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  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to update you guys! Dicks had a one item sale yesterday and i snagged a 6ft betts cast net for $39! Had to whip out my credit card because i couldnt let a good deal pass! I got the green one which is 5/8” because i thought that the 3/8” was readily available on amazon and can buy one later if i wanted 3/8”. hopefully i dont gill too many fish with the 5/8”. Maybe I’ll exchange for a 3/8” im thinking too much!!! Haha Regardless, thank you all for the tips!
  2. Yes, I wasn't ready for all of these responses so I'm taking down notes! Certainly do not have all the money to buy all of these at once haha
  3. Hey Jersey folks! I'm starting to get into lures as well and wondering if anyone has any 'must haves' in their tackle box. I'll be mainly fishing from a pier in the sandy hook bay area. keyport, keansburg area. Target species? Anything you can catch out there, but I guess I'll be most likely to find blues, snappers, stripers. Also on a bit of a budget so the best bang for the buck lures would be appreciated!! So far all I have are some freshwater bass lures and a gotcha plug. Starting to move over to saltwater fishing! Thanks!
  4. interesting, i'll see what works best for me and let you know! THANKS ALL!!!
  5. Hey guys, Just wondering if any of you have any tricks on how you keep your frozen bait on the hook. I fish off of a pier and cannot cast far without the bait flying off once thawed. My initial thought was using rubber bands, but wondering if any of you have better methods Thanks!
  6. oh wow thanks! Yea, after I find out I made a bad purchase I tend to overthink to not make the same mistake again and 'waste' money AGAIN. But can't go wrong with bigger in this case right? I'll be making this purchase way later tho...I've got a little trigger happy while shopping for my first legit set up and burned through my paycheck... Will seek for help if needed when i do! thanks @dennysnook !!
  7. oooh good tip once again! thanks!
  8. Sorry, meant a better fighting fish so the fun of it. I can listen to the drag for days. For mackerel, personally, I like the taste maybe because I grew up on em, but don't mind em at all!
  9. I 3/8" mesh recommended. Got it. Also taking a 5' into consideration due to what quan808 is saying for the throwing technique...also how is the net 'no spook'? what makes it that it doesn't spook the fish?
  10. yes, i heard that bonitos were being caught in the surf in jersey (if i heard right) about a month ago. The most fight I've had so far is a 3lbs fluke...I WANT TO CATCH BIGGER FISH!!! (beginner here)
  11. Thanks again for all your tips and tricks! For an update, i went to the pier with my 3' net and i got into tight spaces where the bait fish were and had great success! They were small croakers. now, I'm still looking to buy a 5-6ft net but bett's and the above mentioned brands seem to not have 1" mesh on amazon...could anybody link me? there are 1" mesh nets on amazon but they're over $100, im looking for something in the $50 range
  12. What would I do without this community...glad i joined! Thanks all!!!
  13. ooooh ic ci DDslayer, thanks for the info! But trying to keep it in jersey/NY
  14. Yesss this is the exact one i saw!
  15. Thanks for the advice! When you say 6ft nets for entry levels, do you mean 6ft radius or diameter?? 6ft radius means a 12ft diameter which I've heard that its more for a bit experienced casters. Is this not true?