJO inshore in the medium and medium heavy to be my go to inshore sticks the last 3-5 years. I just got the Jigging world custom 7'2 night Ranger (EliasV fishing rod) in the MH and paired it with my Vr50 and it is phenomenal but a bit short if I want to reach out and touch any busting bluefish or stripers. I use for strictly back bay and sod coves. And I have a Lou Caruso GSB121L 9 foot (1-4oz) paired with Slammer 5500 that I use for my jetty and heavier plugging (in the DelMarVa area so as heavy as needed) but I never use/ bring except in early spring or Fall in bigger water. I have a VR75 on pre order that's why I'm looking for an 8'6 that way I can take 1 rod with me setup for beach flounder jigging/ light surfcasting and then use the Vr50 Night Ranger combo rigged for Tog or sheepshead etc also a 9 ft 1piece is hard to fit inside my golf tdi but 8'6 is just right. I have a Rackarod setup on my roof rack but I like to be able to throw the rods inside the car if I'm parked at a hotel overnight or bar on the etc. Maybe I'm overthinking it but my holy grail would be if I get a 9ft 1 peice (ODM evolution or preferably a Century Weapon) and have 6 inches cut from the butt, then place the reel seat in a non surf position (shorter butt) then I'll essentially have the action of a 9ft but more comfortable to jig. Want to be able to throw a 3/8oz bucktail with gulp and gulp teaser but be able to reliably throw a 2.5-3 oz tin or bucktail if needed in wind. See pics below of the custom Night Ranger Elias rod... awesome deal for $350. I got the Medium Heavy (will throw a 1/4 legit up to a small sp minnow or mini 1.5 little neck popper). May I recommend the heavy one though for this thread as it would be perfect all round if distance isn't a factor like I want for walking the front beaches.
  3. Any recommendations on where I could pull on a 9 foot factory weapon? And are they 1 or 2 piece?...
  4. How would this compare to the 9ft Weapon blank cut down to 8'6? I'm looking for something a bit heavier to be able to throw a 3oz metal or 2.5 popper in a pinch. I have a 7'2 custom night Ranger for my lighter back bay stuff which is nice
  5. I'm thinking of getting one to pair with my prevail VR75 I just ordered... my question is this... should I get the 7'10 or I was thinking of getting a 9ft weapon blank and having a 8'6 made custom for it. I want something a bit longer but same action as the factory 7'10. Also considering getting one with no reel seat and taping on the Vr75. That way I can move it depending on application... I like a shorter but section when fluke jigging but still the option for a standard surf rod butt length for between the legs etc. Thoughts? Never taped on a spinning reel but heck if it works for Bill Wetzel why not right?
  6. Not many stripers trolling fast but great Spanish Mack action the other day! PS last fish was a keeper Rock so we kept it for dinner along with the rest!
  7. Bump
  8. Want to have a rod built for fluking from shore and occasional casting to bluefish/ striper or albie etc. Want an 8-8.5ft max length but want a 2 piece (60-40 or 70-30 split) so I can fit it in my tdi golf easier. I tried out the Century ss1025 but it felt a little too whipey/ light and not able to throw 2- 2.5oz if needed as the rod specs say... will pair with a VR50 spooled with 17lb braid. Any thoughts on having a ss1025 blank tip cut down to like 8ft or 8'2" to make it a little stiffer to impart better action on the jig? Open to to other blank suggestions. I tried the ODM Frontier x 8ft 6 but it was too heavy (action and the factory rod build weight). The ODM DNA 9ft is a bit closer in action (however too fast maybe) but its 9ft. Thoughts on cutting the butt end down by 6 inches could be an idea perhaps? I want to be able to throw 1/4oz -2.5 with the primary range of 1/2oz -2. Last I heard about the Weapon... are they all 1pc though? I just got a Star VPR (pictured below) and fished Jersey with it last week. Right weighted rod for the vr50 but action was a bit heavier than I would like. Cheers
  9. Well if you are still on here Sam I have a whole set of these rods and love them! Great for travel to Florida / mexico / san diego. I use them in the summer on the Chesapeake for live eeling for Stripers. Currently looking for a 6ft Medium light A-C-602ML. I have a 6ft MH, 6ft Heavy, 7ft medium, and 7ft MH. PS my profile pic is a fish i caught eeling with one of these rods.
  10. They use pigtail slide rigs like this in Hawaii for GT (Ulua). They use anchor weights ( with metal spines) to cast and lock on to the reef. The anchor weight is attached to the line with heavy floss or wax cord. The weight is sacrificial. Then they send squid tentacles down on these slide rigs once an hour. If a fish gets on then they break loose the rig from the reef and fight. Ultimate cast 1nce, bait, and wait! Their surf rods have metal butts to lodge into the holes in the volcanic cliffs. They camp out at noon to hold the spot till dark. The night after the pics the guy I met caught an 80lb yellowfin at the same spot. Hardest-core surf (cliff) fishing there is except for plugging for GT in AU.
  11. Yes I plan on making the trip at 4am and fish to noon prob Thursday / Friday the tides look right. Do you or anyone know if the 3 day $90 pass can be purchased in the early AM (5am)? Otherwise I'd have to make a trip one afternoon when its raining as it looks will be a common thing next week.
  12. Headed to Sea Isle City NJ for family Vaca next week. What are the rules for surf fishing during the day and night on Sea Isle City beach? I have my NJ license set. Figure I will chunk with the family on the beach morning and evening. Any restrictions after dark or otherwise things to know? Also plan to get a 3 day offroad pass for ISBP and fish the inlet with plugs... Thanks All
  13. Headed to Sea Isle City for family Vaca next week. What are the rules for surf fishing during the day and night on Sea Isle City beach? I have my NJ license set. Figure I will chunk with the family on the beach morning and evening. Any restrictions after dark or otherwise things to know? Also plan to get a 3 day offroad pass for ISBP and fish the inlet with plugs... Thanks All
  14. We used Circle hooks with no problem today and all fish hooked in the mouth. DNR relied to my email and confirmed must use circke hooks on ALL live bait no matter method. Here is email... Hi Adam, Keith is correct, trolling with live eels is considered another form of live-lining, and you have to use an inline, non-offset circle hook. This is basically just slow trolling and bottom bouncing/dragging a live bait. If you are trolling with ARTIFICIAL lures, such as "hoses" (surgical tube lures), bucktails, plastic shads, swimming plugs, or umbrella rigs, then you may use a J-hook. regards, Erik
  15. Hey all, Question, heading out for the first eeling trip of the summer tomorrow. I have a question on the new circle hook regulations... It says... Anglers must use non-offset circle hooks when live-lining or chumming. Anglers must use non-offset circle hooks or "J" hooks when using fish, crabs or worms as bait or when using processed baits while not live-lining or chumming (treble hooks are prohibited). Is trolling a live eel with a weighted rig considered "live-lining"? If so how? We have always used 2 J hooks rigged on a live eel (1 at the head and 1mid body) when trolling snd never gutted a fish let alone hooked any under 19 inches... Opinions?