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  1. Not if you like having frozen mush on a hook
  2. 10 years huh? You’re in for some major shell shock. You’re gonna have a decline in fish, beach access, and beach structure.
  3. Didn’t mean it that way, I was citing an actual scenario from a few months ago. A lot of the guys who don’t speak English are also speaking Russian
  4. I fish freshwater almost as hard as saltwater. My targets are a lot different than the rest of the guys posting here though. For me it’s all smallmouth, pike, walleye, trout, and salmon. I’ve caught way too many largemouth in my life, nothing exciting about them to me. I target crappie a few times a year, but that’s pretty much strictly fishing for food. The best part next to the lack of company, is that I rarely catch a skunk in freshwater
  5. Jigging world, the reel seat, grumpys
  6. I pull up to spot about an hour ago, and I see this guy putting his waders on and start messing around with something in the parking lot. Sure enough, a drone flys up and starts scouting the mud flat, as he’s watching it in real time on a screen. I walked to the spot (maybe a 10-15 minute walk) and he never showed up, but I saw his drone fly over head back to him as I was walking. What are your thoughts on this?
  7. I agree, plus I run into more guys that don’t speak English than ever before, they aren’t getting their info from this site. The worst part is trying to explain to them that their 2 28” fish are illegal, and once I had a guy in broad daylight stuffing at least 10 20” fish into a garbage bag...the best was when the officer I called rolled up and he panicked and started tossing them all back into the water and pull the “no ingles” card
  8. I live in N.J., we are the exception in that we don’t have a saltwater license, which is pretty unbelievable considering how we have to pay for literally everything else. I fish often in RI, CT, NC, and FL and they all require saltwater fishing licenses.
  9. Why should it be free? The permit system is for keeping fish, not for C&R, and there should be better enforcement of the regulations involving keeping fish. Idk where you fish, but most coastal states have saltwater licenses
  10. I would at the very least like to see a permit system in place to pay for more enforcement of current regulations, similar to a snook permit in Florida.
  11. Where in Florida? In some of the areas I fish you’d be hard pressed to cast past the 1st sandbar, most of the action is in the first trough
  12. Gotcha thanks for clarifying, I was just curious
  13. Just a thought....have you ever had any type of criticism from retaining under size fish? I’m not sure if there is some sort of gray area here
  14. I’ve caught plenty of bass through the ice in January and February. They still eat, they’re just harder to get to