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  1. Google “seal skin jacket” and find out for yourself.
  2. It’s out of your price range, but a Shimano Aero Technium will cast a good distance, even in the hands of a novice. It practically has conventional line lay on a spinning reel.
  3. That’s a monster, snook of a lifetime for sure. Was catching a ton of 18-24” snook this weekend in Florida, and I was happy with that.
  4. Yes causeway to sanibel, sorry I thought I said that but I didn’t. Water was very discolored, like iced tea. I found a big school of I think white bait there but I fished in it for 20 mins without any interest. Drove 30 mins south, and both the fishing and water were good.
  5. Tried fishing the causeway the other day, the water looked like iced tea. Cough started instantly. On the other hand, at Lovers Key the water was beautiful. Clear with tons of life, got my fill of sight fishing snook. It amazes me how I can see sanibel from Lovers Key and the difference in water quality was enormous.
  6. Since posting this thread, I lost every single one to an Inlet and bluefish. They need fast current but they do work well in fast water. No good for open beaches though, for me anyway
  7. My hard binge fishing always starts the night before Halloween. In the past it’s always been take 3 days off work, and do nothing but sleep in the truck and fish. Now, with the baby and a crossover SUV instead of a truck, things might play out differently, but I’ll be damned if I don’t make it out there for those 3 nights in a row. Haven’t been skunked for those days in many many years. Sandy in 2012 was the exception, but the days before sandy....
  8. The Airwave Elite uses Fuji K-Series Tangle Free guides, they do have a slight bend up toward the top of the rod. Im not sure but I believe the idea is to reduce friction while casting to reduce hang ups and knots, and increase distance. Designed for braided lines.
  9. It says free one day beach permit, is that a free one day permit for a buggy?
  10. I used to use a light action st Croix for my drop shooting back in my tourney days
  11. I wonder what that map would look like if it showed concentrations offshore, and not just onshore
  12. My NASCI 5000 makes a cracking sound under pressure. I can’t figure it out, there’s no cracks in the frame, body, rotor, spool, handle etc but I also heard this from someone else I met on the beach that had one. The reel has held up over dozens of bass and blues, and a few snook, reds, and Tarpon, and I still use it, but it always makes that cracking sound. It even got dunked when I took a wrong step off a sod bank and it’s still good. 20lb Power Pro super slick and paired with a heavy Mojo Inshore. If I didn’t get it for free I would have gotten rid of it and probably gotten another Stradic. Point being, it’s not the worst reel out there, but there are better options
  13. 6am-12pm out front MoCo. Cocktails and fluke all over tons and tons of peanuts and mullet. Big waves and mean wind but nice clean white water all over, I only wish it was late October instead of early September.
  14. Oh ok, my mistake. I will be in Fort Myers next weekend, might have to sneak away for a day and drive east
  15. I’m not positive, but I think that picture is from New Jersey. We’ve had lots of mullet running around the past week