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  2. Nah, they’ve always just let me in. They can tell who’s actually there to fish and who’s just trying to beat the system by using their judgement. I look like a degenerate angler and get stereotyped as such lol
  3. People seem to loose shotguns way more often than you guys think. My buddy lost his once, left his tailgate open after a deer hunt and it fell out. He didn’t get it back. I found one in the early morning in a parking lot near a pheasant hunting field once, called fish and game and they came and picked it up.
  4. $100??? It was $50 for the night pass
  5. Went out with a buddy yesterday on his boat. We trolled the entire raritan shoreline, channel edges, and even went around the hook to see out front for a minute. The open bay is devoid of life. We would very tiny either single or very few marks every maybe 10 mins, they wouldn’t bite. All that trolling and only landed 4 fish, three around 26” and one at 30”. There is an insane amount of bait around the tip of the hook, the screen was almost blacked out, absolutely no predatory fish on them. When I got off the boat, i went somewhere else and lit them up, but I don’t give surf reports
  6. That’s hilarious, but it is a shame. I’ve even seen largemouth bass at an Asian market, too. Just last week a friend of mine was solicited for “fresh fish trade for Chinese food”
  7. I just looked through the 2021 digest, no changes to walleye regs. You got me worried there for a second
  8. Yeah, we can do that
  9. $350? Basically a free high quality reel with this purchase.
  10. I’d be more interested in a small conventional reel if you have one you’re ok with parting with. Plug arsenal is pretty full at the moment. I’m ok with shipping
  11. Best offer will be considered
  12. Yes, it fits true to size and non smoker. It was used lightly working on the Hudson ferries for a few months.
  13. Sure, what’d you have in mind?
  14. DIPSET
  15. Strong floatation jacket, popular with commercial guys for rough seas used but good condition. They retail for $260 new, I’m looking for $150