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  1. Kid is 9 months, probably won’t understand why I shot him if that’s what you’re getting at
  2. Anyone ever have to deal with storing taxidermy long term? I’ve got a toddler in the house, and the bear rug is big enough on the wall that he can get to it, and I’m not letting that happen. I have no where that I can put it that he won’t be able to get to it (and that the wife will let me hang it), so I need to store it in a box or something in the closet or attic. The problem is, not only did I spend a ton of money on it, but with the memories associated with it, I don’t want any damage or fading. What’s the best way to store it long term without any damage?
  3. Pick up a bottle darter and a SS bullet and try it out next time you have wind and rough water
  4. If I could find a 1 lumen I would use it. I use a 300 (I think) lumen waterproof Black Diamond that is submersible to 15’ and it will hardly ever get turned on. i must have missed something...why does everyone hate this guy?
  5. Sorry I try to stay away from second hand customs, thanks
  6. Mostly spinning, something I can use for 3 or 4 oz plugs or maybe bait in the bay when I need to
  7. Where are you located? I’d be game if you’d throw in a handful of plugs to make it a fair trade
  8. Title should explain it. Shimano Tiralejo used but good condition. 10’6”, 1-3.5oz, 30-50lb. Look it up on youtube if your not familiar with the distance these rods get. It’s a great rod, but I have too many in this lure rating and need a few more heavier. If anyone has a similarly priced rod (or I might be willing to put cash on top) in the 2-8oz category (could be 2-6, 3-6,4-8...just something in that range) located in North Jersey, will be at Striper Day and Surf Day...willing to travel as far as philly, IBSP, central Long Island, or south western CT
  9. Why are you wearing waders in a boat? I would look into grundens. Lots of other brands of bootfoot waders out there too
  10. The good news is you don’t need a Century Kompressor and ZeeBaas reel. The Airwave Elite and penn will make for a damn fine starter outfit
  11. Top end rods are about double that price. I would say mid range is $300-$400
  12. I know of a place where Atlantic salmon and big sea run browns are caught consistantly, and even targeted. Not in NJ but not very far from it at all. I’ve also been shown pictures of a few big sea run browns at one of my regular striper haunts in NJ, but haven’t actually seen them in flesh and blood there. Neither of these spots are really beaches though