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  1. Just so everyone knows...I was stopped by Fish and Wildlife last week after hooking up with a ray. Apparently surf shark fishing has grown too popular in sport (they’re words not mine), and it is illegal to target prohibited species. They had an undercover on the beach watching people, and they were watching from the dunes with binos for hours...it was a bad night. When I asked the technical questions, they said if a prohibited species gets caught the fish can not touch the sand at all, you have to wade out to where the fish is swimming to unhook or cut the line. They said they are going to be cracking down all over the coast this year.
  2. Stokes is a good campground, high mountains near Appalachian trail. Not to hijack this thread, but anyone have any campground suggestions for 1-2 nights near Cape May?
  3. No and yes, any sub species other than rainbows are not predicted to be stocked for the foreseeable future. Some lakes and reservoirs do privately stock other species that were and brought over from other hatcheries than the pequest. This is my understanding of it anyway, I don’t like catching barrel fish, so I don’t really know
  4. Had a boat limit last night in under 90 mins, and went on to release about 20 more. One of my best nights walleye fishing on record
  5. I believe there is a fishing tournament there this weekend, there will be about 400 silver rams
  6. Lol I got lucky and it turns out he’s a good sleeper. Also, I can’t respond to this without giving credit to my wife, she’s been a real trooper in understanding my sick obsession. I just can’t wait for the day when he’s old enough that he can be out there with me
  7. my favorite freshwater fish are back in action, had 3 around this size last night and lost two absolute monsters, 1 of which I am convinced was a very big musky
  8. Island
  9. I’ll put it to you like this...I live on the Hackensack and make the drive down to the bay 2-3 nights a week instead.
  10. I was gonna say Lake Michigan lol my perch and crappie holes are as good as gold to me. If you want serious responses your gonna have to tell us where you are
  11. I have ultegra FBs, nascis, Saharas, and Sedonas... I dig the smaller nascis but my 5k makes a weird cracking sound when I’ve got a bigger fish on (there are no cracks anywhere on the reel) and I’ve heard this from other guys I’ve bumped into also. Only seems to happen with the 5k sizes though. I gotta suggest the ultegra, it’s my favorite freshwater spinning reel. Super smooth, great casting, no line lay issues and less wind knots.
  12. He was asking a question lol
  13. Why do you think that’s odd? Usually blues are right behind bass because they need warmer water, and stick around longer through the summer. A 5lb blue is a dink, a 10lb is hardly a gator
  14. Had my VR 125 for 3 seasons now, I dunk it pretty much every time I have it out. I use my rod as a wading stick, crank it under water, and have put good sized fish on it. 0 problems at all, haven’t had it serviced at all, I do rinse it after every use but that should be done with every salt water reel.
  15. not gonna lie, I’m not sure if I’m more happy for you, or disappointed that the streak ended